Nourish Brands Overview


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An overview of Nourish Brands and the way we work to drive growth for food and beverage brands.

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Nourish Brands Overview

  1. 1. An introduction of who we are and how we help you grow
  2. 2. Nourish: to cause or help to grow
  3. 3. Nourish: what we believe What you eat and drink out of home you will one day consume within your home. We work with brands and businesses across both sectors.
  4. 4. What is Nourish? A marketing and business consultancy that specialises in the food and beverage industry. We work with consumer product and hospitality businesses, to help them identify opportunities for growth and then develop ways to deliver that growth. What are we good at? Consumer brand growth Helping you to define your brand platform ie. What your brand stands for and then bringing this to life in a way that drives sales. Your brand platform can come to life in many ways, whether it be developing new product / service ideas, new ways of taking products to market or advertising and marketing campaigns. Hospitality business growth We work with you to understand how your venue works or doesn’t, then help you to deliver a positive return. We can help you understand and establish your cost of goods, create your menu, staff training and recruitment criteria, venue design and fit-out.
  5. 5. Our business exists to help you grow yours It’s that simple Working with us We help you drive growth by developing ideas, You won’t find us in a big office with people sitting it might be a new product idea, a brand idea or a around waiting to be allocated a client’s job. This is marketing idea. because we believe in matching the right team of people to work on your brief. Once we understand your needs we hand select the ‘best in breed’ creative minds to work exclusively on your project. This approach helps us keep our overheads down, so you can get the top end of town people, without the top end of town prices.
  6. 6. Who we like to work with to grow your business We have developed working relationships with the following independent agencies who are experts in their field. In addition we are happy to work with your own stable of specialist partners. Business strategy Culture Brand Design Publicity and PR Brand strategy Identity Packaging Design Entertainment experts New product development Organisational Design Structural Design Campaign development Campaign management Trade marketing Project management   AdNews 2009 Experiental B&T 2009 Experiental 2009 Cool Company agency of the year agency of the year Awards, Top 50 Coolest Sampling Experiential environments BRW 2010 Fast Starters Events Trade shows Qualitative research Promotions Quantitative research Youth marketing
  7. 7. How we grow our minds Nourish Global Food Tour 2010 | Singapore | Sri Lanka | Morocco | Prague | Italy | France | New York Each year we head off around the world to experience first hand what’s happening in food and beverage. This year we came back with 5 key insights, we use these to help our clients develop ideas that will be on trend. 1. The Community of Food 2. Twist on the familiar 3. Once upon a time 4. Be my guest 5. ‘Friends’ as guiding lights
  8. 8. 3 things we do really well Create Create Create new brands or new product marketing reposition ideas campaigns existing ones
  9. 9. Increased sales by 60% and built the brand with a magazine campaign M OST TEAS COME IN A BAG. C HAI M Y GREEN TEA I ’VE MARRIED I PREFER F A NC Y A SO SULTRY, IT EVEN HAS A SPRINKLE WHITE TEA AND ROSE. A SILK PURSE. POD WEARS SILK. OF FAIRY DUST. HOW ROMANTIC. OF TEA? I prefer to slip my spicy chai into something It’s a magical story. First, I gather my favourite When the pot is just too much fuss, try my loose leaf tea, grown in the remote Jiangxi I’ve paired rare Peony White tea with a unique infuser pods. Unlike ordinary bags, a little sexier than just any old paper tea bag. scattering of rose petals to create my exquisitely these delicate silky pouches allow room for the This sensual blend deserves my silken province. Then, in the cool of evening, I fold in fragrant new blend. The scent is subtle, Paper? Never. I choose to accessorise with my unique silken ‘infuser pods’. longer loose leaves to unfurl and release their thousands of delicate jasmine buds. And wait. ‘infuser pod’where the cinnamon, cardamom, Not only gorgeous, they are designed to release the full flavour and aroma of my Overnight, an exquisite transformation occurs. the flavour just a hint sweeter, the health-giving distinctive flavour and aroma. Never one to settle fennel, ginger, plus a daring dash of Gippsland antioxidants extraordinarily rich. One bud for the usual, I’ve also made Earl Grey a little The dry tea coaxes the moist buds open, longer leaf blends, all hand-picked from my favourite boutique estates. Mountain Pepper leaf can intermingle and release and two leaves are hand-picked, then ever so more colourful with a dash of homegrown releasing their heavenly fragrance. Miraculous. their heady scent. It’s the perfect warming cup gently dried in the mountain sun before being Why fuss with a pot when you can enjoy a pod? Try new White with Rose, Lemon Myrtle. Really, he’s a new man. Experience it for yourself brewed to aromatic for any time of the day. So if you like Chai tea you lovingly united in my unique silken ‘infuser pods’. available in August. Subtle and romantic, it’s the perfect match of delicacy Visit and discover my perfection in my unique silken‘infuser pods’. will love my Sultry Chai. For more of my range, Ah, the perfect match of delicacy and pure luxury. intriguing Chai and Green Tea blends. Visit me at for more. and pure luxury. For more about my range, visit today. visit Visit me at for stockist details. Find me in Woolworths, Safeway and selected Independent stores. MF 012 MF 013 F MF 007 New White with R h Rose. Available for your convenience at Woolworths, Woolwor Available in selected Safeway, Woolworth vailable Safeway Woolworths Available in August. ust s Available for your convenience at Woolworths, able Woolwor Woolw MF 014 Available f your convenience at W l th il bl for i t Woolworths, Woolwort Safeway and selected independent stores. and Independent supermarkets from August. Safeway and selected independent stores. Safeway and selected independent stores.
