A Fantastic Week in Crete


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Helena Larriba, 1 Bachillerato EFL, Spanish School "V. Canada Blanch", London, 2009-2010

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A Fantastic Week in Crete

  1. 1. A FANTASTIC WEEK <br /> IN CRETE<br />By Elena Larriba<br />
  2. 2. First day (Thursday):<br />The first day we met in Victoria at 2:30 a.m. All of us were very tired so we did not speak a lot, and those who were speaking were angry like me...<br />In the airport we felt even more asleep, so after we checked in, we started to be very excited. On the plane... I don’t know very well what happened because I was sleeping. When we arrived at the hotel, we went to our rooms and we unpacked our suitcases. Then we went to the beach, it was the first time we saw the sea all together… the water was crystal clear although the sand was a bit strange, it seemed like a lot of small stones. We left our towels on the sand and ran to that beautiful sea. At the beginning it was cold but finally we got into the water happily. <br />That night we had dinner at the hotel and then we walked and drank some cocktails without any alcohol as our teachers had advised us. The waiter was very kind, so he let us choose the music. And finally we dared to dance. <br />
  3. 3. Second day (Friday):<br />We went to Rethymnon, the city that was near to our village. The centre was very beautiful as you can imagine in a typical Greek village: low, white houses, a lot of colourful flowers in the balconies, narrow streets, old people sitting outside, on the roads, there was a Mediterranean atmosphere. But when in the outskirts, it was very different: it was awful, as a new badly built city. <br />That day we ate a typical Cretedish: mohama.<br />We visited the port, with the restaurants’ terraces, and the sea smell. We also visited the ancient palace, which was in ruins, almost completely destroyed. <br />
  4. 4. Third day (Saturday):<br />That morning we got up very early, because we were going to go to the gorge of Samaria. It was five in the morning. Inside the bus it was quite cold. As you may well imagine, at an altitude of 1,250 metres it isn’t quite hot. That was why we couldn’t sleep well in the bus and from time to time we woke up. Finally we arrived in Samaria. Once there it was very cold and it didn’t stop raining. We knew it would rain so we took some clothes to change. But all of us were wearing shorts and t-shirts and only those who were morecautious had taken cardigans. We got horribly cold. It rained as it hadn’t rained for the last twenty years. The walk led us down a 16 kilometres slope. A boat took as to our hotel where finally we could have a shower and change our clothes.<br />
  5. 5. Fourth day (Sunday):<br />It was the first day we had a free morning which was very well-spent. We woke up late, and we went all together to the beach. There we played volleyball, talked about everything, laughed, played cards… We felt that each time we were closer and we cared more about all of us. It was a perfect morning.<br />Then we ate in the hotel, cooked by ourselves and we tested the delicatessen everyone had bought. It was so funny. <br />
  6. 6. Fifth day (Monday):<br />We went to Knosos and Heraklion with a guide. Knosos is a very old an huge temple. It had a theatre, a sanctuary, paintings… Heraklion is a city which has a very important museum. First we went to the museum. It wasn’t very big but our guide made it interminable. So she made the visit in two hours which can be visited in half an hour…In each showcase she explained every thing with a lot of details, some were very interesting but others were too much. Then the teachers led us some time to have lunch and buy some souvenirs.<br />
  7. 7. Sixth day (Tuesday):<br />After the exhausting day before, our teachers let us have a free morning, but this time we didn’t have any luck. It was cold and rainy. So in the afternoon we decided to go to Rethymnon to do our last shopping. Our teachers gave us a fantastic surprise and ordered an incredible dinner in a restaurant in the port. After that, they took us to a disco and we had a lot of fun dancing all together. It was amazing.<br />
  8. 8. Seventh day (Wednesday):<br />This day was so boring! When we woke up we packed our suitcases and got the bus to the airport. When we got there we checked in and had to wait for a long time until we could fly. Then we said goodbye and each one went home tired.<br />In our last day everybody was a little sad, because we had left a lot of memories there… One of the reasons for this sadness is that we know that two of the students who came to Crete won’t continue with us, at the Spanish London school Cañada Blanch, next year... <br />