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My Top 5 Game Consoles by Marcos
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My Top 5 Game Consoles by Marcos


Published on

by Marcos González …

by Marcos González
2º ESO A, 2010-2011
Instituto español V. Cañada Blanch

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  • Transcript

    • 1. My Top 5 Game Consoles
      By Marcos Gonzalez
      2º ESO A, 2010-2011
      Instituto español V. Cañada Blanch
    • 2. Introduction
      In this presentation I will be naming my top 5 favourite game consoles.
      I will dedicate a slide to each console explaining why I've chosen that position for each one.
    • 3. Number 5
    • 4. Nintendo Wii
      The Wii is a console which consists in moving the controller to be in control of the game .
      • I've chosen the Nintendo Wii as my least favourite game console for several reasons:
      • 5. Graphics : They are not as good as they should be, considering Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are their main rivals.
      • 6. Controller: It’s very difficult to use and it doesn’t have enough instructions on how to use it. I find it dangerous because it could slip out of your hands and hit the person next to you , or even smash the television.
      • 7. Accessories: They are not very useful, for example the Classic Controller Pro because in many games this controller is not needed.
      • 8. Not everything in the Wii is bad, there are some things that I like, such as:
      • 9. Multiplayer: You can play with a lot of people at the same time.
      • 10. Fun: You’re never still and your always moving around and it’s fun.
      • 11. Games: Some games have to do with someone's Physical fitness for example: Wii Fit
    • Number 4
    • 12. Nintendo DSi
      • The Nintendo DSi is a handheld game system created by Nintendo and released by 2008 and 2009.
      • 13. I've chosen Nintendo DSi as my 4th favourite game console for different reasons:
      • 14. Mobility : it’s very good because I can take it whereeverI want.
      • 15. Features: It has a camera, it has internet connectivity and the home screen is fun.
      • 16. Games: Some of them are very good, for example: Brain Training which stimulates the mind and fun games like Mario Bros.
      • 17. The reason why Nintendo Dsi isn’t higher on my list is because:
      • 18. Games: A lot of games don’t have as good graphics as we would like them to have in a handheld game system.
      • 19. Design: I don’t see the point of having two screens instead of one big one.
      • 20. Stylus: I don’t see the point of having to use the pen instead of using your fingers.
    • Number 3
    • 21. PlayStation Portable
      • PSP is not my favourite handheld game system console, although I like it more than Nintendo DSi because:
      • 22. Design: The screen is quite large it looks very good and it attracts you to go and play it.
      • 23. Games: The games have good graphics compared to its rival Nintendo DSi.
      • 24. Accessories:It’s got better accessories such as: the cases and memory sticks, and ithasa webcam.
      • 25. Price: It’s from £100-£150 which is not bad at all for what you get.
      • 26. Connectivity: You can buy games from your PSP without going to the shop.
      • 27. The bad things from PSP are:
      • 28. UMD discs: they are very weird because of their shape.
      • 29. Pirating: theyarelosing money because people are hacking games from the PSP, which is illegal.
      • 30. It’s not first or second because, overall, it isn’t as good as PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 which have better graphics.
    • Number 2
    • 31. Play Station 3
      PlayStation 3 is my 2nd favourite game console because:
      Resolution: The graphics are 1080p which means it has higher definition.
      Exclusive games : For example: Uncharted series, Little Big Planet, Kill zone,...etc.
      Connectivity: Free internet, built in Wi – fi, Bluetooth controller connection.
      Play Station Move: it’s good because it is interactive .
      PlayStation Store: You can download full games or demos .
      Play Station Move : although it’s interactive and fun you cannot use the controller for many games, plus they are very expensive.
      Exclusive games: they don’t sell as many copies as Xbox 360exclusive games .
      Price: Although its been reduced a bit throughout the years it’s still expensive compared to Xbox 360.
    • 32. Number 1
    • 33. Xbox 360
      Xbox 360 is my favourite game console because :
      Resolution: The graphics 1080i, which is lower than 1080p (which Ps3 has)
      Exclusive Games: For example: Gears Of War, Halo3 ....etc., which sell more than Ps3 exclusives.
      Kinect: (coming soon): consists of a camera that can recognize your movements in order to play the game (no controller is needed) .
      Price: The Xbox 360 is quite cheap.
      Bad things about Xbox 360:
      Connectivity: You have to pay to play online.
      Technical faults : Poorly made machine, it causes technical errors such as The Ring of Death, preventing you from playing the Xbox.
    • 34. Thank you for listening!