Do mutations affect the people with diabetes
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Do mutations affect the people with diabetes






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    Do mutations affect the people with diabetes Do mutations affect the people with diabetes Presentation Transcript

    • Do mutations affect the people with diabetes?
    • Who gets diabetes?
      • By the age of 20 most adults get diabetes, mostly children.
      • 7.1% white
      • 8.4% Asian Americans
      • 12.6% black
      • 11.8% Hispanics
      • Hispanics:
      • 7.6% Cubans
      • 13.3% Mexican American
      • 13.8% Puerto Rico
      • Women:
      • 12.6 million or 10.8% of all women aged
      • 20 years old or older have diabetes.
      • Men: 13,0 million or 11.8% of all man aged
      • 20 years old mean or older have diabetes
      • Diabetes leads to kidney disease
      • 20-74 years old can get blind if they have diabetes
      • Most diabetes have 67% of high blood pressure
      • Diabetes can cause heart disease and strokes
      • Diabetes leads up to 231,404 deaths
    • Symptoms
      • Excessive thirst and appetite
      • Unusual weight loss or gain
      • Nausea, perhaps vomiting
      • In women, frequent vaginal infections
      • In men and women, yeast infections
      • Dry mouth
      • Slow-healing sores or cuts
      • Itching skin, especially in the groin or vaginal area
    • Three main types of diabetes
      • Diabetes Type 1 - You produce no insulin at all.
      • Diabetes Type 2 - You don't produce enough insulin, or your insulin is not working properly.
      • Gestational Diabetes - You develop diabetes just during your pregnancy.
      Type 2 Type 1 Gestational diabetes
    • Different types of mutation
      • Point mutation
      • frame-shrift mutation
      • Deletion
      • Insertion
      • Inversion
    • Point mutation
      • point mutation:
      • “simple change in base”
      • Just changing “one letter”
    • Frame-shift mutation
      • More “letters” are interested or deleted just changing one “letter” changes the whole message.
      • It can replace or delete or mix the words
    • Deletion
      • DNA missing can cause frame-shift mutation. It can get rid of one “word” or the whole thing
    • Insertions
      • Extra DNA can cause frame-shift mutation and general result in a nonfunctional protein.
    • Inversion
      • DNA that is reversed
      • Small inversion may occur in a few places with a gene
      • A longer inversions occur in a chromosome
    • fun fact and source
      • yes, mutation do affect people with diabetes. Mutations creates a disease that can kill you.