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Hotel locks

  1. 1. Security Solutions for Hotels and the Hospitality Industry
  2. 2. You want your guests to feel as comfortable staying with you as they do in their own home. You offer them comfort and hospitality and are attentive to their needs. But what about the peace of mind that comes from security? Make no mistake: it’s at the top of their list. You need a lock system that works with your team, not only to guarantee security, but also to save you time and let you remain in control. Your lock system has to be easy to install, easy to use, durable and flexible enough to respond to whatever challenges arise. Plus you don’t want to compromise on great style! Contents Page The Ilco range 4 The Saflok range 11 The Oracode range 16 Total access by Kaba 18 The Kaba Group is a technology leader in the worldwide security industry. An internationally active, listed company, it employs approximately 10,000 staff in more than 60 countries. Kaba provides innovative, comprehensive access control solutions for buildings, facilities and sites, as well as solutions for personal and enterprise data collection that meet customers’ needs for security, organisation and convenience. 3
  3. 3. Introducing Ilco by Kaba Hilton London, Metropole Kaba’s Total Access strategy makes us the only company in the world able to offer fully integrated security solutions based upon our own manufactured products. Innovation and design are at the forefront of Kaba Ilco’s product range. Our E760 and E710-II guest room door locks are used worldwide in hotels and chains of all sizes. No matter how many rooms they have they all need a security solution that is reliable, well designed and brings benefits to both guests and the hotel. The introduction of Kaba Ilco’s ATLAS system and Kaba’s self-service guest check-in kiosks have brought increased flexibility for our clients. We can provide greater convenience for their guests, no more queuing at the reception at busy times, complete integration for room allocation and guest management with the hotel’s inhouse PMS system. 4
  4. 4. FDU Kaba’s Front Desk Unit (FDU) is the stand-alone brain of Kaba’s high- quality Hotel system. The FDU encodes keycards, programs and audits the locks with no need for a separate computer or database; it requires no wiring and no computer, therefore taking up minimum front desk space. It not only remembers what keycards were issued, but who issued them. It is ideal for smaller facilities in need of single or multiple workstation applications. 6 Following the concept of the rest of the brand, it was founded by Stelios Haji-Ioannou and provides no-frills, low cost accomodation on the basis of book early, pay less. EasyHotel represents the easyGroup entry into the budget hotel sector and is found in the centres of international cities, targeting short stay customers who do not require facilities such as a pool or parking. The project uses Kaba Ilco’s E–760 hotel lock in Satin Chrome to secure the guest room doors. The Generation E–760 features industry accepted magnetic stripe keycard technology and a portable Front Desk Unit (FDU) with advanced tracking capabilities and a user–friendly menu. 5
  5. 5. Kaba Security for Hotels and the Hospitality Industry Engineered for reliability and designed for style, the Kaba Ilco E770 will enhance the security and elegance of your hotel. The programming options allow for limited access to staff and guests in restricted areas or during specified times. Each lock keeps an audit trail of the last 200 transactions, which gives the hotel management and security staff peace of mind. Your guests will also appreciate the deadbolt protection, ergonomic design and easy to use card reading of the E770 electronic lock. Kaba E710-II Kaba Ilco E770 With a wide choice of finishes and an elegant design, the E710-II suits any type of hotel, large or small. Differing in style to the E760, the E710-II offers all the features and benefits you would expect from one of the world’s largest manufacturers of hotel locks. Its design has resulted in the E710-II being installed in some of the world’s most exclusive hotels. As with the E760, the E710-II can be managed by either the portable Front Desk Unit or Kaba’s ATLAS system. 6 The Kaba Ilco E790 is a result of many years of experience in developing highly effective Access Control systems for the hotel industry. Decorative as well as durable, these finishes are designed not only to complement but also enhance any hotel door. With simple installation and with no card reader to maintain and clean, the new Kaba Ilco E790 lock works on RFID (radio frequency identification) waves. As with E760 and E710-II, E790 can be managed by either the FDU (Front desk Unit) or Kaba’s ATLAS system. The lock also provides complete audit trails of entry into the room. No detail has been overlooked. Quality is guaranteed. Kaba Ilco E790