  10. 10. A straight forward approach to developing your brand strategy Through a one day workshop we work with you to develop your brand strategy. In some cases there isn’t enough information within the business to develop the right insights for a robust strategy to be developed. We work with you to research your market and seek out the answers we need. Once the brand strategy is agreed, it becomes the foundation for all activities and delivers consistency. What we stand for — Brand Essence How it feels to use the product Product Consumer Emotional & what we communicate — Benefit Benefit Benefit The product components — Product Attributes How we act — Values Personality
  11. 11. Creating marketing communication campaigns Communication comes in many forms, it might be a TVC, a consumer promotion, packaging or even a hot air balloon. We look to answer 4 questions to inform the creative brief. If we get the answers to these questions right, the campaign is going to deliver growth for your business. Who do What do What will Where do we need we want we want inspire them to be active to to talk to? them to do? to do it? achieve this?
  12. 12. The way we create new product ideas 1 2 3 4 5 Set your Generate Develop a Reality Refine & Innovation Ideas Product Check Launch Compass Proposition 5 step product development process There is no fool proof way to develop new product ideas and to take them to market. Using a disciplined, yet not a drawn out process increases your chances for success.
  13. 13. What clients say about us “Maria Crews worked with me personally on the Don brand in her role as Group Account Director for George Patterson Y&R. So highly did I regard her contribution that I insisted that she play an ongoing advice role for Don after she left the agency. Maria is a confident and articulate thinker with the ability to actively link consumer insight and brand development. I found her an invaluable strategic resource with a deep insight on brand strategy and the various elements of the marketing mix. She was personally instrumental in leading and developing the new Don brand molecule and played a pivotal role throughout our strategic planning process. On a personal level, I regard Maria as one of the most hard working and talented people that I have had the pleasure of working with and would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her to anybody who had need of her expertise.” Sean Hallahan, Marketing Director, DON KRC a Division of George Weston Foods “Maria has the rare ability to channel her considerable strategic talent into a tailored solution for any business. She is a great listener and takes the time to fully understand the unique characteristics of the issue. This approach consistently leads to a high quality outcome with the minimum of effort on both sides. Maria is also incredibly versatile in that she operates just as well with blue sky ideas, innovation, and big picture strategy as she does with micro detail required for project delivery. She adds great value at all levels, and she is not afraid of hard work and can always be trusted to deliver any job on time on budget.” Phil Bowden, Marketing Manager, Old el Paso
  14. 14. A little bit about Maria Maria Crews, Director With a career spanning fifteen years consulting to many of Australia’s most famous brands Maria is an expert in marketing and communications. If you can read it, eat it, drink it, fly in it or watch it, she has probably worked on it! Spending most of her career with George Patterson, one of Australia’s oldest advertising agencies Maria has now establisher her own agency. Her passion is for understanding a client’s business and turning this into marketing strategies that drive a result for her clients. This has led to many of her strategies and campaigns adding millions of dollars to the bottom line of her client’s business. Maria has won AMI awards for best brand campaign for Arnott’s Shapes and best new product launch for Kettle Sensations. In addition BRW magazine listed Kettle Sweet Potato as one of their hit new products. She has also spoken at both national and international marketing conferences. Maria has a Bachelor of Business, an MBA and is currently undertaking a Doctorate of Business in the area of Innovation. Maria has worked with the following clients: Optus Vision — launching Pay TV in Australia, Fosters Australia, Ansett Australia & Ansett International — crisis management of the 747 Fleet grounding, Myer Grace Bros, Woman’s Day, Arnott’s Snackfoods & Arnott’s Biscuits, State Library of NSW, Starlight Foundation, General Mills — Patak’s, Old el Paso, Betty Crocker & Latina Pasta, Don Smallgoods, City of Melbourne, Melbourne Racing Club, Allanah and Madeline Foundation, Sportsco, National Foods, Tetley Tea, Melway, Anglicare, Sony BMG, Austereo — MMM & Today, State Government of Victoria — Department of Education, National Gallery of Victoria, Tetley Tea and Madame Flavour, Snowy Mountain Water.
