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Security update-1-2012

  1. 1. page 4 Research partnership with ETH Zurich Within the context of its 150th anniversary, Kaba entered into a collaborative arrangement with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich. page 8 A swift journey with self- boarding gates Self-boarding gates speed up the boarding process. Using them is self-explanatory, and they are popular with staff. Security updateNo 45, Edition 1/2012 page 18 Montblanc plays safe with Kaba The paramount creator of writing instruments refurbishes its boutiques and fits them with security products from Kaba.
  2. 2. The Kaba Group is celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2012. From its beginnings as a small safe factory set up in the city of Zurich in 1862, the firm has grown to become what it is today, a technology leader in the global security industry. That was and remains possible only because Kaba is always setting new standards through its compelling innovations. In this, the focus has always been on offering added value to the customer, and that will remain the case. The anniversary supplement which you will find within this edition of our customer magazine draws out the high points in our history. This is a perfect “Innovation to the benefit of our customers: that is Kaba’s recipe for success.” Imprint Publisher Kaba Management+Consulting AG, 8153 Rümlang (Switzerland), Editor Kaba Corporate Communications. Photography Flughafen Zurich AG (p. 3), Guenter Bolzern (pp. 2–7), Montblanc (pp. 3, 18–20), Area 47 (pp. 14–15), Daniel Hager (pp. 16, 28, 30), Cape (pp. 21–23), Loacker (pp. 24–25), SEW Eurodrive (p. 26), KGS Keller Geräte & Services (p. 27), Royal Scotish Academy (p. 27), Royal Bank of Scotland (p. 29), Nestlé (p. 29). Reproduction is subject to permission from Kaba. Security update is published in spring and fall in English, German, Spanish and Chinese. Kaba® , Com-ID® , Ilco® , La Gard® , LEGIC® , SAFLOK® , Silca® , etc. are registered trademarks, CardLinkTM , TouchGoTM , PowerStarTM , etc. are trademarks of the Kaba Group. Due to country-specific constraints or marketing considerations, some of the Kaba Group products and systems may not be available in every market. opportunity to thank you for your loyalty to our company. We will continue to do all we can to meet your expectations in full. The main focus of this edition is a particular anniversary pro- ject, the effects of which will, we hope, be felt well beyond 2012 and which is a reflection of our attachment to Switzerland as a location for research and education. The project in question is a four-year collaborative arrangement with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich for research and train- ing on the subject of information security. The aim is to bridge theory and practice – to the benefit of all concerned and, in the end, to the benefit of you yourselves, our customers. Turn to page 4 for a discussion I had with the academics at ETH, Professor Roland Siegwart, Vice President Research and Cor- porate Relations, and Srdjan Capkun, Professor in the Depart- ment of Computer Science and Director of the Zurich Informa- tion Security and Privacy Center (ZISC), along with Andreas Häberli, CTO of the Kaba Group. I wish you an enjoyable read. Riet Cadonau CEO Kaba Group
  3. 3. Security update 1/2012 3 p. 8 A swift journey with self-boarding gates Self-boarding gates speed up the boarding process. Using them is self-explanatory, and they are popular with staff. p. 18 Montblanc plays safe with Kaba The paramount creator of writing instruments refurbishes its boutiques and fits them with security products from Kaba. Content Area 47 – an adventure park 14 Kaba designed the locking and access system for a unique adventure park. Switch to Legic advant made easy 16 Compatibility and investment protection with Kaba exos. Silca explores new channel in UK 17 The new partnership with the Charles Birch Group opens new business for Silca through the shoe repair channel. Time + attendance system keeps staff costs unter control 21 Access control via Ethernet 24 Spotlights 26 First key manufacturer to gain ISO/TS 16949 certification 30 Products 32 News 34 p.4 Research partnership with ETH Zurich Within the context of its 150th anniversary Kaba entered into a collaborative arrangement with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich.
  4. 4. Security update 1/20124 Research partnership with ETH Zurich Kaba’s technological leadership requires that the latest research findings feed into the product development process on an ongoing basis, for instance in the field of information security. In this area, the Kaba Group, within the context of its 150th anniversary, has now entered into a four-year collaborative arrangement with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich. Other partners getting involved from the world of business will be Google, Credit Suisse and Armasuisse.
  5. 5. Security update 1/2012 5 “Thanks to a lively exchange of ideas with top researchers on topics relevant to Kaba, we see great potential for realiz- ing our goals in terms of innovation leadership.” Riet Cadonau, CEO Kaba Group Riet Cadonau, CEO, and Andreas Häberli, CTO of the Kaba Group, in conversation with Professor Roland Siegwart, Vice Pre- sident Research and Corporate Relations, and Srdjan Capkun, Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Director of the ZISC at ETH Zurich. Riet Cadonau Our decision to enter into an ongoing partnership with the highly respected Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) needs to be seen equally as an important anniversary project. Through this partnership, Kaba wishes to underline its close attach- ment to Switzerland as a location for research and education. The decision to partner up with ETH Zurich, and specifi- cally with its Zurich Information Secu- rity and Privacy Center (ZISC), was an obvious one, as the Institute is one of the world’s foremost authorities in information security, whilst this issue has high priority for us as a leading pro- vider of pioneering and comprehensive solutions in the premium segment of the security industry. Roland Siegwart First of all, I would like to underline that the transfer of know- ledge and technology between the Insti- tute, society and business is a central ele- ment in ETH’s strategy. In this specific case, we are delighted to have attracted such respected partners from the world of business as Credit Suisse, Google, Armasuisse and Kaba. One of the key concerns of the ZISC, too, is to bring the Institute and business together for joint research and education projects. The information society we live in today is faced with growing security risks, as we see on a day-to-day basis. And, in fact, the “security and risk” complex has been very consciously made one of the focal points for research we have defined for our Institute. The Zurich area brings together a large pool of expertise in information security, so the time is ripe for a joint approach which will bear fruit for all involved. The division of labor is clear: the Institute is responsible for the basic research and teaching which pre- cedes business applications, while the entrepreneurs in the business world will wish to make optimum use of the resul- ting findings for the development of mar- ketable products. Srdjan Capkun Questions of security are central to this century’s information soci- ety. At the ZISC, we are trying to provide some answers. Many areas of life – from finance to energy supply and transport, education and entertainment – now make use of networked information systems, which creates increased interdepen- dency. An initial research project which Kaba has assigned to the ZISC, in this col- laborative arrangement involving Google and Credit Suisse, is concerned with security in mobile communications. Spe- “The information society we live in today is faced with growing security risks, as we see on a day-to-day basis.” Roland Siegwart, Vice President Research and Corporate Relations, ETH Zurich
