Well-Known Harvard University Attendees: Including Natalie Portman, Barack Obama, and Ken Mehlman


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It is no surprise that Barack Obama or Ken Mehlman attended Harvard looking at the success in their political careers, but some people may shock you. This is a brief presentation on well-known Harvard University Attendees as well as some background on the University itself.

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Well-Known Harvard University Attendees: Including Natalie Portman, Barack Obama, and Ken Mehlman

  1. 1. Well-Known HarvardUniversity Attendees
  2. 2. About Harvard• Harvard University is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts and was created in 1636 by the Massachusetts legislature. Harvard was the first higher education school in the United States.• It was named after it’s benefactor, John Harvard.• Radcliffe College was established in 1879 as it’s sister school, was became a prominent school for women.• Harvard is currently known as one of the best ivy league schools in the United States.• Harvard generally has about 20,000 students. This includes undergraduate, graduate, and professional students.• Harvard University is “devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, and research, and to developing leaders in many disciplines who make a difference globally.”
  3. 3. Natalie Portman• Natalie Portman not only attended Harvard, but graduated as well.• She is most known for her role in the Star Wars prequel trilogy, V for Vendetta, and Black Swan.• She enrolled in 1999 to study psychology and graduated in with her bachelors degree in 2003.
  4. 4. Ken Mehlman• Ken Mehlman is a well-known Republican politician who was the campaign manager for the successful George W. Bush reelection campaign.• Recently, he has been speaking out on civil marriage after he launched Project Right Side. This organization is trying to get more conservatives to support marriage equality.• Mehlman attended Harvard Law with Barack Obama, and received his JD in 1991.
  5. 5. Barack Obama• Barack Obama is the current, and 44th President of the United States.• Obama first graduated from Columbia University, and then went onto Harvard Law School and earned his law degree.• He has worked as a civil rights attorney in Chicago.
  6. 6. Matt Damon• Matt Damon is known The Bourne series and Good Will Hunting. He started his career writing the Good Will Hunting screenplay with his friend Ben Affleck.• Damon and Affleck both starred in this movie, which ended up being the start of a very successful career for both of them.• He attended Harvard University and studied theater from 1988 to 1992. He never graduated, because he left to pursue a career in acting.
  7. 7. Theodore Roosevelt• Theodore, more famously known as "Teddy" Roosevelt, graduated from Harvard University in 1880 and studied biology.• Afterwards, he was elected to the New York State Assembly. Here, he became the leader of the reform faction for the Republican Party.• He later on became the 26th President of the United States.