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What is melanoma?
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What is melanoma?


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  • 1. What is melanoma?0 Melanoma is a serious and risky type of skin cancer that is an unusual growth on skin cell called melanocytes.0 Melanocyte: melanin- producing cells located in the bottom layer of the skin’s epidermis
  • 2. Can anyone get melanoma?0 People of all races and ethnicities can get melanoma, but individuals with light-colored hair, eyes and skin have a higher risk. Anyone can get melanoma.0 The rick of melanoma goes up by age.0 57 is the most common age to get diagnosis Although melanoma is more likely to occur in older people,this is a cancer that is also found in younger people. In fact,melanoma is one of the most common cancers in peopleyounger than 30.
  • 3. Signs of Melanoma0 size of the mole or if its different from the other moles that you have, like it color0 Half of the mole does not look like the other half.0 Its shape id different0 The edges of the mole are uneven, ragged or notched.
  • 4. What cause’s melanoma0 Tanning outdoors0 Using tanning beds0 Sitting under sun lamps If you tan then you shouldstop tanning especially thetanning beds.
  • 5. How common is melanoma0 Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer, but it is not the most common. Basal cells and squamous cell skin cancers occur more often the melanoma, according to the skin cancer foundation.0 In the United States, men have a higher rate of melanoma then women.
  • 6. Symptoms0 Symptoms : I. Itch II. Bleed III. Feel pain0 The main symptoms of melanoma is an unusual mole.0 There are different types of melanoma
  • 7. How to prevent melanoma0 If you have melanoma you can get it remove by getting surgery0 Doctor would want to remove all the cancer first, if the cancer did not spread then its possible for the dermatologist to remove the melanoma during an office visit.
  • 8. Risk Factors0 Sun Exposure: Exposure to the UV rays of suns damages our cellsDNA, plus the development of melanoma whenoutdoors. Be sure to wear sunscreens, even in theshade.
  • 9. Sources0 diet/51&id=665&xml=CDR62713.xml0 z/melanoma/diagnosis-treatment/melanoma-diagnosis- treatment-and-outcome0 Melanoma/DetailedGuide/melanoma-skin-cancer-risk- factors0 increase-melanoma-skin-cancer-risk.html0 english&func=show&quiz=melanoma&page=fact_sheet
  • 10. Standards0 4d Students know how specialization of cells in multicellular organisms is usually due to different patterns of gene expression rather than to differences in the genes themselves.0 10a Students know the role of the skin in providing nonspecific diseases against infection.