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What is Account Planning?  English version
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What is Account Planning? English version


Published on

English version from What is Account Planning, presented at ESADE in June 2009.

English version from What is Account Planning, presented at ESADE in June 2009.

Published in: Business, Technology, Real Estate

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  • 1. Discipline: MethodsandResearchTechniques
    Mariana Dios-Tan
    Studentat ESADE – Jun/2009 – Professor Barbara Costa
  • 2. Account PlanningStrategic Planningof communication
  • 3. To learn a little more I went to Competencethat is an advertising agency
    focused on strategic planning.
  • 4. But before you understand what
    an account planner does,
    let's talk a little bit of history!
  • 5. After all, how it all started?
  • 6. Everything started because of two guys:
  • 7. Stephen King
    Stanley Pollitt
  • 8. In 1964 Stephen King worked at JWT and was there that he developed a system
    of work called
    Target Plan (T-Plan), which combines conducted consumer research with insight to creation area.
    Stephen King
  • 9. Stanley Pollittworked for BMP (BoaseMassimiPollitt) when in 1968 he raised the flag of planning saying that the voice of the consumer should have a central role in the development of advertising.
    Stanley Pollitt
  • 10. And this name, where they come from?
    Since the first professionals to arise in
    planningcame from the areas of
    Account Management and Media Planning,
    this new area was named Account Planning.
  • 11. And this name, where they come from?
    Account Management+Media Planning=Account Planning
  • 12. And this name, where they come from?
    In some places this area is also known as Strategic Planning and Brand Planning
    and who works in the area is called:
  • 13. Planner
  • 14. And now there are different types of
    planners and they make all the difference
    in the preparation of a project. And if you want to know, they are many ...
  • 15.
  • 16. Then you say: Ok! But after all ...
  • 17. ... what hell does a planner?
  • 18. ... what hell does a planner?
    That is the question who do not stop!
    The information and definitions are not entirely clear even to those who works in the area.
    We can say that things are still being defined.
  • 19. ... what hell does a planner?
    But we can say that a planner is responsible
    for developing a strategic plan of communication, means it is not obvious?
    But what is not obvious, is how he does.
    A plan does not appear from nothing, it is
    based on data, facts, stories, studies,
    figures, people and experiences.
  • 20. For all that happens is really necessary to understand the role of planning, not only
    as one more tool in the development of advertising, but as a connector of information.
  • 21. The role ofplanning
  • 22. The role ofplanning
    A planner passes through an important
    process of buildingstructure and logic
    of thought, until get in the planning.
  • 23. The role ofplanning
    This process begins with your understanding about our world, it means, your power to see and understand everything that surrounds you, not only with the
    eyes of a planner, but also and perhaps more important, with the eyes of
    many observers with different values and cultures.
  • 24. The role ofplanning
    Only then you will beable to imagine the future of the plan desired.
  • 25. The role ofplanning
    How everything is well connected, it is essential that your ability to understand and think be closely related to your power of synthesis, development and construction of a line of thinking and reasoning
    properly structured and appropriate to the reality in question.
  • 26. To develop a planning
    And at that point, make some connections makes all the difference.
  • 27. To develop a planning
    Therefore it is so important be able to use
    our vision through a multidisciplinary
    and multicultural context.
  • 28.
  • 29. The market is doing well, thanks!
  • 30. The market is doing well, thanks!
    The market is in constantgrowth,
    it varies according to local demand. In Brazil the main focusof vacanciesin
    planning area still be the city of São Paulo.
  • 31. Will webemillionaires?
  • 32. Will webemillionaires?
    The fact to the market be rising for planners do not meanthat we will be millionaires.
    Our fee varies according to the type of business, the reality of the market place
    and your professional placement.
  • 33. The first case we never forget!
  • 34. Thechallenge
  • 35. Thechallenge
    In partnershipwith Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival,
    YouTube launched a contest that awarded
    two people to travel to the festival.
    The challenge was to create and publish
    a video in 48 hours. The second phase was to make it viral, so we had exactly two weeks.
    The videos with more viewswould be evaluate.
  • 36. Thebriefing
  • 37. Thebriefing
    The briefing was fully connected to Oxfam, an international NGO. The video should somehow movepeople towards climatechange conference to be held in Copenhagen
    and to makepeople sign a petition
    on Oxfam website.
  • 38. Thestrategy
  • 39. Thestrategy
    Position ourselves as pro-active and concerned about climatechange and not only in
    winning a competition.
  • 40. Thestrategy
    Our project was known as
    Oxfam We Can Save! We chose this name to stimulate the engagement of people.
  • 41. Thestrategy
    We use the Twitter, where we created the, through which we had informedpeople about the conference in Copenhagen, the consequencesof
    climatechange, the importance of
    signing the petition and about the video.
  • 42.
  • 43. Theeffect
  • 44. Theeffect
    Thousands of people were involved and many of them actually felt part of the project.
    Many commented and spread our
    sentences around the world.
  • 45. Theeffect
  • 46. Theeffect
  • 47. Theeffect
  • 48. Theeffect
    The video across the continents...
  • 49. Theeffect
  • 50. Theeffect
  • 51. Theeffect
  • 52. Theeffect
  • 53. Theresult
    50 ratings
    3646 clicks
    1083 entries
    5º mostwatchedvideo
    Last updated June 17, 2009.
  • 54.
    The will be maintained, because after all, the conference has not yet happened, the petition is still turning the world,
    and the weather still crazy!
  • 55. Sources ofknowledge
    Interviewee: Pablo Fontoura - Coord. CompetitiveIntelligenceCompetence
    PPT : A Chat About Planning and Related Things
    Ken Fujioka – HeadofPlanning JWT Brasil
    PPT: Newsways for theplanningarea?
    Daniel De Tomazo – DirectorofPlanning JWT Brasil
    Book: Truth, Lies and Advertising : The Art of Account Planning
    Jon Steel
    Article: What is AccountPlanning?
    APG UK
  • 56. Discipline: MethodsandResearchTechniques
    Mariana Dios-Tan
    Studentat ESADE – Jun/2009 – Professor Barbara Costa
    Thank you!