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Final music ppt

  1. 1. Constantine and Mariah’s Super Epic Majorly Awesome Tribute to the Doors By Constantine and Mariah
  2. 2. YouTube
  3. 3. The Use of Metaphors Significant chord progression in m.35o Indicates the start of the party the band plans to have at the roadhouse. Vocal line descends by leap: “Ashen lady, give up your vows…”o Descent may represent temptation and loss of innocence. Harmonica responds to singer in the same part of the songo Represents the others in the roadhouse who affirm the singer’s lyricso The ashen lady should “give up [her] vows” and “save [their] city”
  4. 4. The Overall Use of MetaphorsDriving rhythm depicts bands drive to roadhouse and their racing hearts as they enjoy themselves to the fullest.Lack of chord progression could signify the band’s longing for inebriation
  5. 5. Linguistic ElementsWord Painting In the word "roll" when Morrison slides the D5 to a B4, imitating a rolling sound.o Morrison also uses extra vibrato on the word "roll" to also imitate a rolling sound. In the word "long" as the word is sustained for a long time in a tied note after descending from a B4 to an E4.
  6. 6. Image Schemas (Release of Restraint)o Meaning of the piece, lack of dynamic contrast, and Morrison’s vocal timbre relate to the image schema.o Release of restraint presented in forte portions of the songo Indicative of rowdiness, carelessness, and carefree enjoyment. o Morrison slurs words with rough, scratchy timbre.
  7. 7. Image Schemas (Enablement)o Presented in the same ways as the schema of release of restraint.
  8. 8. Image Schemas (Source, Path, Goal) Schema is characterized in the music through lack of chord progression.  Linear path through the song and to the roadhouse.
  9. 9. Image Schemas (Source, Path, Goal cont.)o Path: band plans the best route to take o “Keep your eyes on the road, your hand upon the wheel.”o Goal: the arrival at the roadhouseo Source: band wants to enjoy themselves o “Were going down to the roadhouse. Were gonna have a real good time.”
  10. 10. Musical Elementso Mode: E minor; shifts to subdominant, dominant, submediant, back to dominant, and then back to tonic.o Tempo: about 117 - Moderately fast blueso Dynamics: improvised by the singer; mezzo piano dynamic in "ashen lady" and mezzo forte in "I woke up this mornin and I got myself a beer“o Harmonies: harmonies are built around E7 chord
  11. 11. Musical Elements (cont.)o Melody: in the voice or shared between the organ and guitar.o Rhythm: common time with dotted eighth-sixteenth rhythm. Triplets are used in the main theme.o Timbre: brassy and brash vocals to mimic intoxication. Lead guitar’s timbre is growly and energetic. Blues guitar style (drawn out, extensive, raw chords)
  12. 12. Affective Character of the Piece• Danceable• Groovy• Laid back• Free
  13. 13. Performance DecisionsMorrisons stage presence Sensual, yet energetic Deeply involved with the song’s meaningTechniques from Other Band Members Relaxed, “jam band” demeanor