  6. 6. 6 Simple, Secure and Value for Money Hotel locks need to be simple, secure and offer value for money. Kaba’s E760 Hotel Lock brings together these three essential qualities and offers the best market value in its class - The E760 stand-alone lock is designed to meet the challenging and diverse needs of the hotel industry. The reliable and robust design of the lock is paired with magnetic strip keycard reader technology and an emergency key override feature with full audit accountability to provide lodging establishments with the efficiency and security they demand. The E760 Hotel Lock is designed for a wide range of hotels, from independant hotels with only a few rooms who want to eliminate the cost of replacement keys and introduce a method of effectively managing checking in and checking out, to Groups who operate a chain of hotels and wish to provide Kaba Ilco E760 convenience to their customers, with the increased security offered by an electronic system. Available in a wide range of finishes, the E760 Hotel Lock is stylish in design, simple to operate and brings features and benefits that can help improve the effieciency of a hotel and have a positive impression on the guests. Each keycard is encoded using a portable Front Desk Unit (FDU) uniquely designed for the hotel industry. The magnetic strip keycard reader provides full audit accountability, enabling management to provide legal support in the event of unauthorized access to a room. For emergency use the E760 door locks provide emergency access through a mechanical key or electronic override plus an emergency keycard. Sofitel St James Hotel Sofitel St James Hotel is one of the finest five star hotels in London. The renovated building is English heritage Grade II listed and comprises over 186 rooms, which features 200 Kaba Ilco 710-II hotel locks protecting the guest room doors and back of house areas. 7
  7. 7. 8 The ATLAS (Advanced Technology Lodging Access System) is designed to cater for everyone, from small independent hotels to large-scale full service resorts that need to have a better control over their back office operations. Everyone needs to be able to rely on a system that can provide secure access to their premises and provide accurate historical audit info. ATLAS easily interfaces with other systems, making it an ideal solution for any hotel operation. ATLAS, using state-of-the-art technology, is an intuitive client-server based Advanced Technology Lodging Access System for hotel guest and staff access management. ATLAS’ open architecture simplifies integration with existing hotel IT infrastructures and systems. ATLAS conforms to ISO keycard encoding standards and supports a browser-based user interface making it easy to learn and use; and features an unlimited database and system log to monitor staff activities and system operations. Kaba has partnered with IBM, ensuring world-class system reliability and support. Atlas web-based access control
  8. 8. ATLAS At Yotel, Kaba’s ATLAS provides a web-based interface that allows for simple and easy programming of guest room doors. The menu-driven software provides on-screen help so that operators can resolve issues quickly and offers the facility for operators to work in the language of their choice. Nigel Buchanan, Yotel’s Operations Director explained “The Kaba installations at Yotel Gatwick, Heathrow and Schipol are a success with the control system proving very efficient for our customers to use – the main priority for all aspects of the Yotel offering, so it was an obvious choice to continue our relationship with Kaba”. The much talked about Yotel was originally launched with a 46 cabin hotel at Gatwick airport South Terminal, making it the first lodging residence to be cited inside a UK airport terminal. The concept of Yotel is to offer custom- designed cabins which mimic first-class plane accommodation. Whether it’s travellers with a few hours between connecting flights looking to freshen up or business people requiring an overnight stay, you have the option to pay for 4 hours or for the full evening. In any case, the safety of it’s guests and their belongings are of paramount importance, and this is why Kaba were chosen to provide an effective solution that would meet their security requirements. Kaba recommended and ultimately installed the Kaba E710-II lock in a Satin Chrome finish. With its durable yet elegant design, Kaba E710-II suits any type of hotel and any type of budget - large or small and features user-friendly, magnetic stripe keycards that eliminate the need for traditional keys and related re-keying costs due to loss or theft. Following the resounding success of the Yotel Gatwick project, Kaba installed a further access control system on all 32 cabins at Yotel Heathrow and concluded the Euro-Trilogy with the installation of 68 locks at Yotel Schipol, situated airside inside Terminal D at Amsterdam Schipol airport. Yotel 9
  9. 9. 10
  10. 10. Introducing Saflok by Kaba Dylan Hotel, Dublin The Dylan Hotel is the ultimate in style and luxury, with its Victorian facade and open plan lobby exuding warmth, elegance and tranquility. All rooms are traditional in their layout and individually designed, so each stay is a unique experience. As well as tradition, Dylan also boasts innovation and technology. Kaba’s Saflok Odyssey locks are installed throughout and guests also benefit from complimentary WiFi internet access. The introduction of Kaba Safloks full range of access control solutions complements the Kaba products to provide security solutions to meet your most complex needs, keeping the promise of maintaining guests’ security and safety at all times. Kaba Saflok products service a broad range of hospitality segments on a worldwide basis. Part of our commitment is to understand and study the needs of individual businesses, whether it’s an economy hotel or a five star luxury resort. Kaba Safloks knowledge, stability and depth of resources enable us to provide solutions that will help achieve greater security. Kaba Saflok products are all compatible with System 6000TM and MessengerTM . The System 6000TM Microsoft windows- based system is ready to work with existing in-house property management systems. This system ensures fast and easy operation for the front desk staff and other personnel. 11
