BlackBerry applications by SHAPE Services


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BlackBerry applications by SHAPE Services. IM+, IM+ for Skype, VR+, xPlayer, GPSed, RDM+, Mobiscope and others.

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BlackBerry applications by SHAPE Services

  1. 1. IM, Productivity & Multimedia Apps 2009
  2. 2. <ul><li>SHAPE Services is the leading cross-platform Independent Software Vendor and web-based services' provider. The company's products are sold worldwide under a broad range of categories including instant messaging, social networking, productivity, utilities, entertainment, media and LBS covering all mobile platforms: BlackBerry RIM smartphones, Windows Mobile, J2ME, Palm OS, iPhone and iPod Touch. </li></ul><ul><li>With offices in Europe, Asia and USA the SHAPE reaches a broad group of customers and end-users. Profound technical know-how and highly skilled prople bring the best applications and web services for mobiles, handhelds and PCs. SHAPE Services operates in the B2C market and has partnerships with a number of value added resellers and affiliates. Throughout the years the company's products have been preloaded on the mobiles of the leading manufacturing companies. </li></ul>Company Overview
  3. 3. SHAPE locations Headquarters: Stuttgart / Germany U.S. Headquarters: Boston / U.S. R&D offices: Odessa / Ukraine Moscow / Russia Dubna / Russia Ekaterinburg /Russia Urgench / Uzbekistan Tbilisi / Georgia
  4. 4. Supports also: iPhone and iPod Touch, Windows Mobile, Symbian, J2ME, Palm OS ‘ IM+ is the best mobile application in the world!’ All public IMs in One: New! Twitter New! Skype™ chat MSN® / Windows Live™ Yahoo!® ICQ® AIM® / iChat Jabber® Google Talk™ MySpaceIM Facebook® Chat! Connect Magazine: Integration with BlackBerry Inbox All-in-One Messenger #1 Multi-system messenger on all mobile platforms Speech recognition - available in Beta IM Push mode
  5. 5. Skype calls and chat Cost effective calls to any destination Pure phone quality, no extra delays Supports also: iPhone and iPod Touch, Symbian, Windows Mobile, J2ME, Palm OS Works outside of WiFi areas
  6. 6. Access remotely your Mac and PC computer even through NAT and Firewall Easily control and run any application remotely File Manager Supports also: iPhone and iPod Touch New! , Symbian, Windows Mobile, J2ME, Palm OS Desktop: Mac OS, Microsoft Windows NT / 2000 / 2003 / XP / Vista / 2008 Encryption
  7. 7. Watch real time webcam video stream on mobile. Live web cams Get motion detection alerts over email. Any web/IP cam support, up to 4 cams simultaneously. Supports also: iPhone and iPod Touch, Symbian, Windows Mobile, J2ME, Palm OS
  8. 8. Record your voice E-mail it in MP3 or Convert to text Share to FaceBook, MySpace and Twitter, Blogger Supports also: iPhone and iPod Touch
  9. 9. Converts DVD, Youtube, and almost all video formats for playing back on mobile with a single drag and drop mouse move! All phone models are supported! Version for PC and Mac available.
  10. 10. Mobiola xPlayer is a multimedia player for all major audio and video formats with Live Radio and Podcast support ! See the full screen video on the go, listen to live music and stay informed about the latest events from live news!
  11. 11. Map GPS tracks from mobile Pin your photos to a map right from your phone Share your position, GPS tracks and photos with friends and family Supports also: iPhone and iPod Touch, Symbian, Windows Mobile, J2ME
  12. 12. Multi-translation tool with ability to translate words and even phrases on 12 languages. Supports about 30 direction of translation. Translator+ Chinese Simplfied and Chinese Traditional. English Dutch French German Greek Italian Portuguese Russian Spanish Supports also: Symbian, J2ME
  13. 13. Automatically replace disappointing &quot;IMG000XX&quot; with easy to read custom file names when taking photos on your BlackBerry. Photo Renamer
  14. 14. VNC+ provides an easy and convenient way for administrators to take control of remote machines, to diagnose and fix problems from their mobile devices. Access computer based on Windows, Mac or Unix platforms. Virtual Network Computing Supports also: Symbian, J2ME
  15. 15. A ccess business applications from anywhere Terminal Service for Mobiles Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) client Remote server support
  16. 16. Turn your BlackBerry handheld into a high-quality web camer a!
  17. 17. Record videos for YouTube Control your BlackBerry from PC keyboard, display the phone screen, take snapshots, record video Share your screen on Skype
  18. 18. Small utility for sending SMS and emails that include the repeated information. Create a variety of Templates for each and every case of your business life.
  19. 19. Thank you! Contact information: SHAPE Services GmbH Fritz Elsas Str., 50 , D-70174, Stuttgart, Germany E-mail: [email_address] Web: