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Facebook presentation to Monaghan ECommerce Network

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Facebook presentation

  1. 1. Facebook Ads For Business John McGarry For the Monaghan Ecommerce Forum
  2. 2. Facebook Strategy <ul>In developing a Facebook Strategy you should do so with the knowledge that in general <li>People go to Facebook not to make buying decisions but to talk to their friends.
  3. 3. Facebook is not Google i.e. It is not a keyword based search engine.
  4. 4. Facebook marketing is based on who people are and not what they want. </li></ul>
  5. 5. Goals of a Facebook Strategy <ul><li>Build awarness of your products and services with your target market.
  6. 6. Develop a mail list for your business of potential clients
  7. 7. Increase your Social Credibility On-line
  8. 8. Selling directly from a Facebook Ad is Very difficult based on reasons from previous slide and is not one of our goals here.
  9. 9. Use Facebook Ads to achieve Goals </li></ul>
  10. 10. Build awareness of your products and services in your target market <ul><li>Select the group of people you are targeting on Facebook about your product or service.
  11. 11. Construct an Ad on Facebook to show to that target group.
  12. 12. Send people who click on your FB Ad to a tab dedicated to that service you are promoting.
  13. 13. Ensure your dedicated Tab has a Fan Gate and an offer of enough value to encourage them to click Like on your Page. </li></ul>
  14. 14. Targeting on Facebook <ul>Facebook targeting is based on who people are, not what they want and the options are endless, people on Faceboook can be <li>Irish and like cooking (110,580)
  15. 15. Irish and into Gardening (18,500) and live within 80 km of Monaghan (760) , 40 km ( 200)
  16. 16. Irish and into Gardening 16 km Dublin (8,400)
  17. 17. SME Owner and within 16km Dublin (30,620)
  18. 18. Irish and a Parent with children aged between 4 & 12 (11,840)
  19. 19. Irish, Male and into Fashion (100,000) / Irish Male, into Fashion and over 40 year old (9200) / Irish, Male info Fashion > 40 and married ( 2760) or single ( 2000)
  20. 20. Have an accountancy related degree ( 960)
  21. 21. Irish & Like the TV show Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares ( 1900 ) </li></ul>
  22. 22. Writing Facebook Ads – Butt In <ul>When considering your Facebook Ad do not forget <li>People have not gone to Facebook to read Ads
  23. 23. They want to have a conversation with their friends.
  24. 24. Your job in all of this is to butt in on that chat
  25. 25. You can butt in by creating Ads that appeal to people on an emotional Level
  26. 26. What's In it for the Client
  27. 27. Make an offer in your Ad that is good enough to entice them to click through to avail of the offer. Offers could be </li><ul><li>More information on a topic
  28. 28. A discount on a purchase
  29. 29. Entry into a competition </li></ul></ul>
  30. 30. Elements of A Facebook Ad <ul>There are four distinct elements of a Facebook Ad The Picture <ul><li>The most important element, use an Image the grabs people attention, don't be afraid to be a bit in your client's face, you need their attention.
  31. 31. Pictures of people seem to do better on Facebook </li></ul>The Ad headline ( 25 Characters ) <ul><li>If you target a Facebook page the Ad headline will default to the name of your Facebook Page.You can target an external URL, if you do this you can create you own Ad headline.
  32. 32. Use what you already know about the potential client in your headline – Over 40 And Single
  33. 33. Make an Offer – Over 40 & Single,Don't Worry ( > 40 & alone-Don't Panic) </li></ul></ul>
  34. 34. Elements of A Facebook Ad... <ul>The Ad Body ( max 135 characters) <li>Expand on your offer to entice people to click on your Ad.
  35. 35. Use what you already know about the potential client
  36. 36. Over 40 ? Click here to see the 7 top tips for looking half your Age.
  37. 37. Gordon Ramsey would kill me for telling you how to cook Turkey like a professional but I don't care.
  38. 38. Who says Accountants are boring ! Check out the latest X Class Merc here.
  39. 39. The Ad Budget
  40. 40. You can set your Ad to run for a specific period and assign a daily budget to it.
  41. 41. Always over bid on FB's budget recommendation, FB will not charge you as much as you have bid.