  11. 11. Kaba Saflok Product Range Quantum MT, is a sectional trim lock with dual technology offering both magstripe and contact smart card technology as standard. Quantum MT is easily compatible with Kaba Saflok existing 6000 installations and passport front desk systems. With the advances in technology this lock is easy to upgrade and can store up to 5,900 events ensuring a full audit trail facility for its users. Kaba Saflok Odyssey Kaba Saflok Quantum Prox Kaba Saflok Quantum MT With Odyssey, Kaba Saflok have blended distinctive elegance and superior locking technology. Compatible with Kaba Saflok’s System 6000TM front desk operating system and MessengerTM wireless lock access network, this premier electronic lock is masterfully crafted for the World’s most prestigious hospitality properties creating a revolutionary access management system. The Quantum Prox lock is a sleek solution where design is equally as important as technology and functionality. Unique to the industry Quantum RFID uses the latest Radio frequency technology. Compatible with both System 6000TM and MessengerTM , this lock paves the way in the next generation of access control technology. 12
  12. 12. Their Security, Your Control The Quantum range is a design led product which comes in various forms and can be both stand-alone or MessengerTM compliant, Quantum is the next generation of access control technology introducing enhancements in both design and functionality. The Quantum range combines sophisticated expertise while offering minimalist design and all the convenience of the Kaba Saflok technology reading smart, memory and magstripe keycards. The multi-technology locking system provides properties around the world with added levels of security and great efficiency. Designed for a wide range of properties, Saflok understands the critical needs of today’s property managers, from small independent hotels to larger hotels with conference suites and meeting rooms, student accommodation and larger hostels. Kaba Saflok provides total solutions to meet your most complex needs. We help you keep your promise of maintaining security and safety for guests and staff. Quantum Range 13
  13. 13. Coordinator Hub Front Desk/Server Front Desk/Server RF Installation RF RF Installation Internet Remote Computer Optimum communicator messenger provides instant information to a central PC for monitoring access, disabling lost keys, interrogating locks and performing diagnostics. Kaba Saflok MessengerTM - Wireless online access control Kaba’s SAFLOK Messenger™ is a bi- directional wireless communication network. It converts stand-alone, battery-operated door locks into a communication device (to and from the lock), to a designated server to streamline security procedures and maximize staff efficiency. It is an ideal link for sending and receiving real- time messages. With a broad range of functionality, MessengerTM expedites the check-in process, enhances guest convenience, reduces expenses, and conserves staff time. 14 MessengerTM system set up
  14. 14. System 6000TM DeskLincTM Secure ShiftTM Kaba’s Saflok System 6000TM provides the security of an access audit system, the ultimate in key management flexibility and superior control throughout your property. The System 6000TM , a Microsoft Windows-based system is ready to interface with existing property management systems (PMS) and provides an array of options, enabling individual properties to have a completely customized system that is on the leading edge of access management technology. The System 6000TM is menu- driven to ensure fast and easy operation for front desk staff and other personnel. DeskLinc™ is the portable front desk operating system that fits in the palm of your hand. Using the latest advances in smart card technology, DeskLinc is uniquely designed to offer small and mid-size property managers all the functions and convenience of a large- property front desk system, without the need for bulky computer equipment and an elaborate set-up. 15 Secure ShiftTM presents a detailed approach to managing employee time, attendance and access. It can read/ encode smart, magstripe and memory cards. Because of its small physical appearance it is easy to fit into even the busiest spaces. When installed throughout the property, secure shiftTM controls access to rooms during specified work shifts. Before Employees begin their shifts they must insert their keycards into Secure ShiftTM to obtain authorization. Not only do managers have a log of employee attendance, but there is also an added layer of security that prevents absent or off-duty employees from potentially misusing their keycard access. Kaba Saflok Front Desk Office Systems
  15. 15. “The products and ongoing services that Kaba provide for our self- automated hotel chain in Bristol form an essential component of our business strategy. Without the lock system, we would not be able to operate so cost effectively.” Shaun Parker of The Oracode system is an efficient, secure, competent and economical access solution This electronic pin pad based lock authorizes access through a time sensitive code. The Oracode lock is the centrepiece of a system where access can be granted from anywhere in the world with the internet transaction-based Kaba eCode software. Whether for your main premises or at a remote site, there is no need to store or distribute keys or cards to guests, staff or suppliers. Once your property is booked and paid for, your guest is given a date specific code that serves as an electronic key. These codes can be given verbally, by fax or phone. Generated codes are automatically deactivated at the end of the guests stay so there is no need for your guest to check out – when your guest leaves they just drive away, making it a simple hassle free stay. The Oracode system is designed to increase security for the homeowner, guest, staff and management. With the ability to record all transactions in the lock on the web, liability is clear. Customer comments “This system is cost effective and works superbly.” “The Oracode system is one of the foundation building blocks of my business.” “I’ve had the good fortune of using the Oracode Keyless Entry System for 3 years now. No way would I return to a standard lock and key system.” Shaping the future for Lodging Access - No Keys, No cards Oracode by Kaba 16
