Illegal Immigration


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This is quite an old presentation I found, made for AP History Class in Santiago Christian School during June 2007 with Miss Christy Burnett.

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Illegal Immigration

  1. 1. Illegal Immigration Maria Cristal Taveras RoblesAdvanced Placement United States History Christy Burnett June 5, 2007
  2. 2. Illegal Immigration Mexico - USMany Mexicans have been moving to or settling in the United States with theintent to remain indefinitely in violation of U.Simmigration and nationality law. How are state governments reacting and what measures are they taking against it?
  3. 3. Definition Illegal immigration refers to foreignersthat cross international borders violating immigration law of other countries by means of a better economy, social welfare, education, health care, etc.
  4. 4. Border States
  5. 5. Chicago Immigration March
  6. 6. Chicago March May 1  Organized by Jose Artemio Arreola  Over 150,000 immigrants  Immigrants United to march for: •  legalization and a path to earn citizenship for the undocumented. •  reunification of families divided by broken immigration laws •  a suspension on the immigration raids separating families •  condemn President Bushs anti-family "Z-visas"
  7. 7. The Immigration Bill Deal iswilling to pass congress, getthe president s signatureand produce a path tocitizenship for the 12 millionillegal immigrants inthe country.White Housenegotiators are5 bipartisansenators.
  8. 8.   President George W. Bush, insisted 12 million people could not be sent home.  Measure: •  Tie tough border security and workplace enforcement measures to a guest-worker program. •  Legalize the millions of illegal immigrants in US before June 1.
  9. 9. I will need 3 volunteers... 1. Current Mexican illegal in US Report to authorities, pay punishment of $5,000, go back home and come back. 2. Mexican Engineer, speaks English (5pt) 3. Mexican Nurse, does t speak English (3pt)
  10. 10. AMNESTY  Immigrants that come here LEGALLY are welcomed with open arms, but any person that, as their first act, commits a crime by entering our country ILLEGALLY should not be rewarded for it, because if they cannot respect the very first law of entering this country, how on earth do we expect them to respect ANY of our laws.
  11. 11. Why isn t it considered amnesty? People have to qualify, they have to pay a fine, there is no automatic path to citizenship... There is no guarantee that they will get their legal status...
  12. 12. Pre-condition for Plan  Employers should assure legal employees.  Clear Rules  Technology developed* In case of people trying to get around the system, they will risk being deported and not able to use the system again.
  13. 13. Illegal Worker s Opinion  Will it be possible to come back?  How much will it cost going back and forth?  After returning to Mexico, what will happen to our jobs?
  14. 14. Paul McGuire Radio Talk Show Host  Administration of Hoover •  Great Depression, 1930s •  Worried about jobs / Wealth •  Deport 2 million immigrants  Eisenhower •  1954 - American Veteran s return from Korean War and World War II •  Deported 1,000,000 illegal immigrants * difference in both that one was concerned of American citizens, the other illegal immigrants.
  15. 15. Democratic Presidential Debate Sunday, June 3rd  Democratic candidates for next years U.S. presidential election highlighted their differences on the war in Iraq and other issues in a televised debate Sunday evening in the northeastern state of New Hampshire.
  16. 16. ConclusionI think the best decision would be to proceed in passing the Bill legislation, even though it would take some time to be adjusted and secure the borders. I guess many will try to get around with the system, and get deported. In any other way, if they decide to deport the millions of illegals, I think within time they will come back, and deportation might even cause a big impact in economy. Give Time to Time
  17. 17. Bibliography illegal-immigrants.html mexico/