  6. 6. Security update 1/20126 cifically, it is about tracking down and eliminating security loop- holes in smartphones. Nowadays, these versatile devices are used not just for making calls but also for saving e-mails, pho- tos, documents and browser histories – i.e. a mass of sensitive personal and business data. This gives rise to the problem as to how to delete such data securely and definitively, which is not at all easy. A reliable solution cannot be provided simply by down- loading an app, but requires changes at the heart of the operat- ing system. This is what this project is looking into, as part of a PhD thesis. Andreas Häberli The relevance of this project for Kaba is obvi- ous. In the security industry, the trend is away from physical keys towards keyless, Internet-based access media, such as intelligent card systems, as well as entirely contactless solu- tions. In this respect, smartphones will without doubt play an important role in the future. To give just one example: you book your hotel room over the Internet and your “key” is writ- ten to your mobile telephone, enabling you to open your room door in the hotel without needing to go to reception. We are obviously very interested in solutions like this, and data secu- rity, as with all Kaba products, needs to have the highest pri- ority. As you might imagine, being able to work collaboratively with ETH, Google and Credit Suisse constitutes a very attractive proposition for all involved, as each will be able to feed in their own perspectives and areas of expertise. We have also set up a second project in collaboration with ETH. It is aimed at the development of a new generation of access sys- tems based among other things on a formal language, in order to meet future requirements in terms of security and convenience. Watch this space! We regard it as a privilege to be able to plug into ETH’s unique network of researchers and PhD students for projects like this. It gives us the opportunity continually to take a critical look at our own innovation plans and roadmaps and to assure ourselves that we are on the right path. Overall, the regular exchange of ideas with the experts at the ZISC provides Kaba with a steady stream of valuable thinking for our work, by opening up new perspectives. And, finally, access to ETH’s highly qualified pool of PhD students and researchers is attractive to us from the point of view of finding talented new employees. Riet Cadonau For Kaba, it is a great advantage to be able to work with such an outstanding research establishment which is “The transfer of knowledge and technol- ogy between the Institute, society and business has always been a central concern for ETH.” Roldan Siegwart, Vice President Research and Corporate Relations, ETH Zurich “For this century’s information society, data security will play a decisive role.” Srdjan Capkun, Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Director of the ZISC at ETH Zurich
  7. 7. Security update 1/2012 7 ZISC: a top-class centre of expertise The Zurich Information Security and Privacy Center (ZISC) at ETH Zurich, established in 2003, is regarded as a world leader in the field of information security. After a restructuring at the end of 2011, this of centre expertise has entered into a collaborative arrange- ment lasting several years with four partners from the business world – Armasuisse, Credit Suisse, Google and Kaba – with the aim of carrying out co- ordinated research and training program. The primary goals of the ZISC are – Top-notch research in information security with a high degree of local and international relevance. The Insti- tute and its partners in business will design and carry out joint projects in basic and applied research, to be con- ducted in the framework of PhD theses. – Top-class academic education and industrial training. As well as the joint projects, this includes lectures at ETH and special offers for industry partners. – Making use of synergies, by offering the Institute, industry, the financial and services sectors and civil servants a forum for scientific and technical discussion, joint projects and educa- tion and training program. – Establishing Zurich as a global hive for research into information security. To achieve this, the aim is to attract the top experts from around the world. Further information: just across town, and to engage in a lively exchange of ideas with top researchers from various disciplines such as IT, mathematics and physics looking into specific Kaba topics. After all, as has already been alluded to, we are a com- pany and have to concentrate on market- based product development, and we can- not engage in basic research as well, but we are nonetheless dependent on the latest research findings. We therefore see in this collaborative arrangement great potential for realizing our company’s strategies and goals in terms of innova- tion leadership. Roland Siegwart Our opinion is that it is decisive for both business and research that we act as closely together as pos- sible on relevant issues for the future, recognizing each other’s needs and working together in a constructive and relaxed way. With this in mind, I might perhaps add with regard to the ZISC that the reliable deletion of data on mobile devices is just one of the issues we are currently engaged with. Other projects are concerned with the confidential management of large amounts of distri- buted data, monitoring and controlling the use of sensitive data within compa- nies, digital forensics to track down data loss and leaks, and cyber physical sys- tems, which combine computerized and physical aspects, for instance in the form of embedded RFID devices. Thus, we are working very hard in a wide range of areas. “The collaborative arrangement gives us the opportunity to take a critical look at our own innovation plans and roadmaps and to sharpen them up.” Andreas Häberli, CTO Kaba Group
  8. 8. Security update 1/20128 A swift journey with self-boarding gates
  9. 9. Security update 1/2012 9 Airports are having to handle ever more passengers. So their procedures have to become more efficient – without compromising on convenience or security. Self-boarding gates speed up the boarding process and access systems at airports. Using them is self-explanatory, and they are popular both with passengers and staff.
