Aiesec in nova ic egypt 13


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Aiesec in nova ic egypt 13

  1. 1. International Congress 2013 | EGYPT One World, One Passion AIESEC in NOVA PORTUGAL
  2. 2. LISBON The CITY Lisbon, the he capital city, has been elected the fourth most beautiful city in the world:
  3. 3. AIESEC in NOVA is one of the 10 LCs in Portugal, and it’s located in the country’s capital city – Lisbon.   The LC in NOVA University re-opened in 2004, after some years closed. Since that year, AIESEC in NOVA has had a considerable growth, being awarded:   •  Most Efficient LC 10/11 •  Role Model LC 10/11 •  Role Model LC 11/12 •  Best GIP Performance 11/12 •  Best GCDP Performance 11/12     AIESEC in NOVA Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, a top university in Portugal and renown worldwide in a variety of fields. Nova University has 3 masters programs ranked in the Financial Times Ranking – Masters in Finance, Masters in Management, Masters in International Management (2nd best worldwide). OUR UNIVERSITY #EXPERIENCESDELIVERED 20   35   57   28   33   46   0   10   20   30   40   50   60   11.12   12.13   13.14   OGX   ICX   GCDP 6   4   13   3   1   4   0   2   4   6   8   10   12   14   11.12   12.13   13.14   OGX   ICX   GIP 84   63   86   24   34   30   0   20   40   60   80   100   11.12   12.13   13.14   TMP   TLP   TXP *13.14  are  the  MoS  planned  for  the  term.  
  4. 4. GCDPo Workshops and seminars in innovation, entrepreneurship, soft skills development, IT and finance Previous destinations: •  Brazil, Mexico, Colombia •  Turkey and China •  Africa (Kenya, Tunisia, Mauritius, and Mozambique) •  Europe (Greece, Romania, Ukraine and Poland) •  Indonesia, The Philippines, and Malaysia   H R , m a r k e t i n g , w e b development, business plan creation, microfinance in NGOs Previous destinations: •  Brazil and Mexico •  India, Cambodia and Indonesia •  Europe (Greece, Russia, Romania, Italy and Ukraine) •  Africa (Tunisia, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique and Mauritus)   Campaigns about cancer, diabetes, AIDS, tabagism and hygiene Previous destinations: •  Ukraine •  Africa (Kenya, Mozambique, Ghana, Tunisia, Mauritius e Egypt) •  Asia (Cambodia, Indonesia, China and India)   GCDPo EDUCATION NGO MANAGEMENT HEALTH ∇  E c o n o m i c s , M a n a g e m e n t , Languages, Political Science and I n t e r n a t i o n a l R e l a t i o n s , Communication, Engineering Degrees, Law     ∇  E c o n o m i c s , M a n a g e m e n t , Finance, Communication, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, IT     ∇  M e d i c i n e , N u r s i n g , Biology,Pharmacy, Nutrition     Profile of our students 10   20   20   10   10  10   10   0   5   10   15   20   25   EducaFon   NGO     Health                           Subscription Info Session Group Dynamic English Test Review Board OPS SELECTION PROCESS RECRUITMENT (# RAISES) Raises  on  Nov  &  Dec  are  to  be  realized  between  Dec  &  Mar.  Raises  on  Mar  and  May  are  to  be  realized  on  Summer.  
  5. 5. GIPo MARKETING Public Relations Consumer and buyer behavior CRM Import and export International Marketing Introductory Marketing Market Research Sales IT & ENGINEERING Industrial Engineering & Management Civil Engineering Mechanical Engineering Informatics Engineering Electric & Computer Engineering Environmental Engineering                         Subscription Info Session Group Dynamic English Test Review Board OPS SELECTION PROCESS 4   5   3   4   5   0   1   2   3   4   5   6   November   December   March   May   MarkeFng   IT  &  Engineering   RECRUITMENT (# RAISES)
  6. 6. GIPi ∇  Support local organisations in the process of internationalization; ∇  Provide internationalization trainees to organisations to take part in and lead the internationalization process; ∇  Create a communication and cooperation bridge between the local organizations and the targeted countries.     GOALS OF THE PRODUCT Marketing and management academic background. Experience in market research or international marketing is preferred. EP BACKGROUND When we saw the presentation of the product AIESEC had to offer, I was astonished with how much it matched the company’s needs. It seems like the project had been designed for Agrogestão [the company]. AIESEC was amazing. The selection of the intern was perfect and they gave me all the reasons to trust the project and the intern. We now hope to continue collaborating with Samuel, now in Brazil, for many years to come. Representative of Agrogestão (took an AIESEC intern in 12.13)   What companies say…
  7. 7. GCDPi SOCIAL PROJECTS Make !t Possible (M!P) is a national project of AIESEC in Portugal that aims to promote the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals among high school students. This we’ll have the 3rd and 4th edition of M!P. After the success of its first edition, other AIESEC entities adopted this project – Serbia, Greece, Italy, Poland to name a few. Duration: 6 weeks Conditions: Accommodation and one meal on working days provided EDUCATION NGOs | IT & Marketing & Graphic Design SWITCH project aims to develop and to change the way NGOs work, helping them in the fields of IT, Marketing and Graphic Design. Duration: 6 weeks Conditions: Accommodation has a cost of 100€ at the trainees’ house or at an hostel 10   14   0   20   October   February   REALIZATIONS 3   6   2   0   5   10   November   April   May   REALIZATIONS
  8. 8. EPs & TNs Available Project TN ID # TNs Start Date End Date Country of preference Background Laugh Up TN-In-PT-NV-2013-1104 1 26Aug2013 8Sep2013 Brazil Graphic Design Laugh Up TN-In-PT-NV-2013-1105 1 26Aug2013 8Sep2013 Brazil Marketing Switch TN-In-PT-NV-2013-1112 1 1Sep2013 15Nov2013 WENA IT GCDP ICX Project TN ID # TNs Start Date Duration Country of preference Background Translation TN-In-PT-NV-2012-1091 1 ASAP 6 months Brasil (Required) Languages +Translation Hello World TN-In-PT-NV-2013-1111 1 ASAP +4months Native English Speakers Teaching GIP ICX EP Product EP ID Start Date Country of preference Month of Match Filipa Alves Marketing EP-In-PT-NV-2013-1404 ASAP Any ASAP André Borralho IT EP-In-PT-NV-2013-1500 ASAP Northen Europe ASAP Hugo Pereira Management EP-In-PT-NV-2013-1513 March Latin America, Europe January GIP OGX
  9. 9. Contact us J   LCP Mariana Silva GCDPo Vasco Sousa GCDPi Pedro Castro GIP Marta Silva TM Manel Gil Ferreira ER Jéssica Rosas COMM Gonçalo Moura FIN Natasha Soeiro