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Writing_Sample_Replying to a Request
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Writing_Sample_Replying to a Request


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  • 1. YogaBC Communications Assistant- Sample Written ResponsesScenario 1: Dear YogaBC, I am a new yoga teacher and would like to know how I can best get involved with the local community. Any suggestions you have would be appreciated. Namaste, JoanDear Joan,Thank you for your interest in YogaBC. If you are looking for ways to get involved in theyoga community, then YogaBC is a great place to start. For the past eleven years, ourassociation has provided a forum for advocacy, peer-to-peer connections, andcontinuing education for yoga community.Throughout the year, YogaBC organizes free educational events and consultations foryoga teachers that aim at improving their skills and introducing best practices existing inthe yoga world. Also, through our community event calendar, you can have access tonumerous events and workshops hosted by our members and attend them at adiscounted price. These events are great opportunities for yoga teachers to meet andshare their experiences and knowledge, to learn new techniques and to work togetherto develop the local yoga community. You can also include an article about yourpractice or studio in our newsletter that is emailed monthly to all our members. JoiningYogaBC will let you be part of our yoga community and enjoy other benefits that weoffer our members. You can learn more about our member services by visiting ourwebsite at register with YogaBC, you simply need to fill in the Teacher’s Registry form that youcan find on our website ( andsend it to us with your cheque.We look forward to welcoming you as our member.Sincerely,Mariam EkizyanYoga BCwww.yogabc.org120 - 1857 West 4th Ave.,Vancouver, B.C., V6J 1M4Canada
  • 2. Scenario 2: Dear YogaBC, Two weeks ago I posted my Upcoming Events to your online Community Calendar. I had been assured that all events would be reviewed by YogaBC staff and would be accepted and uploaded onto your website within one week of my posting; however my events are still not on your calendar. I have put a lot of work into these, and one of the events was this past weekend, meaning it never made it onto your website. Waiting over two weeks is really a stretch, and missing the opportunity to market my event through your website is unacceptable as this is why I pay my yearly dues. I would really appreciate a response to this email! KateDear Kate,Thank you for your email regarding our failure to post your events in our onlinecommunity calendar. We apologize for any inconvenience that this matter has causedyou.We understand the importance of posting events for teachers and our staff do their bestto ensure that all the postings submitted appear on time. However, due to the highvolume of requests this month we have experienced some delays. Our staff is currentlyworking on solving this issue and hope to have the rest of your events posted byOctober 15, 2011.In light of this, we have decided to offer you a 20% discount on your membership fornext year, which we hope will be acceptable to you. It’s our goal to retain you as asatisfied member and we hope to continue working with you in the future.Meanwhile we thank you for your patience and for your feedback.Thank you,Mariam EkizyanYoga BCwww.yogabc.org120 - 1857 West 4th Ave.,Vancouver, B.C., V6J 1M4Canada