  10. 10. Security update 1/201210 “With the venture undertaken and the Kaba self-boarding and access solutions installed, Zurich Airport is well prepared for the future.” Richard Mengel, Project Manager Terminal Engineering, Zurich Airport ional scenarios, and this therefore makes life easier for all the passengers and speeds up the whole process. The gates have two operating modes – boarding and deboarding. Kaba self-boarding gates are already in use at a number of air- ports and the feedback is the same everywhere: the gates are very user-friendly and make airport procedures much more straightforward and more convenient – both for passengers and staff. F or some years now, aviation traffic has been growing relentlessly. Holidaymakers and business flyers are on the move like never before, and there have never been as many people taking to the skies as there are today. In order to keep pace with this trend, airports are constantly being expanded. However, at many airports there is no space for further extensions – while passenger numbers are rising nonetheless. The only thing to do is to enhance the efficiency of the airport and to further optimize its procedures. At the same time, security needs and international border requirements have to be adhered to, such as the need for separate security areas, Schengen and non-Schengen borders and customs checks. As a result, a number of airports have opted to install self-boarding gates and automatic access systems from Kaba. These speed up the boarding process and access procedures at the terminal, and thus enhance passenger convenience. Self-boarding gates At self-boarding gates, boarding cards are read automatically, and only passengers with valid boarding cards are allowed through towards the aircraft. The readers incorporated into the gates are able to recognize all 2D barcodes, whether on paper, mobile devices or tablet computers such as iPads. Verification is swift and fail-safe. The gates will only open when the boarding pass has been identified as valid. Using the gates is self-explana- tory, and the staff are there to look after passengers with limited mobility or in need of assistance, who can be admitted into the security area manually through a door. Passengers travelling with children also have the option of using the manual check counter. The flow rate per gate is just as high as it is with manual control, so enabling a swift and convenient admission and board- ing process. The system frees up the staff to deal with except-
  11. 11. Security update 1/2012 11 Zurich Airport Switzerland’s largest airport has opted for a faster and more reliable means of handling pas- sengers and is using self-board- ing solutions from Kaba. Zurich Airport is growing. This is not un- usual, as mobility and thus air traffic have seen sharp growth in recent years. How- ever, Zurich Airport has experienced an increase of almost 30 per cent in passen- ger numbers over the last eight years. This calls for measures to keep the air- port running smoothly and passengers comfortable. This was why Zurich Airport initiated the “Zurich 2010” project, with twofold aims: implementation of Schen- gen borders and reconstruction of Dock B. In addition, security checks would all take place in a single building rather than in each dock area, enabling shorter con- nection times and swifter passenger handling. “Zurich 2010” project Building reconstruction began in 2010. The biggest challenge was to secure smooth passenger handling during the reconstruction period – even when heavy demolition and building work was going on. The decisive phase of the reconstruc- tion was the switchover from the existing decentralized security checks to a sys- tem of accommodating all security checks in a single building. Tough tests — requirements met In order to achieve the very best in pas- senger convenience, Zurich Airport de- cided to use a system of self-boarding and automatic boarding pass control, enabling it to speed up the entire passen- ger handling process considerably and thus cut down the amount of time they have to wait. After several months of exhaustive testing, Kaba was awarded the contract by FZAG, the airport opera- tor, to deliver and install 44 self-boarding Zurich Airport (Switzerland) – 24.3 million passengers – 279,001 flights – 415,035 tonnes of freight Airport Charles de Gaulle, Paris (France) – 61 million passengers – 506,888 flights – 2.1 million tonnes of freight Airport Orly, Paris (France) – 27.1 million passengers – 228,534 flights Airport Leonardo da Vinci, Rome (Italy) – 42.5 million passengers – 383,210 flights – 30 million tonnes of freight Airports compared (figures 2011) gates and 15 boarding pass control gates. The requirements placed upon them, such as fail-safe separation of passen- gers, self-explanatory use by passen- gers, the ability to read all 2D barcodes on paper or mobile devices, and a rapid verification and admission process, were all fulfilled. One system, many advantages In the tests, Kaba’s gates proved very user-friendly – both for passengers and ground staff. The flow rate per gate is just as high as it is with manual checking, enabling very swift admission and board- ing. In addition, the ticket readers and gates cannot be distracted by edgy pas- sengers or incidents taking place nearby. The gates also free up staff to provide assistance in special cases and for other tasks which make life more convenient. A further advantage of the system is that it provides Zurich Airport with data at all times giving precise information as to who is in the security area and which passengers are already in possession of a boarding pass and which ones are not. Watershed for passenger handling “The start of operation on 1 December 2011 is a watershed for Zurich Airport’s passenger handling and security pro- cesses,” according to Richard Mengel, Project Manager Terminal Engineering, Zurich Airport. “Already in the first few months, it has become clear where the strengths of self-boarding and the new access system at the terminal lie. It is clear, however, that the airport will face further rising passenger numbers and new challenges. There are therefore already plans for further optimization. With the venture undertaken and the Kaba self-boarding and access solutions installed, Zurich Airport is well pre- pared for the future,” is Richard Mengel convinced. >
  12. 12. Security update 1/201212 Charles de Gaulle and Orly airports in Paris The airport operator Aéroports de Paris is adding “priority access” to its offering, enabling speedier passage through to the security checks. At Charles de Gaulle and Orly airports in Paris (France), the oper- ator Aéroports de Paris is going one step further in making the passenger experience more convenient. Passengers using air- lines attached to Charles de Gaulle and Orly airports can use the “Access no. 1”, this is a service. This gives passengers in certain terminals a swifter route to the security checks, including pas- sport control. This special service for priority passengers enab- les faster handling, thereby reducing queuing times. Priority passengers use their boarding card to pass through a self-boarding gate. The 2D bar code on a particular section of the boarding card tells the reader whether the passenger is allowed to use priority access or not. The 2D bar code is checked by an application called Fluxpax, developed for the airport operator. Successful test phase Following a tendering process, Kaba was selected as provider due to its comprehensive solution and fair terms. In addition, the airport operator was impressed by the ergonomic design of the gates. The gate that combines glass and stainless steel is attrac- tive and makes an optimal match for any surroundings. Imple- mentation of this project began with a six-month pilot phase for two self-boarding gates at Charles de Gaulle 1. The test procee- ded without incident and proved to be a resounding success. Passengers were particularly impressed with its user-friendli- ness. After the pilot phase, the first 25 gates were installed with another 25 gates planned for installation in 2012. The airport operator Aéroports de Paris is pleased with its choice. The project is a complete success whereby passengers, airlines and airports all benefit. >
  13. 13. Security update 1/2012 13 Leonardo da Vinci International Airport in Rome Fast-tracking with Kaba at Leonardo da Vinci International Airport in Rome (Italy). As is the case elsewhere, Rome’s Leo- nardo da Vinci International Airport, one of Italy’s most important aviation hubs, has seen inexorable growth in passenge- a sophisticated sensor system, providing secure access for each passenger, includ- ing those with hand luggage. It can read all 2D barcodes, whether on a traditional paper ticket, on a ticket printed out at home or on mobile electronic devices such as telephones. The barcode reader is connected up to the airport’s system, fur- nishing it with important information in an emergency for instance. Currently, one self-boarding gate is in use at Leonardo da Vinci to provide fast- tracking for business class passengers. > numbers. More than 36 million passen- gers were counted in 2010, an increase of 7.5% over the previous year. This is to be attributed mainly to the large number of destinations which can be flown to from Rome. Overall, the airport offers 210 des- tinations served by 110 airlines. After Lon- don Heathrow, Charles de Gaulle, Frank- furt, Madrid and Amsterdam, Leonardo da Vinci is the sixth-largest airport in Europe in terms of passenger numbers. The Argus HSB-M03 security gate the air- port has installed is the perfect solution for a boarding card checking process which optimizes passenger flows. Getting on the aircraft is made quicker and simp- ler, without compromising on security or convenience. Self-boarding gate guaran- tees excellent customer service by using
  14. 14. Security update 1/201214 Area 47 – an adventure park