  16. 16. The Keyless Entry System The Oracode 660 is an electronic pushbutton lock that works on a time sensitive code; these codes can be generated days, months or years in advance with no risk of access being compromised. This system can grant access of up to 128 users, because the lock can remember up to 1,000 transactions, you have the virtual fingerprint of everyone who enters the unit. You would only have to visit the lock once to initialise it and return only when an audit is necessary. Oracode 660 17
  17. 17. Total access from Kaba Kaba offers a comprehensive line of security doors and gates, pedestrian flow control systems, flexible partition walls and convenient automatic doors. These products address all architectural and organizational needs and comply with all current industrial and security standards. Styles range from the traditional heavy duty extruded aluminium framed doors to all glass, slim section and prismatic doors, all designed to meet functional purpose or aesthetic desire. Finishes include silver and bronze anodising, polyester, powder paint, stainless steel brass cladding and even timber to meet conservation codes. The pedestrian security access control range is remarkably effective at delivering against security criteria without compromising on appearance. An outstanding range of materials and finishes allow systems to harmonise with their settings. Such flexibility is matched by the range of control options which are compatible with all access control and building management systems. Automatic doors Achieving the right mix between throughput, security and appearance is our specialty and is critical for successful pedestrian access. Kaba brings its expertise in access management to work alongside architects, designers, developers and builders ensuring the best balance is struck. 18
  18. 18. Which Kaba product suits your needs? Kaba have for over 100 years been providing solutions of quality from simple locking systems to complex electronic access and workforce management solutions. We understand the complex problems that managing the access of large and small businesses or organisations can bring. Kaba’s Exos 9300 is a networked access control and time & attendance system based on the latest IT and business standards. The system is approved by all types of different users: Security, Building Management, IT, HR, Health and Safety, and the End Users. Its broad functionality includes: • Staff & visitor management • Control of online and standalone access points. • Presence reporting • Tenant management • Alarm management • Car park management • Image verification • Time and attendance • Employee self service (ESS) • Integration with ERP, HR and Building Management systems. i.e. SAP, Oracle, OPC interface etc Sound advice on all Kaba products With our experienced business consultants we’ll be able to provide you with a no obligation site visit, where we will be able to assess your individual business needs and provide you with a quote and demonstration of our locking system to suit your criteria. If you require someone to visit your site please feel free to contact the number below. Tel: +44 (0) 870 000 5625 Forasimplelockingsystemthatcan bemanagedbyafrontdeskunitor Kaba’sATLASsystemandtofitin withIn-housePMSsystem.KabaIlco isidealfor: • Hotelsofallsizes • Residentialproperties • Studentaccommodation • Hostels • BedandBreakfasts Functionality based on experience Push button locks Push Button Locks form an important part of the Kaba Group. Utilized in many environments such as Retail, Commercial, Schools, Utilities and Hospitals. They provide convenience with security and flexibility. 19 Wheredesignisequallyas importantastechnologyand functionality,theSaflokrangecan bemanagedbySystem6000TM frontdeskoperatingsystemand MessengerTM ,awirelesslockaccess network.Compatiblewithexisting in-housePMSsystemsKabaSaflok allowsyoutotakecontrolofyour systemandisidealfor: • Hotelsofallsizes • StudentAccommodation • LargerHostels Forasimple,efficient,secureand economicalaccesssolution.The KabaOracodeelectronicpinpad basedlock,worksfromanywhere intheworldusingtheinternet transaction-basedKabaeCode software. The‘Nokeys,Nocards’conceptis idealfor: • Rentalproperty • Flats • Holidaylets • Apartments • ConferenceCentre
  19. 19. Kaba (UK) Limited Lower Moor Way Tiverton Business Park Devon EX16 6SS Tel: 0870 609 0269 Fax: 01884 259592 Email: Live Customer Support 24/7 Call 0870 850 7789 Customer Support On-call maintenance, 365 days... • 24hr telephone support to minimise downtime • Service by an expert Kaba engineer • Replacement or repair with genuine Kaba components • Manage your maintenance budget with a single, fixed annual cost • Annual fee based on number of locks on site • Payment plan to spread cost monthly Kaba’s hotel locking systems are one of the most reliable in the market, but when something goes wrong and a room is out of action, the financial impact can be large. This can mean a loss in revenue, not just from the room income, but also lost income at the bar, restaurant and other sales which can really mount up. Kaba offer 24 hour telephone support and onsite visits from experienced engineers. Kaba also offer a complete maintenance contract which gives hotel businesses peace of mind with options to meet budgets and needs. Printed on sustainable chlorine-free paper using bio inks. PUB0408AHJ4244-1108