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How to use outcomes at Moodle 1.9

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  1. 1. OUTCOMES By Maryel Mendiola and MariaMoodle MariaMoodle http://moodleblog.mmendiola.net/
  2. 2. Outcomes are : Further reading Maybe this Link could be useful for Competencies us ;) Goals Dictionary of Student Outcome Assessment Standards Communication about assessment and student outcomes sometimes uses multiple terms to refer to the same concept, or the same term with different meanings. In true innocence, individuals participating in discussions about Criteria accountability and assessment may misunderstand one another. In addition, new concepts arise with new research and more sophisticated practice in assessment. Thus a major step forward in communicating about student outcomes is to clarify the definition of terms and then to use each term consistently. To move this attempt forward, the Center for Assessment and Research Studies has developed a vocabulary of commonly used terms related each Outcome must have to assessing student outcomes. an own scale to be grade To access, please enter your term in the box below, then click on your desired search option: by term, definition, or both terms and definitions. Each entry has the following information: term, cross-reference or synonym, the definition, and references, where applicable. http://people.jmu.edu/yangsx/ By Maryel Mendiola
  3. 3. Outcomes are specific descriptions of what a student is expected to be able to do or understand at the completion of an activity or course. In simple terms an Outcome is like any other grade except that it can be applied to multiple activities. When the activity is marked, a mark should be given for the submission itself and for the outcome. At Moodle docs • An activity might have more than one outcome • each may have a grade against it (usually on a scale). Outcomes are newly introduced in Moodle 1.9 basically implements a way to connect outcome statements with Scales. Scales themselves are connected to courses and their activities. Example Outcome: ‘Identity in social psychology’ Scales : {Refuser, Drifter, Searcher, Guardian, Resolver} By Maryel Mendiola
  4. 4. When the activity is marked, a mark should be given for the submission itself and for the outcome. Outcomes may be set at site and/or course level. Outcomes Outcomes Name Mathematics Grade OUTCOMES ‘Identity in social Psychology’ Student 1 10 Resolver Student 2 7 Searcher Student 3 9 Guardian By Maryel Mendiola
  5. 5. Outcomes may be set as: Site level (can be used wide Site) Course level (used just for an specific Course) Outcomes must be enabled by a Moodle system administrator for a site before teachers can use them in their own courses. This is the way By Maryel Mendiola
  6. 6. OK now let’s see how to add choose use OUTCOMES Remember: they are allow just in 1.9 Keep near you a txt file with some outcomes defined for your course. By Maryel Mendiola
  7. 7. A Step before add new outcome: outcome You must create First, all Scales for the outcomes you are going to use. It is very important have the respective Scales before create a new outcome Remember, to create a new Scale, take this Path: Administration Block ► Grades ► Edit ► Scales : Add a new Scale Scale created for Outcome called Identity (both can have same name) By Maryel Mendiola
  8. 8. Two ways to get Outcomes’s place 1) 2) The Outcomes link in the course in the Gradebook you can select Outcomes Administration block from the view dropdown menu By Maryel Mendiola
  9. 9. Adding a new Outcome Click "Edit outcomes" tab Click "Add a new outcome" button By Maryel Mendiola
  10. 10. Filling the form to add new Outcome Outcomes main fields Fullname - the full "sentence" describing the outcome Shortname - some code or abbreviated name Scale - chosen the outcome scale we create for it By Maryel Mendiola
  11. 11. Choosing Outcome Go to “Outcomes used in course” Tab with the Add arrow button move it to the left side. Now it’s ready to be used By Maryel Mendiola
  12. 12. Using Outcome The Assignment has a Grade and is going to has an Outcome too This Assignment shows ‘outcomes’ section, where you can select which Outcome You want to use By Maryel Mendiola
  13. 13. Grading the Activity Look Grade at the top And outcome bellow Grade By Maryel Mendiola
  14. 14. Grader Report By Maryel Mendiola
  15. 15. I invite you to use Outcomes as part of the assessment for students Using Outcomes allow us to watch some useful data on how students in the course are performing. By Maryel Mendiola
  16. 16. That`s all fellows, see you in next Tutorial Manuals, tutorials and other Tutorial made at multimedia documentation produced by moodlers all over the mmendiola.net world at Moodle docs es Sit ng re sti Inte Latin American Moodlers Edublog Moodle Social Network By Maryel Mendiola