  15. 15. Security update 1/2012 15 T here is no danger of being bored here: Area 47, extending over an area of 6.5 hectares, is a spectacular eldorado for those in need of adrenalin-pumping adventure. They will find it, for instance, in the high rope park, tangling 30 metres up from the ground, or river rafting on the rivers Inn and Ötztaler Ache, or instead they might wish to venture beneath the earth in the tunnel system deep within the Amberg. Then there is the huge water park, extending over 20,000 m2 and offering a swimming lake, Europe’s steepest water slide and water jumps for snowboarders and freeskiers. The “Lakeside” restaurant, the “River House” party venue and the “Area Dome” events hall, with space for up to 8,000 people, complete the all-round fun and enjoyment on offer. Installation in one month – an ambi- tious plan Seven years elapsed between the origi- nal idea and first turf being dug, but then the developers required only nine months to complete one of the most admired tour- ism and leisure venues in the Austrian state of Tirol. Nor was any time wasted when it came to installing the locking sys- tem. In February 2010, Matthias Koller, technical advisor at Kaba in Austria, had initial discussions with the developers. In April, one month before the park open- ed, they ordered a complete locking and access system. Matthias Koller recalls: “Because the time was so tight, we start- ed drawing up the locking plan immedia- tely we had signed the contract. We Area 47 is a must for those in search of breathtaking fun and adventure. Located at the mouth of Austria’s Ötztal valley, the adventure park offers a dizzying range of activities for people in need of outdoor excitement. Kaba designed the locking and access system for this unique adventure park and then installed it in record time. worked in close coordination and provi- ded our customer with technical assis- tance and advice right up to the opening, in order to be able to keep to their ambi- tious schedule.” Electronic and mechanical components combined The hard work paid off and the system was ready for operation on the opening date. The solution builds on Kaba’s elo- legic access system, which is ideal for meeting the access control needs of such a huge and complex site. In order to make access to the various different activities as user-friendly as possible, armbands with integrated Legic chips are used in place of access cards. Controlled entry into the activity areas is ensured by around 65 Elolegic U-Line digital cylin- ders. This product was selected because it provides for centralized programming at reception. An additional advantage of this solution is the option of extending the range of functions: in future, for instance, the armbands could also be used to deal with payments for meals and drinks as well as for the lockers. In areas where handling an access medium is not very practical – such as in the showers and washrooms – the digital cylinders have been integrated into EN 1125 C-levers, which provide automatic coupling. This in turn enhances user convenience. All doors to the staff area are fitted with Kaba penta lock cylinders. The mechan- ical master key system has been com- bined with the electronic elolegic system. This was a clincher for the developers. “Kaba was awarded the contract because ours is a comprehensive solution which meets even the most challenging of requirements at an outdoor site,” says Matthias Koller. >
  16. 16. Security update 1/201216 the new components. The switchover can be made in one go midstream or on a pro- gressive basis – neither method involving any further investment in hardware. Technology and design The components in the new product design combine the latest technology with modern, multiple-award-winning design. For Kaba, the growing importance of design in building technology is not in doubt. But the new components do not just look good, they also offer added value. Guide by light systems provide intuitive guidance for the user. This means only the functions who are rele- Compatibility and investment protection – that is what Kaba’s customers like. Kaba’s ability to deliver these benefits in all its solutions is demonst- rated by the ease with which Kaba exos systems can be migrated from Legic prime to Legic advant. F rom spring 2012, the compo- nents in the new product design will be compatible with both Legic prime and Legic advant. This means that customers that want to extend their existing Kaba exos systems using products in the new design will be able to choose whether they want to con- tinue to operate their systems with Legic prime or whether to switch over to Legic advant. This means optimum use is made of the capital investment they have already made – nothing has to be scrap- ped. If a customer decides at a later date to migrate from Legic prime to Legic advant, this can be done at any time with vant for the user are enlightened. One advantage of this is that when a cus- tomer switches to the new components, the staff do not need to be specially train- ed but can find their own way around the system without difficulty. The hardware, too, offers significant benefits. For in- stance, the keypad on the new PIN code reader is not susceptible to wear and tear. And even a Siberian winter does not impair the functioning of the equipment – only the remote reader unit is outdoors while the control unit remains safely indoors. > Switch to Legic advant made easy
  17. 17. Security update 1/2012 17 T he Charles Birch Group is an established supplier to shoe repair shops and distributes to customers throughout the UK. Offering a wide range of soles and heels, it also provides machines and accessories for engraving, as well as key blanks and key-cutting machines. In addition, the company has its own chain of 60 shoe repair shops, offering shoe repair and shoe care products, watch repairs, en- graving and key-cutting services. Optimum distribution set-up Charles Birch Group can supply custom- ers throughout the country without dif- ficulty, as it has two warehouses, one in the north of England and one in the south, perfectly covering shoe repairs channel. Both warehouses have a fleet of delivery vans operating within a 160 km radius from the base. They have a team of ten salespeople covering the whole of the UK. A winning combination Silca has been supplying the Charles Birch Group with key blanks and key-cut- ting machines for about half a year now. The product range offered by Silca great- ly fits this channel thanks to over 60,000 different key blanks and mechanical key machines and key-reading devices. The distribution within the Locksmiths chan- Silca expands its channel in the UK supplying the Charles Birch Group. This new partnership opens up new business for Silca through the shoe repair channel. Picture In the picture Chris Wilson (on the left) who is in overall control of the Charles Birch Group and Lee Young (on the right), Silca RMO UK Country Manager. Silca explores new channel in UK nel has been optimally supported for many years by the Distributor Aldridge Security, based in London and Manchester. The presence of such professional part- ners in both channels should guarantee an effective penetration in all local mar- ket segments, leveraging Silca’s wide product portfolio and brand awareness within the UK. >
  18. 18. Security update 1/201218 Montblanc plays safe with Kaba
  19. 19. Security update 1/2012 19 I t all started in 1906, in a small workshop in Berlin. On an extended trip round the United States and the United Kingdom, August Eberstein and Alfred Nehemias had come across a new invention called a fountain pen – then still in its infancy – with its in-built ink reservoir, making inkwells a thing of the past. Eberstein and Nehemias were fascinated, and started manufacturing models for other firms in their work- shop. In 1908, they came out with a model of their own – the Rouge et Noir, a black fountain pen made from hard rubber with a red cap top. They spent two years fine-tuning a successor model and, in 1910, introduced the technically improved Mont- blanc. Because its white cap top could not be protected as a trademark, Eberstein and Nehemias developed the Montblanc star, a distinctive feature of these exclusive fountain pens since 1914. It is not a star, but represents in stylized fashion the sum- mit of Mont Blanc with its six glacial valleys. An icon of written culture Since 1924, Montblanc – the two words are written together, in contrast to the name of the mountain – has marketed its top fountain pens under the name Meisterstück. These models are distinguished from all others by their special clip. In addition, the number 4810 is engraved onto the nib: the height of Mont Blanc, the highest peak in the Alps, including its ice cap. The most famous Meisterstück is the 149, which was introduced in 1952 and is still made today in almost exactly the same form. This piston fountain pen is the best example of the refined craftsmanship for which Montblanc has been renowned for generations: the 18-carat gold nib is decorated with rhodium- plated platinum inlay, while the clip and rings are gold-plated and contrast distinctively with a barrel and cap of black pre- cious resin. Little wonder that the Meisterstück 149 is regarded as an icon of written culture and a design classic. The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York has even included this famous fountain pen in its permanent exhibition – a unique and very special form of recognition. Classic, timeless and elegant Such exclusive products – as well as fountain pens, Montblanc now also makes watches, leather goods, jewellery, glasses and even perfume – have to have suitable surroundings in which to be presented. Only authorized dealers and jewellers are permitted Montblanc is refurbishingl its boutiques and fitting them with security products from Kaba – because they offer robust protection and an excellent match for the high-quality interiors.