  15. 15. A little bit about Nicholas Nicholas Burgess, Director Nicholas brings a hospitality perspective to Nourish with over 20 years experience running some of Melbourne’s iconic restaurants, bars and venues. Including Pearl (leading the team that helped gained Pearl it’s two hat status), Etihad Stadium / Corporate and most recently establishing the new The Sandringham Yacht Club, (where Nicholas is currently under contract), with a fine dining restaurant, members bar, 300 seat function room and an intensive major events calendar. Nicholas knows the industry from the owners side too, having created his first restaurant at age 21 ‘Sweet Jamaique’ in Richmond and followed up several years later with the still hip Blue Bar in Chapel Street.
  16. 16. A sample of our creative team Mel Coenen-Eyre, Writer Mark Summerville, Producer Mel is an award-winning senior copywriter who loves With over 25 years of shooting around the world, building and sustaining brands. working across TVCs and Print, Mark has produced almost anything you can name. She began her career as a high school drama teacher, but soon jumped ship to the world of advertising where she Mark Summerville spent 18 years as the Head of TV & felt she could shape minds in a different way! Over the Print at Leo Burnett Hong Kong, Tokyo and Sydney. He years, she has worked on some of our most celebrated also spent 4 years at George Paterson Sydney as Head and iconic brands, including Arnott’s Tim Tam, Vita Weat of TV working across many famous Australian Brands. and Mint Slice, Lovable lingerie, Olay moisturiser, Mark now runs his own consultancy for TVC, Print and Old El Paso, McDonald’s, Volkswagen, Toyota, Hyundai, Digital production and has worked for many top agency Westfield and BIG W. throughout Australia. She has worked at some of Australia’s powerhouse As a Producer the word “impossible” is not agencies including George Patterson, DDB, Saatchi & something he is familiar with, wrap this up with excellent Saatchi and Lowe Sydney. Her work has been recognised budget control and anything is possible. internationally by Cannes with 2 Silver Lions and many finalists, as well as the One Show and Clio Festivals, and locally at AWARD.
  17. 17. A little bit about our food, social media & PR team Ed Charles, Journalist and Food Blogger Jim Lee, Photographer to the stars Angela Ceberano, Publicist Ed Charles, is a Melbourne-based freelance For over 20 years Australia’s elite have turned to For the last 8 years Angela has been the journalist and is prolific in the social media Jim Lee to capture the special moments at their National Publicity Manager for Sony Music. space. social and corporate events. Working directly with talent and every major In 2005 he started the Tomato blog, which has Specialising in celebrity events, Jim knows the media outlet in Australia Angela knows who to now become one of the top 10 food blogs in who’s who better than anyone in Australia. pitch a story to, how to pitch it and then make Australia and one of the best read and most sure it runs. influential in Melbourne. Often the official photographer for many of Melbourne’s most iconic events Jim can be relied Angela also specialises in image management Ed splits his time writing about business and upon to capture those magic moments in a way and media training, so she will make sure you food and drink for a mix of daily newspaper that will be relevant for the editorial teams of look the part and stay on message when sections, magazines and websites. Australia’s leading lifestyle media. engaging with the media. Ed is an expert at guiding organisations through the social media minefield and developing practical plans that work in this unruly world where the crowd can be unpre- dictable.
  18. 18. Want to know more about how we can help you grow your business? Maria Crews, Director, Nourish Brands email: Twitter: @mariacrews mobile: 0411 237 216