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Using Moodle 2.2 in College (case study)
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Using Moodle 2.2 in College (case study)


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for iMoot 2012 …

for iMoot 2012
a case study about using Moodle 2.2

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Using Moodle 2.2in College. Case study Maryel Mendiola iMoot 2012
  • 2. The contextThis presentation is about my experiences using Moodle 2.2 in ComputerEngineering Career at ESIME Culhuacan, this college belongs to NationalPolytechnic in MexicoSince many years ago, we were using Moodle as Virtual Environment tocompliment our face to face classes.All my students gather in Moodle every single night (as young people,they are connected to internet all nights). It is amazing to discover theirquality feedbacks in forums, they are better students and learn more in adigital environment . I encouraged myself to update to Moodle 2.1 since it was released andsaid bye bye to my old 1.9 versionNow we have VLE Moodle 2.2
  • 3. Case studyLevel: BachelorLanguage: SpanishCourse Length: 3 Units. Each unit takes about 2 monthsParticipants: 4 groups from Computer Engineering CareerMode: B - LearningURL:
  • 4. Customizing MoodlePlease keep in mind: There is no single correct way to use Moodle The creativity of teachers and course creators, makes each course a unique one In this case study, I have 3 different roles: Admin, Teacher and Course creator as well. Hope this case study could be useful to encourage those who are still using 1.9 version to upload to 2.x
  • 5. Case studyIn our Moodle room there are participants of four collegegroups: 4CV1, 4CV2, 4CV3, 4CV3.Each group holds 20 students more or less. They set their‘academic group’ ID in ‘City’ field in their profiles.This let me manage the messages I have to sent to aspecific group.
  • 6. Why do we use field ‘City’ to set their group?First of all, we have face toface classes twice a week andwe all live in the same City Furthermore, we use ‘Groups’ feature in many ways and for different purpose. a Moodle group in our course is mixed with students of any ‘college groups’ (in forward pages you can find the way we use Moodle groups)
  • 7. The course has 3 assessment periodsOur course is objective based and each Unit objectivestakes 2 months of time to complete. That’s why we useTopics format course.In topic 0 is the link to ourSyllabus using Page resource withembedding googledoc Embed code for googledocs: <div align="center"><iframe src="URLgoogledoc/ edit ?pli=1&amp;embedded=true" frameborder="0" height="600 px" width="100%"></iframe></div>
  • 8. New Moodle 2.x blocksThe new blocks we use the most are:✓ Setting Block✓ Navigation Block✓ Comments Block✓ Course completion status Block✓ Logged in user Block✓ Blog Menu Block (new version) As first step, students are required to use dock with Navigation and Settings Blocks. This will let them an easy navigation in the whole site and get more expertise like Moodle users
  • 9. ✓ Comments BlockThis block is the most liked by students.They find that some HTML tags are allowed for theircomments.We use this block in front page course and within someactivities.
  • 10. ✓ Course completion status Block (teachers view)The course completion status block Teacher viewshows what students have been donetowards completing the course.Teachers can see the status for eachstudent in the course course report content
  • 11. ✓Course completion status Block (students view)Students can see their progress in the course whenthey click on "More details" link.Sometimes students must mark an activity ascompleted on homepage course. student view details
  • 12. ✓ Logged in user blockAccording to students,This block is veryhelpful because it allows to know our IPamong other information, which can setby the teacher
  • 13. ✓ Blog menu Block (new presentation) Blog menu 2.x This block is not new, just has new context-sensitive links for adding an entry about the course or a particular activity Blog menu 1.9
  • 14. Exclusive BlocksMoodle 2.x has some exclusive blocks that can only beadded to a certain spaces✓ Youtube Block✓ Flickr BlockCan only be added to a Tags page ✓ Course overview block This block is only visible in My home page and shows a list of all courses in which a user is enrolled.
  • 15. Resources 2.x 6 Resources Moodle 2.2In Moodle 2.2 the duplicate iconx2 lets you make a copy of thatresource or activity.
