Cyprus in english digenis and the crab monster


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Cyprus in english digenis and the crab monster

  1. 1. A traditional story written and illustrated by the pupils of Trimiklini Elementary School as part of the Comenius Multilateral partnership titled “Under The Same Sky” May 2011
  2. 2. A t the end of a very long river, in shady forest, a huge crabmonster was born. It´s clawswere so large that he could As soon as Digenis received the King´s message, he left what he was doing, mounted his black steed and sped towards the place. With one spur he flew over the mountains and plains and within a few minutes, he was standing before the king.chop down trees. His nostrilswere like caves and his eyes - You sent for mewere red like fire. my King? He said and bowedAt first, he raided the sheep deeply.flocks in the area and The King, feelingbecame the terror of all the shepherds. Every day, at very sad andleast one of the shepherds lost at least 12 sheep or depressed toldgoats. Digenis everything that Gradually it became even had happened bolder and started to hunt with the crab people as well. The villagers monster. wouldn´t dare cross the river - Please Digenis, I where the crab monster lived. want you to go Three srong young men, and find this crab decided to face up to the crab monster and get rid of it, said the King. monster and destroy it. So they - Your wish is my command, replied Digenis and hid themselves in ambush and rose to his feet. waited for the crab monster to Digenis mounted his steedappear. When it finally appeared, they drew their and rode off into theswords and stood in its way. wind, heading towards the crab monsters cave.As soon as the crab monster saw the three young The crab monster wasmen, it let out a deafening roar and attacked them. sitting outside its cave,The three young men froze with dear. Before they enjoying the morning sun.could react, the crab monster grabbed two of them As soon as it saw Digenis,with its claws and devoured them. it stretched its claws trying to grab him.The third young Step aside crab monster,mAn managed to you can´t scare me, saidescape and fled Digenis.towards the palace.He fell to his knees The crab monster then realised that he was upin front of the king against a brave man and replied:and told him thewhole story with - Come into my cave so that we can have somethingthe crab monster. to eat togetherImmediately the - I didn´t come here to eat and drink with you crabking sent for monster. I came to fight you and destroy youDigenis Akritas, the replied Digenis.strongest andbravest hero of the The crab monster laughed and the surroundingland. mountains shook.
  3. 3. The stepped on to ground in mortal pain while the blood slowed like aa nearby plain and river from the wound that Digenis had inflicted.the great battlebegan. Where - I admit it Digenis that you are stronger than me.Digenis struck, As a token of my recognition, take my shell andbones broke, use it as a shield. Neither sword nor spear canWhere the crab penetrate it. Having said these final words, themonster struck, crab monster passed away.blood flowed. The -earth shook and When the villagers so the crab monster dead, theythe sky blackened. regained their courage and came out of their hidingAll the people that place.lived nearbywatched the - Hurray for Digenis they shouted, filled with joy andbattle, hidden relief. They then carried Digenis on theirbehind trees and shoulders, all the way back to the palace.scared to death.Darkness begun to fall and the battle was still raging. The king welcomed Digenis with joy and thanked himDigenis felt his strength faltering. He raised his arm to for the great service he had done his country. Inthe sky and prayed with deep faith to God: honour of his victory a huge banquet was organised with all kinds of food and drinks. Everyone came to- Give me strength my Lord so that I may defeat the get a glimpse of the great hero that managed to save crab monster and save the land. the land from the crab monster.As soon as he had finished praying a large voice washeard from the sky:- Look inside your belt Digenis and you will find a sheath with a silver knife. Take it and stab the crab monster at his naval. That is his weak spot.At once, Digenis took the silver knife from it´s sheathand with a deftly move stabbed the crab monster atits naval. The crab monster screamed so loud that itwas heard throughout the island. It then fell to the