  20. 20. Security update 1/20122020 to sell them – as well as 360 Montblanc boutiques around the globe, six of which are in Switzerland (one in Basel, Crans-Mon- tana, Geneva and Lugano and two in Zurich). These boutiques are now being refurbished: light-coloured floors, walls and cei- lings, contrasting smartly with dark brown shelving, cupboards, tables and display cabinets. The choice of colours is a referen- ce to the Meisterstück 149 and fits with the classic and timeless simplicity of Montblanc’s brand. Anyone writing with a Mont- blanc, wearing a Montblanc on their wrist or noting their ap- pointments in a Montblanc diary is interested more in solidity and quality than mere appearances. From A for Adidas to Z for Zara The new design for the boutiques is the work of Montblanc. These interior designers, based in Waldkirch (Germany), a few kilometers north of Freiburg in the southern Black Forest, spe- cialize in individual, top-quality commissions. And they have been doing so with great success since 1995, creating interiors around the world – for customers large and small, well-known and less familiar, from A for Adidas to Z for Zara. And M for Montblanc. Michael Ganter and his team, now totalling 275 as- sociates on three continents, are refurbishing all of Mont-blanc’s boutiques. It goes without saying that Ganter Interior also col- laborates with external partners in its work, including Kaba. Now they have joined forces again, as Montblanc wished to use the Swiss security specialist’s products for its cupboard doors, drawers and display cabinets. It not only wanted locks and cylin- ders that would match the design, they also needed to provide robust and effective protection for all the valuable products. Pilot project points the way After an initial discussion in March 2010, Kaba recommended the copy-protected Kaba 20 system. The standard master key system for registered individual keyings is DIN EN 1303 certified and can be integrated into the Kaba elolegic or Kaba elo 20 locking systems, including as a retrofit. Duplicate keys can only be ordered by registered persons able to demonstrate their identity with both a security card and code. Montblanc was impressed with the recommendation. In July 2010, Kaba fitted all cupboard doors, drawers and display cabinets in the bou- tique on the upmarket Avenue des Champs-Elysées in Paris with 2006C, 1074, 1136, 1037 and XIII cylinders and locks. Fol- lowing this successful pilot project, Montblanc equipped its fur- niture with the Kaba 20 system – firstly, because the solution met all security needs, and, secondly, because Kaba is one of the few manufacturers in the world that can electroplate the surfaces of its cylinders and locks so they can be coloured black in a way which is as resistant as possible to scratching and wear. Understated security Thus, the black locks and cylinders with their special surface treatment make a perfect match for the dark brown furniture and draw no attention to themselves. Kaba has also optimized the individual products for the cupboard doors, drawers and display cabinets. All cylinders and locks can be fitted in diffe- rent positions – to the left, to the right, at the top or bottom – and are available in differing lengths with specially formed bolts. This is important because, although all 360 boutiques are being given a uniform design, the details differ between loca- tions. In addition, the furniture had to be equipped and secured swiftly and simply, because time is money when refitting a shop – the longer the boutique is closed, the more revenue is lost. And that is something even a luxury brand like Montblanc can ill afford. >
  21. 21. Security update 1/2012 21 Time + attendance system keeps staff costs under control One of the biggest expenditure items for a company is its staff costs. Time + attendance solutions help them to manage staff hours and to maximize operational efficiency. This was why Cape decided to install a time + attendance system from Kaba. C ape, with its 18,000 staff, is an international market leader in the provision of essential non- mechanical industrial services focused on the energy and natural resources sectors. This means its staff insulate, paint, coat and clean buildings and installations, both on land and at sea. Cape’s services are called on when it comes to setting up new production facilities and maintaining, inspecting and converting them, or expanding exis- ting buildings, as well as decommissio- ning and dismantling old plants. The firm’s operations extend to 29 coun- tries, from the UK to the Gulf, the Mediterranean and North Africa, and to the Far East. Optimal resource management In order to be able to record its emplo- yees’ hours more effectively, Cape has introduced a Kaba time + attendance sys- tem. David Jones, Head of IT, explains:
  22. 22. Security update 1/20122222 “Our organization provides services to the energy and natural resources sectors. The nature of our business means that we have workforces ranging from tens to hundreds of personnel working on client sites such as oil rigs and power stations. We always seek to deliver best practice in everything we do, and one area which is hugely important to us is how we manage our resources on site. Our people give us our competitive edge, and making sure we maximize the benefit they bring to clients is a key aim. We previously had a manual administrative method of recording the time our employees are on site and working, using paper and spreadsheets, and we then had to enter this informa- tion into our system. We were looking for a system to automati- cally capture the time + attendance information for the emplo- yees and post into our system with as little manual intervention as possible, therefore improving the process and ensuring the data captured is accurate. Plus, we needed a solution flexible enough to cover all our major UK contracts.” Follow- ing careful evaluation, Kaba was awarded the contract to deliver a flexible time + attendance system that could be integrated seamlessly into Cape’s payroll system. Flexibility in configuration The key benefit of Kaba’s time + attendance solution is the flexi- bility of configuration that allows many different working pat- terns to be set up for each contract. The construction industry has very complex working rules and payment types, and the