  • 16. The most used recourse is Page, because it is powerful and versatile. We create pages with content and multimedia, iframes with googledocs or even a URL. We manage content with this resource as a tiny web siteAnother awesome feature in Moodle 2.2 is the editormenu. Ive created 5 videos showing how does it worksbut they are in Spanish. Im sure your could beinteresting in visit HRDNZ youtube channel with Englishvideos. Spanish videos English videos
  • 17. Reusing resources and activitiesIt is a dream come true!Now in Moodle is possible to make a copy or backup of individualactivities or resource in a course and then re use these activitiesanywhere you want: in other Moodle site or in other course on yourMoodle.If you’d like to use a lesson, you can backup it and then restore itin the course you want to re-use your lesson, just an individualbackup!!!! To make this kind of individual copy: ‣ you need editing rights of course ‣ click on the activity/resource you want backup ‣ use in the setting block the link ‘backup’ ‣ follow the 5 steps
  • 18. IMS Content PackageYou can create IMS CP this way:Using module ‘Book’.Meanwhile Book is a non standard module I use itonly in local (This is to avoid complications when weupdate our Moodle site with a new version).When the book is ready, we can GenerateIMS CP from settings block and reuse iti n a n y c o u r s e . Yo u c a n r e a d i "The IMS ContentPackaging specification makes it possibleto store chunks of material in a standardformat which can be re-used in differentsystems, without having to convert thematerial into new formats."
  • 19. Activities Moodle 2.2 14 activities Moodle 2.2New activities:✓ External tool✓ Feedback✓ Standard forum displayed in a blog-like format✓ Workshop (renovated)✓ Wiki (improved)
  • 20. An activities mind map shows how do we could see all Moodle activities in our mind, which are allowed to be graded, which are not graded, and the way they can be madden. In moodlebites we have tested this collective exercise with Stuart Mealor. This last version is customized to my point of view. It shows how I see activities and how I use them in my course planning¿How do you see your activities mind-map when planning your course?
  • 21. The most used activity: DataBaseDatabase activity is versatile, powerful and flexible. It holds abank of record entries about any conceivable topicIs the most used activity in our course, We use database for: ✓Graphic design gallery ✓PDF bank and document discussion (allowing comments) ✓Show videos about an specific topic ✓Gather participants URL Blog ✓co evaluation ✓etc I love to customize DB templates and use to export them as presets. You can find several presets at Moodle exchange Database presets for Please take a look to my tutorial Moodle 2.0 database-presets-for-moodle-20
  • 22. Managing CourseUsing Groups in our course.As we said before, they set their ‘academic group’ ID in ‘City’ field intheir profiles.We use groups to show their grades they gain in each assessmentperiod (3) and they are grouping by PeriodGolden @ = 10Silver @ = 9Cooper @ = 87 and 6 have other icons, the ‘epic fail’ and red number icon. And this is good, because this strategy allows improve studentlearning, which is reflected in their most active and creativeparticipation in activities. They like to approach and get a better @each period.
  • 23. Managing Groups:Settings->Course administration ->Groups
  • 24. Grouping views
  • 25. The reward of using this tool is: Students feel good about participating in forums or inthe list of participants, showing their groups icons. This encourage them to achieve the longed golden @ or some special mention, and meaning better participation and better learning
  • 26. Last but not least, regarding e-portfolio, we have aMahara site in the same domain, to complement ourMoodle VLE One more thing . . .
  • 27. My Top 10 Moodle 2.x FeaturesDockNavigation BlockComments BlockResource/activity backupPrivate filesCourse completion BlockPurge all cachesRubricsConditional Activities Which are yours?Device type Themes
  • 28. Making a wish ...” si me dijeran, pide un deseo preferiría un rabo de nube . . .” Silvio RodriguezWish #1: Wake up someday and have news about‘Book’ is already a standard module (yay!)Wish #2: Someone has created another Moodle pluginthat works just like ‘Hang out’ in google+Wish #3: A workshop update that allows everyonecould grade everyone, allow them to watch all worksand allow any kind of file to upload and be graded. Withan interface like DB . . . sort of
  • 29. Time to be GratefulThanks Moodle HQ: without your effort anddedication Moodle wouldnt be so awesome!Thanks Martin Dougiamas: Moodle exists because ofyou
  • 30. THANK YOU