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The Importance of Counting Everyone in Census 2010 in the Southwest Border Region
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The Importance of Counting Everyone in Census 2010 in the Southwest Border Region


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This presentation illustrates the importance of counting everyone, regardless of citizenship, in southwest Border communities in U.S. Census 2010. The slides explain why it is vital for …

This presentation illustrates the importance of counting everyone, regardless of citizenship, in southwest Border communities in U.S. Census 2010. The slides explain why it is vital for municipalities, philanthropies and nonprofit groups to assist in ensuring an accurate and just count in the region including the potential federal funding lost through undercounting. And also provides information about financial and other resources available for local outreach through the Census Bureau and other initiatives.

Published in: Economy & Finance
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  • Some people in remote areas will be counted in person
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  • Transcript

    • 1. The Importance of Counting Everyone in Border Communities in Census 2010
    • 2. Census 2010
      What is Census 2010
      Why is it so important?
      Hard-to-Count populations
      Border Communities Count Campaign
      Important messages
      What we can do Frontera Asset Building Network 2
    • 3. Frontera Asset Building Network
      A coalition of 80+ organizations
      Southwest Border of the United States
      Helping working families
      increase their income
      stabilize their financial lives
      build wealth
      Frontera Asset Building Network www.fabnetwork.org3
    • 4. 2010 Census
      The 2010 Census is a count of everyone residing in the United States
      Everyone regardless of citizenship
      must be counted
      April 1, 2010 is Census Day Frontera Asset Building Network 4
    • 5. How People are Counted Frontera Asset Building Network 5
      Step 1: March 2010 households receive Census form either by mail or in person.
      Step 2: March-April 1 households complete the form & mail it back.
      Step 3: April 1, 2010 is Census Day. Responses on the form should include everyone living at an address.
      Step 4: April-July follow-up. Those who haven’t responded will be visited by a Census worker.
      Step 5: Dec 31, 2010 the final results will be sent to the President.
    • 6. You may not know…
      4:1 - rate at which Latinos were more likely to be missed in Census 2000
      $478 million - the estimated amount of net federal funds lost to states from 2002-2012 due to undercounting in the 2000 Census
      $1,200 to $2,200 per person – approximate federal funding Border communities currently receive related to 2000 Census count Frontera Asset Building Network 6
    • 7. Important Reasons for Ensuring an Accurate Count in Your Community
      Consequences of undercounting are significant
      Federal funding
      Voting rights
      Economic development & private investment
      Community services & infrastructure
      Data for decisions Frontera Asset Building Network 7
    • 8. Border Area Population is Hard-to-Count
      Many populations at high risk of not being counted:
      Undocumented persons
      Families with young children
      Families with mixed legal status
      Transient or displaced families, such as homeless people, foreclosure victims, and migrant workers
      Isolated communities - rural, colonias & Native American reservations Frontera Asset Building Network 8
    • 9. Hard-to-Count Counties Frontera Asset Building Network 9
      Census maps out strategy to count hardest-to-get residents. USA TODAY 10-20-09
    • 10. Hard-to-Count Counties Southwest Border Region Frontera Asset Building Network 10
      New Mexico
      Adapted from Census Map USA TODAY 10-20-09
    • 11. In These Hard-to-Count Populations
      Trust issues
      Mistrust of government agencies
      Language as a barrier
      Tentative about filling out forms
      Worried about where the information goes Frontera Asset Building Network 11
    • 12. Being Counted is Easy
      • It’s important
      It’s easy
      It’s safe Frontera Asset Building Network 12
    • 13. It’s Easy
      • 10 questions – 10 minutes
      • 14. In Spanish & English
      • 15. Community-based Census Assistance Centers Frontera Asset Building Network 13
