Merry edwards wine marketing campaign presentation HULT MIM SF students
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Merry edwards wine marketing campaign presentation HULT MIM SF students






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  • Good afternoon everyone, on behalf of team 13 aka Houdini, I’d like to start by thanking you all for being here todayI don’t mean to scare anyone but we’re exactly one week away from Christmas day the winery we were assigned just so happens to be called Merry Edwards. It didn’t take long for us to put two and two together and decide that our campaign should revolve around Christmas I can see Durham cringe at how cheesy this could get but please bear with usI’m going to turn to my unsuspecting teammates now and ask each one of them what Christmas means to them
  • Mars, what’s the first thing that comes to mind when I say Christmas in China?Lights everywhere!
  • What about you Mariam? Christmas in Georgia? I would say presents.
  • Julio? What’s Christmas all about in Guatemala? Definitely family
  • How about in Nigeria, Eunice?FOOD!!!
  • See I’ve taken you around the globe in about 20 seconds and the one thing that we can take out of it is that no matter where you’re from, Christmas gives us that warm fuzzy feeling that no other holiday can provide! Now I’m from Ireland so no need to tell you what I associate this particularly festive season with…
  • Adult beverages! Christmas is about having fun and feeling good.We decided to take all of these warm emotions that people associate to Christmas and literally bottle them up. Merry Edwards, it’s like Christmas in a bottle.
  • Unfortunately we have a limited amount of time and this presentation is full off information so we’re going to be counting down all the different features of our campaign in a festive way, starting at 12.So Merry Edwards was one of California’s first woman winemakers and an impressive businesswoman. Surprise quizz: can anyone here tell me what Merry Edwards’ nickname is? The queen as Pinot Noir. Who would you like to get your kisses from?Her Pinot Noir starts at $45 a bottle, and the first element we’ll be introducing is a fresh new product, targeting a younger crowd.Merry’s 2012 Pinot Nouveau will be available at $24,99 a bottle which makes it attractive to 25-32 year old women.
  • Now I know what you’re all thinking. How are we going to pull this off? What are we going to do about the 364 other days of the year when it isn’t Christmas? Well that’s the whole message behind our campaignWe’re saying that you don’t need a holiday that only comes around once a year to pop open our Pinot Noir, there’s always a reason and It’s always the season to be Merry!Mars is now going to move on to the digital side of things.
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  • Thanks Eunice, I now have the great pleasure of showing you a video which is bound to go viral. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as we enjoyed shooting it!
  • Thank you all for listening to us.

Merry edwards wine marketing campaign presentation HULT MIM SF students Merry edwards wine marketing campaign presentation HULT MIM SF students Presentation Transcript

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