  23. 23. Security update 1/2012 23 Kaba system is able to configure all these rules within the software. This ensures that the correct bonus hours are sent to payroll with little administrative time and cost, and with great accuracy. Biometrics with no risk Biometric identification is used at the time clocks, whereby a person’s finger is enrolled into a local time + attendance terminal, and the template is distributed automatically to any other clocks where it is required. This gives Cape huge flexi- bility in the allocation of its staff. The system will also work reliably in the de- manding and at times harsh environ- ments in which the firm operates. An important concern for employees was also overcome with the Kaba bio- metric terminal. “The employees were rightly concerned that their finger- prints would be held in the system and a copy could be used by someone else,” explains Paul Adams, Head of Kaba Business Solutions. He is able to pro- vide reassurance: “The Kaba system con- verts the fingerprints to a unique nume- ric code which is then stored in the database. Each time a fingerprint is read by the terminal, a new numeric code is created and compared with the numeric codes in the database. The system identi- fies the person this way. It is not possible to recreate a fingerprint from this data.” Transparency in real time Cape’s manual system was unable to pro- vide visibility as to who was in and where they were. With the Kaba system, the company can monitor and manage all this information in real time. This enhances Cape’s flexibility and at the same time reduces its costs – and payroll errors are eradicated at source. Cape has an instant overview of who is available, and can move people between sites by enrolling them on one terminal while authorizing their access on multiple sites. >
  24. 24. Security update 1/201224 T he Loacker Group is always setting new standards in its industrial production methods for confectionery, while at the same time remaining true to its tradition of fine craftsmanship. A company this innovative will also want a very modern access management infrastructure. Over 60 access points at its sites in Heinfels (Austria) and Auna di Sotto (Italy), along with the whole entrance infrastructure, are managed with a Kaba exos access management system. Power is supplied using the Ethernet network, which means no additional cabling was required for installation. Loacker – success is sweet The Loacker Group’s origins date back to 1925, when Alfons Loacker set up his confectionery business in Bolzano. It is now a global concern and sells its wafers and confectionery in more than 90 different countries. However, it is still a family-owned Access control via Ethernet
  25. 25. Security update 1/2012 25 The confectionery and wafer producer Loacker, based in the Dolomites (Italy), has opted for a Kaba solution. More than 60 access points are managed using Kaba exos 9300 – without the need for extra cabling for the power supply. firm and is now led by the third genera- tion of Loackers. It employs around 581 staff at its sites in Auna di Sotto, Bolzano and Heinfels. Optimal use of infrastructure When the company decided to replace its existing access control system, it was clear that, in addition to business require- ments, operational and access security were of central importance. The firm also wanted to make optimum use of its exist- ing infrastructure. The Loacker Group’s project team was impressed with Kaba’s access manager. One of the special things about it is that it can use power over Ethernet, and can therefore be integrated directly into the company’s own network. This means it is supplied with electricity through the Ethernet network, making additional cabling un- necessary. This obviously has major cost advantages. Data and energy through one wire “We wanted as lean a solution as possi- ble,” explains Gerhard Figl, who was in charge of the project at Loacker and involved in introducing the system right from the outset. “It was important to us to be able to use the existing cabling in order to keep costs down as much as pos- sible,” Mr Figl continues. “We now use our network to transmit both data and power. In addition, this enabled us to set up an emergency power supply for the en- trances very easily.” Stable and resilient system The Loacker team is very happy with the installation. “We have put in place an optimal solution,” says Mr Figl. “Any dis- ruption to the system has a serious effect on business operations. We can pretty much rule out such a scenario with the new system. It is very well thought through and operates fault- lessly.” Mr Figl was very satisfied with how the whole project went: “The system replacement and technical implementa- tion ran absolutely according to plan and without a hitch. Kaba delivered what it had promised. Working with Kaba is very practical and constructive.” >
  26. 26. Security update 1/201226 Karlsruhe – As one of the market leaders in drive automation, SEW-Eurodrive generates annual revenues of over two billion euros. The company’s products move systems as various as conveyor belts, bottling plants, sports stadium roofs and gravel plants, as well as assembly lines, processes in the chemical industry and airport luggage carousels. Its new industrial gears plant turns out its really large drive solutions. Security is provided by a Kaba exos system. Tripod barriers ensure controlled access at the plant site, in addition to mechanical and mechatronic lock cylinders. “In the selection procedure, quality, ease of handling and the combination of mechanical and electronic components played a major role,” explains Tanja Krämer, Project Manager in the Construction department. The Kaba system is flexible and uncomplicated, and saves the company time. The locking system was installed by Kaba’s partner Beuchert + Wilser. › SEW-Eurodrive Prague – Close to the centre of Prague a new skyline is taking shape. Part of Rohan Island is being transformed into the Czech capital’s most modern commercial district. A key com- ponent in this redevelopment and standing proud amongst the new buildings is the Main Point Karlin complex, offering 22,000 m2 of office space for rent. The complex aims to impress through both its eye-catching architecture and its functional versatility. Kaba’s Czech sales team was able to offer the investor a compelling combination of excellent value for money and a Gege pExtra solution. Currently, 650 cylin- ders have been installed; the plan is to fit over 1,000 units by the final phase. › Main Point Karlin Spotlights
  27. 27. Security update 1/2012 27 Edinburgh – The Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama is Scotland’s international conservatoire, offering degrees in music, drama and dance. With 800 students from 45 different countries, the security requirements placed on the conserva- toire are demanding. The Kaba exos 9300 – the latest product in this line – and the versatile Elolegic c-lever system from Kaba meet these requirements. The combination of mechan- ical lock cylinders and online access control represent a flex- ible and cost-effective solution for the customer. With Kaba exos CardLink, these two system approaches are integrated seamlessly. “As a conservatoire it is important that we ensure a safe environment for our staff and students,” explains Chris McGeever, Buildings Operations Manager. “The Academy strives for excellence at all times, therefore it is only right that we work alongside a company such as Kaba.” › Royal Scottish Academy KGS Keller Geräte & Service Stuttgart – The name Keller is closely associated with special- ized civil engineering. KGS Keller Geräte & Service GmbH, a subsidiary of the Keller Group, is the group’s developer and manufacturer of civil engineering machinery and equipment. For its time + attendance and enterprise data recording set- up, including access control, the firm wanted an international single-source provider with solid SAP expertise. The decision to choose Kaba as a partner to rely on is explained by Com- mercial Director Rüdiger Engler: “What we found compelling was the fact that the Kaba system works almost invisibly in the background and supplies the data automatically to the relevant SAP modules.” For access control the firm relies on Kaba exos. External security is provided by online readers at the entrances. In the workshops, which would have been too costly to wire up to the central system, Kaba c-lever stand- alone components are installed. ›
