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Lululemon Marketing Mix
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Lululemon Marketing Mix


Team Project: Analysis of Lululemon Company

Team Project: Analysis of Lululemon Company

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  • lululemonathletica: yoga-inspired apparel for healthy livinglululemonathletica makes technical clothing for yoga, dancing, running, and most other sweaty pursuits. We create components for people to live longer, healthier, more fun lives.  Community-Based Marketing We differentiate our business through an innovative, community-based approach to building brand awareness and customer loyalty. We pursue a multi-faceted strategy which (partnering with local fitness practitioners & retail educators and creating in store community boards) leverages our local ambassadors, in-store community boards, retail educators and a variety of grassroots initiatives.Our primary target customer is a sophisticated and educated woman who understands the importance of an active, healthy lifestyle. She is increasingly tasked with the dual responsibilities of career and family and is constantly challenged to balance her work, life and health. We believe she pursues exercise to achieve physical fitness and inner peace.   As women have continued to embrace a variety of fitness and athletic activities, including yoga, we believe other athletic apparel companies are not effectively addressing their unique style, fit and performance needs. We believe we have been able to help address this void in the marketplace by incorporating style along with comfort and functionality into our products. Although we were founded to address the unique needs of women, we are also successfully designing products for men who also appreciate the technical rigor and premium quality of our products. We believe that we are one of the leaders in the yoga apparel market and are well positioned in the broader sports apparel market.
  • Educators are encouraged to share their ideas with leaders and corperate staff.You could call Chop Willson (Creator) at any given time!- Great exaple of this is boxing day. Cipwillson came to work as an educator at Metro (8hr shift like the rest of us!)
  • Emp ref – If you refer someone and they are hired to the company and stay longer tthan 3months you get $100 if 6 months $200RD= For athleet educators the get comped clothing and in return they provide feedback to the the creators of the garnment in case it needs improvements.Group Commish = The team work together to reach monthly goals, if they reach it they get paid out commessionFree Yoga = Full time 2 part time 1 per week
  • - Tailored support in the sense that we help the guest get exactly what they need my asking probing questions. Depending on the activity they are looking to do will enable an educator to present them with the right tools and clothing for that particular activity.


  • 1.
  • 2. Lululemonathletica
    Presented By: Chocolate Thunder!!!
    Melissa, Emily, Mariam & Jessica
  • 3. Overview
  • Who they are
    • Known for high quality yoga/active wear
    • 9. Motivating and inspiring healthy living and individuals
    • 10. Active in the community
    • 11. yoga programs
    • 12. running clubs
    • 13. web site
    “What we do to the earth we do to ourselves.”
  • 14. History
    • Founded in 1998 by Chip Wilson
    • 15. First shop in 2000 in Kitselano
    • 16. IPO in 2007
    • 17. Mission Statement
    • 18. “Provide components for people to live longer, healthier, and more fun lives.”
    “Jealousy works the opposite way you want it to.”
  • 19. Industry
    Textile – Apparel Clothing
    • Annual growth 28.1%
    Consumer Goods
    • 17 out of 25 Best Canadian Brands 2010
    • 20. Community-based marketing approach
    Target Market
    • People who share Lulu’s vision
  • Size and Markets
  • 21. Competitors
    High Cost
    Sporty /Casual
    Low Cost
  • 22. Structure
    - Communication runs in all directions
    Corporate Leaders Educators
  • 23. Employee Programs
    • Employee referral programs
    • 24. Research Development (RD) program
    • 25. Group Commission
    • 26. Free yoga classes
    “Creativity is maximized when you’re living in the moment.”
  • 27. The Guests
    • Yoga enthusiasts
    • 28. Runners
    • 29. Dancers
    • 30. The day to day / Looking for comfort
    The Difference
    • Tailored education of all products
    • 31. Goal setting/ on-line support
  • Social Responsibility
    • Free weekly programs for public
    • 32. Donations
    • 33. Centre for Integrated Healing
    • 34. Silken Laumann’s Active Kid
    • 35. Raising funds for local charities
    • 36. Healthy, safe factories
    “Dance, sing, floss and travel.”
  • 37. Environmental Responsibility
    • Environmental improvements
    • 38. Natural, organic or sustainable fabrics
    • 39. Energy efficient stores & renewable building materials
    • 40. Recycle at all of their facilities
    • 41. Staff are encouraged to walk, run, or bike for their commute
  • Lululemon Financials
    • Stock type: Common
    • 42. Authorized: 200,000,000
    • 43. Issued: 50,000,000
    • 44. 61% owned by directors and executives
    • 45. 16/17 analysts say the stocks are good!
  • Lululemon Financials
  • 46. Net Income
    2008: $ 30,842,000 2009: $ 39,363,000 2010: $ 58,281,000
    Gross Profit
    2010: $452,898,000
    2009: $353,488, 000
    2008: $269,942,000
    2010: $223,086,000
    2009: $179,067,000
    2008: $144,927,000
    United States
  • 47. Abilities
    “Friends are more important than money.”
  • 48. “Do one thing a day that scares you.”
  • 49. Get the Lululemon Experience
    • Share the newsletter!
    • 50. Be active in your Community programs
    • 51. Visit: www.lululemon.com