The Indian International Education Market: A Reality Check


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A lot of international recruitment strategies for India are based on premises that had their validity 10 years ago. Reality: the Indian international education market has seen deep, structural shifts in the past 5 years. What are these changes?

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The Indian International Education Market: A Reality Check

  1. 1. THE INDIAN INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION MARKET: A REALITY CHECK CBIE Annual Conference Montreal November 2012 Maria Mathai Director M.M Advisory Services M.M Advisory Services
  2. 2. Understanding India is an operationof considerable complexity.Especially today, when new India isvisibly emerging from within thefolds of its many pastsQuote from “Mother Pious Lady” by Santosh Desai M.M Advisory Services
  3. 3. WHAT WE WILL COVERFundamentals of New IndiaCompetitive challenges in international educationSuggestions for India strategy M.M Advisory Services
  4. 4. CANADA & INDIA New BeginningsPast Impressions M.M Advisory Services
  5. 5. GROWING INTL. STUDENT MARKET • Upper Class • Middle Class • UpperThe Indian • Middle Social • LowerHierarchy • Impoverished Source: Economist Intelligence Unit Private consumption per head (in US$bn) to grow from USD830(2010) to USD1380 (2015) M.M Advisory Services
  6. 6. INDIA – DEFINING ITS OWN TERMSConfidence and optimismin the biggest populationsegment: the youth“Abroad is better” gettingchallenged“25-30% likely to returnafter studies abroad” M.M Advisory Services
  7. 7. COMPETION INTENSIFYING M.M Advisory Services
  8. 8. ON-THE-GROUND PRESENCE M.M Advisory Services
  9. 9. HISTORICAL DRIVERS: INTL. EDUCATIONCostsCountryChoices - Research & employmentQuality of Life M.M Advisory Services
  10. 10. NO COST ADVANTAGE Country Average Tuition Average Tuition Fee 2002 fee in 2002 (Rupee) Canadian Canada 10,000 CAD 3.2 Lakhseducation is twice as costly today USA 15,000 USD 7.3 Lakhs than it was 10 UK 8000 GBP 5.8 Lakhs years ago. Why?• Strong Canadian Country Average Tuition Average Tuition economy Fee 2012 fee in 2012 • Falling Indian (Rupee) rupee Canada 13,000 CAD 7.0 Lakhs USA 20,000 USD 10.7 Lakhs UK 10, 000 GBP 8.6 Lakhs M.M Advisory Services
  11. 11. DESTINATION COUNTRY The Great Indian Study Work Settle Dream Visa Easy Difficult10 years ago, US and UK scored higher than Canada in all these spheres M.M Advisory Services
  12. 12. BETTER SELLING NEEDEDCHOICES QUALITY OF LIFE Programs Infrastructure Institutions Health Research Education Employment Options M.M Advisory Services
  13. 13. TWO ADDITIONAL DRIVERS Safety &Historical• Costs Security• Country• Choices - Research & employment• Quality of Life “Paisa vasool” factor, or VFM M.M Advisory Services
  14. 14. Education is every generation’s dutyto its progeny, in the Indian way;the rest was in the progeny’s handsQuote from “India Calling” by Anand Giridharadas M.M Advisory Services
  15. 15. THANK YOU• Email:• Facebook, LinkedIn – Maria Mathai• Blog: M.M Advisory Services
  16. 16. SOME USEFUL RESOURCES1. “Imagining India” by Nandan Nilekani2. “India Calling” by Anand Giridharadas3. “Mother Pious Lady” by Santosh Desai4. “Watch out for India’s consumer market pitfalls” by Govindarajan & Bagla (article)