  28. 28. Security update 1/201228 Hong Kong – “Oakhill” stands for elegant simplicity. This is a luxury residential building providing 130 apartments on 42 floors right at the heart of Hong Kong. With such a central location in the midst of this bustling metropolis, the residents enjoy the benefits of an excellent infrastructure. In his work on the interior, George Dasic of Dasic Architects insisted on quality and innovation without compromise. New materials have been used with a view to ensuring sustainable construc- tion. In choosing a security provider, the focus was on advan- ced technology and stylish design. The E-Flash EF680 digital door lock from Kaba fulfilled the customer’s needs in optimal fashion. The new generation of door locks is available in white for the first time, applies secure RFID technology, and makes extremely sparing use of energy. › Oakhill Kiev – The final of the 2012 European Football Championship, being hosted by Poland and the Ukraine, will take place on 1 July 2012 in the Olympic Stadium in Kiev. Planning for the original stadium began in 1914, and since then the building has had a lively history with a number of redevelopments. Fol- lowing modernization for the Euro 2012, it can now accommo- date 70,000 spectators. Working with its Ukrainian partner Transexpo, Kaba installed 54 FTS-L01 turnstiles at the specta- tor entrances to the stadium. These turnstiles provide robust external security. On 8 October 2011, the redesigned stadium was opened to great fanfare and in the presence of internati- onal stars like Shakira and Vladimir Klitschko. The first inter- national soccer match in the new stadium on 11 November 2011 ended in a 3:3 draw between the Ukraine and Germany. > Olympic stadium Kiev Spotlights
  29. 29. Security update 1/2012 29 Delhi – The RBS Group (Royal Bank of Scotland) is one of the largest financial services providers in the world. Besides its head office in Edinburgh, it has branches across the globe. The acquisition of the Dutch bank ABN Amro in 2007 in con- junction with Spain’s Santander and Fortis of Belgium elicited a great deal of interest. Through this transaction, RBS also strengthened its position in India, where the group offers a portfolio of financial services including microfinance. For access control at its global hub in Gurgaon, a suburb of Delhi, RBS opted for tripod barriers and swing gates from Kaba. The TPB-E01 and HSD-E01 models provide reassuring security at access points to the building complex. Large parts of RBS’s technical data infrastructure are managed from Gurgaon, which is why it was particularly important to ensure that only authorized persons would be able to gain entrance. › Vevey – Nestlé Group is one of the world’s mightiest food pro- ducers and is also Switzerland’s largest industrial firm. In Switzerland alone, Nestlé employs almost 9,000 associates from over 80 different countries. There can be few people who have never consumed one of the company’s products. Nestlé is responsible for some of the world’s most familiar brands, such as Cailler, Maggi, Thomy, Findus, Buitoni, Nes- café and Nespresso. For access control at company headquar- ters in Vevey, Nestlé opted for sensor barriers from Kaba. Five different Argus HSB-E08 models are integrated seamlessly into the architecture of the office complex, and ensure cont- rolled access for staff and visitors. To these sensor barriers are added HSD-E03 swing gates, providing for barrier-free access. › Nestlé Royal Bank of Scotland
  30. 30. Security update 1/201230 Silca is the first and only global OEM car key manufacturer to gain the most important certification for suppliers to the car industry – ISO/TS 16949. This certification involves meeting much more stringent criteria than for ISO 9001. First key manufacturer to gain ISO/TS 16949 certification
  31. 31. Security update 1/2012 31 F ollowing evaluation of customer feedback, and at the suggestion of a key automotive customer at a supplier day event, Silca de- cided to bring added robustness to its quality management and seek ISO/TS 16949 certification. This quality manage- ment certification is based on the much more common ISO 9001 standard, but is specifically tailored to the automotive sector. It brings together all existing generalrequirementsforqualitymanage- ment systems in the auto industry. The aim of this standard is to improve sys- tem and process quality. This means enhancing customer satisfaction by reducing errors and risks in the produc- tion process and the supply chain. The focus is not on discovering errors, but preventing them from arising. Assessment of all processes In order to meet the demanding require- ments for this certification, all the differ- ent processes at Silca had to be analyzed, documented, and adjusted where neces- sary. Silca was assisted in this by an external consultancy firm specializing in these types of management systems and certification for the automotive industry. Gap analysis brings clarity All operational processes – not just pro- duction processes but also the processes involving in quotations, ordering and de- livery – were subjected to close examin- ation, enabling a picture of the existing situation to be drawn up. The different departments and staff made an invalu- able contribution to this work. A gap an- alysis was then carried out, comparing the existing situation with the target situation, and the necessary action was defined. Furthermore, all processes not supported by the guidelines were elim- inated. The results of the gap analysis made clear that the existing operational processes were already very close to meeting ISO/TS 16949 requirements, and process indicators for quality man- agement were consequently identified. However, some process documentation still had to be drawn up, which turned out to be less than straightforward. A multitude of variables At the outset it seemed nigh on impos- sible to freeze the production process parameters. The large number of vari- ables and the deviations to be monitored proved very difficult to describe. Further- more, no method was in place to evaluate and keep a check on progress in the de- velopment and industrial use of tools and equipment. At the end of this develop- ment process, a Production Part Appro- val Process, or PPAP for short, was crea- ted, setting down and documenting all the key steps a Silca product had to pass through. Achievements so far To further enhance staff awareness, indi- cators are now constantly displayed on the bulletin board system. In addition, machinery and equipment parameters have been defined for all items and are continually updated. Now all defects, whether identified by customer com- plaints or internal reports, are analyzed using a 5-why method. As soon as the cause of the error has been pinpointed, this is reported to all production areas. TÜV-approved Silca duly received its ISO/TS 16949 cer- tification from Germany’s TÜV testing body – the first and so far the only OEM key manufacturer for the automotive sector to do so. Silca’s well-trained staff, their desire to achieve constant improve- ment, and the range of data available enabled the certification to be obtained very quickly. >
