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  • 1. I scream You see a ghost…
  • 2. I run You see a lion in the street
  • 3. I think You are offered an excellent job in another country
  • 4. I talk to his Your best friend steals something in a supermarket
  • 5. I talk to him to find a solution You have an argument with your boss …
  • 6. I say she has a mistake A shopkeeper gives yoy too much change
  • 7. I buy another one You borrow and lose a CD from your friend…
  • 8. I wait the car’s owner to give an apology You accidently hit another car in a parking lot and nobody sees you…
  • 9. I say he why? You realize that a friend has lied to you…
  • 10. I say she is wrong Someone gives you the answers to an exam…
  • 11. I travel around the worl You win the lottery…
  • 12. I think what is the best option A friend asks you to be her guarantor
  • 13. I give it to the police You find a wallet with too much money and documents on the street…
  • 14. I call my mother or my best friend You lose your money on vacation…
  • 15. I explain him that it is very dangerous Your son starts smoking…
  • 16. I say him that it isn’t a good way to attend the customers A waiter in a restaurant is rude to you…
  • 17. I pay for the repair You crash your husband’s car…
  • 18. I talk to him You see your best friend´s husband with another woman…
  • 19. I call him to give an excuse You forget an oppoinment
  • 20. I go to find another You lose your job