  42. 42. Start using Pay Per Click and if Ad successful then consider CPM. </li></ul>
  43. 43. Landing Tab for Ad <ul>After people click on your Facebook Ad it is best if <li>You send them to Facebook and not your web site, current stats indicate you get a better responce when you keep them in Facebook.
  44. 44. You do not send them to your Facebook Wall but a Tab dedicated to what it is you are selling or promoting.
  45. 45. Facebook Tabs
  46. 46. A Tab is a like a sub page on your Business Facebook Page.
  47. 47. To install a tab you need to install an App such as Static IFRAME or Static HTML on your Facebook Page. Use Facebook search box to look for static html or Static Iframe and follow instructions. These are free Apps. There are other Apps that are paid for such as Lujure,
  48. 48. You can add, text , images , video etc to your New Tab. </li></ul>
  49. 49. Calls To Action <ul>Ok so you now have a client on your dedicated Facebook Tab, what next <li>Ensure you deliver on the promise in the Ad
  50. 50. Have the video of the X Class Merc doing its thing.
  51. 51. Let the client know how to cook the perfect turkey
  52. 52. Show the seven tips on looking half your age.
  53. 53. Ensure you at least ask for a LIKE, point to the Like button to ensure people understand what you want.
  54. 54. Include any other Calls to Action appropriate to the campaign
  55. 55. Phone 047 56876 Now or Email me on [email_address]
  56. 56. Make your calls to action big and bold on the Page so on one can miss them or mis-understand them. </li></ul>
  57. 57. Fan Gate Tab <ul>A Fan Gate Tab allows you to present different content to a user depending on weather they have liked your page or not. It is a very useful tool to help you encourage people to Like your page. <li>On Non Fan Page present the first 3 tips on looking younger with the Call to Action of “Click Like to see the next 4 tips”
  58. 58. Click Like and the Discount Code will be revealed.
  59. 59. Now you know how to cook Turkey Like a Pro Click Like to see How to cook the Ham as well.
  60. 60. Click Like to get access to our Competition Form.
  61. 61. Static Html & Static iframe Apps will both setup Fan Gates for you. </li></ul>
  62. 62. What's in a Like <ul>Reasons you want people to LIKE you <li>They will receive your status updates for a while, about 3 weeks without any need for them to engage with your Status Updates.
  63. 63. You can target these people directly with an Ad
  64. 64. You can target the friends of people who have liked you with an Ad, Facebook will by default add the friends name to the Ad. Like a virtual word of mouth recommendation.
  65. 65. Social Credibility , it looks better when lots of people like your page and implies you provide a good service that has made lots of clients happy.
  66. 66. Facebook Social Plugins are snippits of code that you can add to your web site to allow people to like your FB page or view status updates from your web site. Again been able to show a large amount of likes to your potential client is better than a small amount of likes. </li></ul>
  67. 67. Build your Email Database <ul>To get them to do so you need to give them a good reason to do so by extending the offer to them. <li>Signup here for further cooking tips.
  68. 68. Register now to get discounts on Top Design Fashion.
  69. 69. Programs like MailChimp, Constant Contact or Infusionsoft can be integrated directly into your Facebook page so that the registration details flow directly into these packages. </li></ul><ul>Having got people to Like your page, try to get them to engage in a deeper way with you by asking them to register their email details with you. </ul><ul>Ask for the minimal amount of details, if you only need email address now then ask for just that, you can get more details later. </ul>
  70. 70. Ad Fatigue <ul>Remember Facebook Ads are targeted based on who people are. This can lead to <li>The same people seeing the same Ad over and over again. People can see the same Ad over 20 times in a day.
  71. 71. You may end up paying to show an Ad to people who have already responded or who have seen it and are not going to respond.
  72. 72. As you Ad becomes less effective Facebook will either charge you more or stop showing your Ad.
  73. 73. You can prevent Ad Fatigue by
  74. 74. Stopping and starting your Ad so that it is visible at different times of the day.
  75. 75. Have different versions of your Ad
  76. 76. Once your Ad has run for an appropriate period you should suspend it all together and re-run it in a few weeks or months. </li></ul>
  77. 77. websites <ul><li>Bdfoods raising the profile of their product by a cookery competition
  78. 78. Monaghan Bats Festival spreading the word </li></ul>
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