    • 16. 10 questions – 10 minutes Frontera Asset Building Network 14
    • 17. It’s Safe
      • Completely confidential
      • 18. Individual information is safe & strongly protected by law
      Census Bureau staff cannot share information with anyone including federal & law enforcement entities
      Stiff penalties for a breach Frontera Asset Building Network 15
    • 19. Some Important Messages
      Everyone counts
      It’s vital to participate in Census 2010
      The Census is important for your community
      Community impact Frontera Asset Building Network 16
    • 20. How Census Data Benefits Us Frontera Asset Building Network 17
      From U.S. Census Bureau’s Toolkit for Reaching Latinos
    • 21. Some Important Messages
      It’s vital to participate in Census 2010
      The Census is important for your community
      Community impact
      Ease Frontera Asset Building Network 18
    • 22. By participating in the Census, you can help create a better future for you & those important to you. Frontera Asset Building Network 19
    • 23. Frontera Asset Building Network 20
    • 24. Ensure a complete, accurate & just count in southwest Border communities
      Partner & collaborate with national, regional & local groups
      Reach those at high risk of not being counted Frontera Asset Building Network 21
    • 25. Border Communities Count Resources
      Census resources
      Small grants
      Outreach strategies
      News & updates
      Webinars & trainings
      Technical assistance Frontera Asset Building Network 22
    • 26. FABN Small Grants
      Deadline Dec 15, 2009
      Census outreach for hard-to-count groups
      Southwest Border states
      Up to $3,000
      501c3 organizations
      Be an official Census partner
      Overlay outreach activities on existing programs
      Complete all activities by March 30, 2010 Frontera Asset Building Network 23
    • 27. U.S. Census Bureau Resources
      Become a Partner
      Complete Count Committee 
      Migrant Workers
      Questionnaire Assistance Centers Frontera Asset Building Network 24
    • 28. U.S. Census Partnership Sites
      Los Angeles
      214-637-9680 Frontera Asset Building Network 25
      Southwest Border States
      Census Bureau
      1-866-928-2010 Spanish assistance
    • 29. NALEO’s Ya Es Hora Campaign
      How to Complete the Cenus Form
      Step-by-step guide
      Spanish/English information Frontera Asset Building Network 26
    • 30. Nonprofits Count
      Census Toolkit for Nonprofits
      Fact Sheets Frontera Asset Building Network 27
    • 31. Indian Country Counts
      Toolkit for Tribes
      Cool T-shirts
      Webinars & videos
      News & updates
      Discussion boards Frontera Asset Building Network 28
    • 32. Other National & Regional Resources
      Leadership Conference on Civil Rights
      California Complete Count
      League of Women Voters
      Asian American Justice Center
      LULAC(League of United Latin American Citizens) Frontera Asset Building Network 29
    • 33. Our Biggest Resource
      The trusted voices of grassroots nonprofit & other community-based groups
      Directly connecting with residents
      Collaborating with you Frontera Asset Building Network 30
    • 34. What You Can Do
      Join the Border Community Counts initiative!
      Stay updated with our Enews & Twitter
      Become a US Census Partner
      Connect with local Complete Count Committee
      Explore existing resources
      Get active Frontera Asset Building Network 31
    • 35. Outreach Strategies
      Put information about the Census in newsletters & Enews
      Place links to US Census & other resources on your web site
      Host information events
      Partner with regional & local groups to get the word out
      Find ways to add Census outreach & education to your existing programs
      Distribute information to all your contacts & clients – email, fliers, paycheck stuffers etc
      Ask volunteers & staff to get the word out
      Talk to local media about covering the Census
      Get involved in big or small ways Frontera Asset Building Network 32
    • 36. We all need to act together to make sure the Border region is counted fairly & accurately Frontera Asset Building Network 33
    • 37. Thank You for Participating
      Maria Markham
      Frontera Asset Building Network
      Census 2010 Coordinator
      Follow FABN online:
      Website | Census Information | Twitter | E-news
      Building strong financial futures for
      working families in the Southwest Border
      LET’S MAKE Frontera Asset Building Network 34