  32. 32. Security update 1/201232 Products Access management integrated fully into SAP: using the “Kaba SAP Access Control” module, users can integrate the manage- ment of their access control and access terminals directly into their familiar SAP interface and into the SAP ERP authorization system. With the aid of groups, profiles and calendars, staff access rights can be set and adjusted quickly and easily. The authorization data are transmitted to the terminals and so made available locally; this means that the readers can also operate offline. The “Kaba SAP Access Control” module com- bines in ideal fashion with existing time + attendance systems and, for more extensive needs, can be brought together with Kaba exos 9300. › Kaba SAP Access Control Easy Entrance Card Charger The Easy Entrance Card Charger is a useful complement to Kaba’s Easy Entrance System for paid access. The product package includes the required software and a table-top reader for handling Easy Entrance Mifare cards. System operators can limit the duration of a card’s validity or the amount it is used. For roadside service stations, for instance, discounted prepaid cards for long-distance truck drivers can be issued, as well as cards valid for a year. These cards can be used only at the TPB-M04 tripod barriers with their card reader slot provided for payment. The reader unit writes the amended amount back to the card once the charge has been taken off. If there is no restriction on the amount of use or the length of time a card lasts, it remains valid indefinitely once the basic data have been written to it. ›
  33. 33. Security update 1/2012 33 The success story of Kaba’s reversible key continues: the Kaba smart key has been reworked and will now be available with Legic prime, advant and Mifare DESFire technology. The smart key combines electronic and mechanical access con- trol in optimal fashion. Electronic locking components check access authorization via the RFID chip incorporated into the top of the key, whilst the product is used as a mechanical key in mechanical lock cylinders. The smart key can be pro- grammed using management software such as Kaba evolo manager or Kaba exos, and thus offers all the advantages of flexible management of access rights. The design of the key clip matches the award-winning Kaba evolo line. The clips can also be changed quickly and easily. The Kaba smart key will be introduced in the second half of 2012. › With the product lines E110 and E310, Kaba’s electronic locking system TouchGo is entering a new phase. For the E110 line, the proven range of functions from the E010 line has been ex- panded. Some settings can now be adjusted as required using the programming device. Plus, an increased carrier frequency offers even greater immunity to electrosmog disturbance. With the E310 line, TouchGo and RFID systems can now be combined. Existing RFID cards are simply equipped with an RCID card holder. The RFID access rights are automatically assigned to the RCID chip at the TouchGo fitting. This straightforward extension brings maximum user convenience at low cost, while installed systems can also be retrofitted step by step. The E110 line is already available, and the E310 will follow in mid-2012. › Kaba smart key Kaba TouchGo 2.0
  34. 34. Sukrit Bansal, Managing Director Dorset Kaba Security update 1/201234 Safety +Security Asia 2011 News Innovation prize for Kaba Easy Entrance At the ACE Tech 2011 construction trade fair in Mumbai, Kaba Easy Entrance was awarded Design Wall 2011 status. The jury, comprised of India’s most respected architects, named Kaba Easy Entrance the most innovative product. Kaba Easy Entrance is a modular system based on a tripod barrier with integrated payment machine and voucher printer. It enables access to washroom facilities to be arranged in a way which is efficient and profitable. Kaba and its Indian partner Dorset Kaba regard this award as a great honour, ACE Tech being India’s largest platform for products used in the construction business. Kaba was one of the few exhibitors selected to receive a visit from the guest of honor of Safety + Security Asia 2011 (SSAS), Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore, Teo Chee Hean. With his contingent of 300 delegates of officials from various South East Asian countries, the minister was given a tour of Kaba’s exhibition booth stand. He showed great interest in the Argus HSB-S05 with the drop-box functionalities and the Kentaur FTS-M03 in which he asked about the capabilities of the se- curity features and how the product could serve as a good peri- meter security system for outdoors. The minister and his con- tingent, together with various press groups from South East Asia was also given a presentation and demonstration of the new Evolo products, including the award-winning B-Web termi- nal and digital cylinders. Kaba’s stand elicited lively interest and rave reviews from vis- itors. The trade fair at the Suntec International Convention + Exhibition Centre was attended by an estimated 6,000 visitors from security and government bodies, developers and various commercial industry personnel. It is held five times a year in India’s major metropolitan regions and encompasses all aspects of the sector from building materials to security installations.
  35. 35. F.l.t.r.: Andreas Häberli (CTO Kaba), Harald Kelter (Diplom-Ingenieur, Official Electronic ID Documents, BSI) Christian Schulthess (Business Managment EAC Kaba), Christian Kuster (System Architect EAC Kaba) Security update 1/201235 Kaba exos 9300 meets BSI requirements For many operators, it is difficult to gauge precisely how secure their RFID system is, with the variety of applications. Operators have often had to rely on the assurances of third parties such as suppliers. However, the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) has now provided a key basis for neutrally assessing these products for security. Its Technical Guideline BSI TR RFID 03126-5 provides the guidance for RFID solutions and sets out methods of achieving the desired security. Kaba exos 9300 with Kaba ARIOS and the new Mifare components meets these strict official guidelines for RFID media data security. “We are proud that Kaba is the first and so far the only provider that has undergone this process successfully,” were the words of Andreas Häberli, Kaba’s Chief Tech- nology Officer, at the official presentation in Bonn in November 2011.
  36. 36. Tokyo Security Show 6.3. –9.3.2012 Tokyo CeBIT 6.3.–10.3.2012 Hanover ISC West 28.3.–30.3.2012 Las Vegas Personal Swiss 17.4.–18.4.2012 Zurich Securex 23.4.–26.4.2012 Poznań Skånsk Byggtjänst 24.4.–26.4.2012 Umeå IFSEC 14.5.–17.5.2012 Birmingham Asian Securitex 4.6.–6.6.2012 Hong Kong SicherheitsExpo 4.7.–5.7.2012 Munich Security in Goverment Conference 3.9.–5.9.2012 Canberra Trade shows