Is Private Equity Still Private? Including Kenneth Mehlman and David Marchick


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This slideshare asks the questions, "Is private equity still private?" With so many issues around the resent Republican nominee, Mitt Romney and his private equity firm Bain Capital, people started to look at private equity in a negative way. Kenneth Mehlman and David Marchick are working with the The Private Equity Growth Capital Council in order to change people's views and help them see what private equity investments can do to help the economy.

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Is Private Equity Still Private? Including Kenneth Mehlman and David Marchick

  1. 1. Is private Equity still private?
  2. 2. Quick overview of private equity• In the world of private equity, investors find funding and make investments directly into private companies or conduct buyouts of public companies.• Sometimes this can also include reshaping the companies structure, products, management, etc.• The top private equity firms are TPG Capital, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (KKR), Goldman Sachs Capital Partners, The Blackstone Group, and The Carlyle Group.
  3. 3. Is Private Equity Still Private?• When information came out about firms such as Bain Capital, which Mitt Romney co-founded, a lot of the public have viewed private equity as greedy job- stealers.• "Private equity is no longer private,” Kenneth Mehlman stated in an interview. Kenneth Mehlman works for KKR, and is working to keep the private equity name in a good light.• How does Mehlman want us to see private equity? He stated that private equity firms make financial risks that help to strengthen businesses and benefit the economy.
  4. 4. The Problem• Men and women who work in private equity are known for being shy about their investments. Many hardly talk to the media at all, especially about how the operations actually work. Romney was the same in regards to questions asked about Baine’s investments.
  5. 5. The Private EquityGrowth Capital Council• Kenneth Mehlman has been working with the Private Equity Growth Capital Council in order to fix this problem.• Lately, the group has been publishing data, as well as papers and videos that explain private equity relationships with public pensions.• Mehlman, along with David Marchick (who runs external relations for The Carlyle Group), have been credited as the two people who helped to get the PEQCC into this new beneficial phase.
  6. 6. References• CNN Money• The Carlyle Group• Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (KKR)• The Blackstone Group• Bain Capital• Kenneth Mehlman• David Marchick