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Spanish project on the d.r. (school)
Spanish project on the d.r. (school)
Spanish project on the d.r. (school)
Spanish project on the d.r. (school)
Spanish project on the d.r. (school)
Spanish project on the d.r. (school)
Spanish project on the d.r. (school)
Spanish project on the d.r. (school)
Spanish project on the d.r. (school)
Spanish project on the d.r. (school)
Spanish project on the d.r. (school)
Spanish project on the d.r. (school)
Spanish project on the d.r. (school)
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Spanish project on the d.r. (school)


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  • 1.  
  • 2.
    • Located on the island of Hispaniola
    • South-East of Florida
    • Caribbean Sea to the South
    • Atlantic Ocean to the North
    • Miami, Florida Santo Domingo = 843 miles (1357 km)
  • 3.  
  • 4.
    • Representative Democracy
      • Executive Branch
      • Legislative Branch( 2 houses- senators and deputies)
      • Judicial Branch
    • Constitution created on November 28, 1966 AND amended in 1994 and 2002
    • President
      • Leonel Fernández Reyna
      • Elected for one term of 4 years (can’t be elected consecutive terms)
    • Senators
      • 4 year term
      • 30 seats
        • One for each of the 29 provinces in the D.R. and one for the National District (which can be compared to D.C.)
    • Deputies
      • 4 year term
      • Number of deputies elected depends on the population
      • Each meber represents about 50,000 people
      • Currently 145 members  so population = 7.2 million
    • Judicial Branch
      • System of Law is Civil Law (just like France)
  • 5. MONEY
    • Peso
    • 1 Dominican Peso= .027526 U.S. dollars
    • Peso coins come in 1 and 5 pesos
    • Bills come in 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, 1000, 2000
    • Dominican Pesos symbol is RD
    • 1 Dominican peso (RD$) = 100 centavos
      • (from
    • *Most tourist destinations prefer you pay in U.S. dollars
  • 6. Natural Resources
    • Agricultural Resources
    • Sugarcane
    • Coffee
    • Cocoa
    • Tobacco
    • Rice
    • Beans
    • Potatoes
    • Corn
    • Bananas
    • Nickel
    • Bauxite
    • Gold
    • Silver
  • 7. School
    • Failure is very common
    • Ages for attendance are similar to America, except a wider range of ages of students in a class
    • Basic Subjects: math, reading, writing, science
    • Half days of school, instead of full
      • First group= morning until afternoon
    • Second group= afternoon until dinner time
    • To go to high school students must first take a test to figure out their amount of knowledge (or lack there of)  after test you need to pay to get results to show schools
    • All children required to wear uniforms
    • After high school college is an option, but the money used on transportation there and back costs more than actual classes
      • Public colleges
      • Private colleges: VERY expensive which only allows the really wealthy to go there
    • If college isn’t an interest, you can go to medical school right after high school
    • Literacy Rate: 82.1% total, 82.0% male, 82.2% female (1995 est.)
    • (from
  • 8.
    • Families are typically very close and large
    • Men have children from many different women
    • Generations of families will live in a house together
    • Father is the one with the job and wife works in the house and handles the children…Except in poorer communities, wives will clean for wealthy families to help make money
    • Children do most of the jobs around the house
    • Children don’t move out until they are married
    • In poorer areas girls get married very young
    • Life Expectancy: 71.34 male, 75.64 female (2001 est.)
      • (from
  • 9.
    • Punta Cana
      • Eastern tip of island
      • Resorts, golf courses, and beaches
    • Higuey- Basilica of Our Lady (Basilica de Nuestra Senora)
      • Center for religious activity on the island
      • Amazing architecture
    • Bahia de La Jina
      • Bay on the north coast
      • Beautiful views and very scenic
    • Cano Honde Caves
      • Amazing caves
      • Very hard to get to/ into
    • Eastern National Park
      • One of the Caribbean’s largest marine parks
      • Remote beaches
      • Caves
      • Home to amazing wildlife: Dominican birds, fish, turtles, dolphins, coral reef
    • Diego Columbus’ House
      • Christopher Columbus’ son
    • Columbus Lighthouse (Faro a Calon)
      • Monument and museum
      • Home of Columbus’ bones
  • 10. History
    • 1492- Island explored by Columbus and named La Española
    • 1496- Santo Domingo was founded (now the oldest European settlement in the Western hemisphere)
    • 1822- Haitians conquer the island
    • 1844- Juan Pablo Duarte drove them out and Dominican Republic was deemed an independent state
    • *Duarte was later named the Dominican hero of independence
    • 1861- Dominicans returned to the Spanish empire
    • 1865- Dominican independence restored
    • 1916- United States helped Dominicans form a military government
    • 1930-1961- Rafaél Leonides Trujillo Molina established a dictatorship
    • 1962- Juan Bosch elected president; first time democratically in 4 decades
      • Elections have remained democratic since
  • 11. Food
    • Lots of fresh fruits
    • Fish is widely consumed because the proximity to the sea(s)
    • Fried foods are very commonly seen (main method of cooking food)
    • Foods most eaten are beans and rice
    • Most food is cooked on stoves, but many families don’t have them so they cook over a fire
    • Traditional dish is “La Bandera”, (which mean the flag) contanes rice, beans, meat, vegetables, and fritos verdes
    • “ The Dominican Sancocho is a cooking imitative of the Spanish cocido (stew), and each region of the country has its special way of preparing it.” (
  • 12. Leah Miller
    • Foundation For Peace
    • Santo Domingo
    • January 2- August 17
    • Teaches English and works with the poorest communities in the D.R.
    • Works in the Haitian tent cities and field hospitals since earthquake
    • Has to be careful when in public
    • Runs church services in the communities
    • (there are pictures on the glogster of her service on
    • Palm and Easter Sunday)
  • 13.