Introducing nourish brands 2012


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Nourish Brands 2012 Agency Introduction. A snapshot of some of our latest work, our team and some of our latest work

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Introducing nourish brands 2012

  1. 1. : to cause or help grow your businessWe are Nourish BraNds. some of the brands we are helping to grow:We work with our clients to help them acer Group (aopen)grow their business. dora Men’s Wedding rings dandelionWith a core team of thinkers, creative folk Fitzroviaand account managers, we work out what you Fujistuneed to do to grow your business and then La Zuppamake it happen. Lavazza Coffee Madame Flavour Teait is that simple. Mastersoft Meat and Livestock australiaWhilst we are a small core team, we grow in size Moira Macs Chickento deliver on each client project. For us we prefer Myfoodbookto work out what you need and then build the sandringham Yacht Clubkiller team to deliver. We work this way as we stalactitesknow every client and every client challenge is Tetley Teadifferent. This approach keeps our overheads down Trollbeadstoo, which is passed onto you as better value True North Cruisesfor money. Vix Technology Vixtelafter all it is your money not ours.We work with all kinds of businesses andcan do everything from marketing strategyto advertising and design.
  2. 2. : the way we do businessWhilst Nourish may be a relatively No surprises – whether it be a change in cost, timeline, meeting time or just what wenew business, our team are by no means will be presenting, we believe in keeping our clients informed about what is going to to delivering for and delighting Any surprise we give you will be a nice one!our clients. it’s your moNey Not ours – as your agency we are entrusted to spend your money.We believe to be able to do this, We are always conscious of this and will seek out efficient ways to resource projects andwe need to behave in a certain way. also seek multiple quotes to make sure your money is going as far as it can. traNspareNcy – we expect to know a lot about your business and in return will do the same for you with ours. With a policy of having a standard mark up external supplier costs and are more than happy to open up our books for you to know where we make our money. We WoN’t alWays say yes – we are nice people and we aim to please, but if we said yes to everything that was asked of us in the long run you would end up with advertising and campaigns that were not as good as they can be. So, whilst we won’t agree to do everything you ask of us, we will always listen to your concerns to work out a way to address them. you doN’t pay to traiN our staff – we don’t believe that you should pay to train our staff, so we engage only senior people to work on our client’s accounts. Yes they cost a little more per hour, but deliver faster and use their experience to make sure things don’t go wrong.
  3. 3. : delivering integrated communications We believe spending some time upfront understanding and defining what your business, then your brand needs saves you money in the long run. From a defined brand platform we can roll out integrated communications across any touch point that the business and brand needs to deliver in. structured thinking gets us thereVisioN ideNtity culture products BraNdsThe core elements of the The symbols that express The way we work together, The products, services The behaviours andbusiness, including its vision, including its voice, including its processes, and experiences that communications thatpurpose, mission, values visual presentation, organisational structure, give you competitive convert vision, identity,and strategies personality and character relationships and language advantage culture and products into customer value esseNce emotioNal BeNefit Defining what the business stands for and how it behaves drives ratioNal BeNefit everything we do persoNality Values
  4. 4. : approach to innovation ovATIon co p proD n elo uc 5r eFIne & In m p ev T p lA u r D u 3 A n ro o SS ch TY po SI1 Se T Io n 2 en 4r G er eA l ck ATe IDeAS ITY che Too often innovation projects jump straight into the wacky fun stage of brainstorming and idea generation. We believe in doing a bit more work upfront before leaping into idea generation. This upfront work covers everything from understanding your culture and appetite for innovation through to identifying the white space in the market. It might take a little longer, but we know from experience we can deliver a better outcome for your business.
  5. 5. : core team biosmaria creWs sophie fultoN Jef taN mark summerVilleFounDer & DIrecTor AccounT eXecuTIve creATIve DIrecTor proDucerWith a career spanning fifteen business and turning this product launch for kettle Sophie is a recent entrant Jef is a dynamic creative With over 25 years of shootingyears consulting to many into marketing strategies that Sensations. into the world of marketing professional with 15 years around the world, workingof Australia’s most famous drive a result for her clients. In addition BrW magazine and advertising. recently of online and offline media across Tvcs and print, markbrands maria is an expert This has led to many of her list kettle Sweet potato as graduating from melbourne experience spanning brand has produced almost anythingin marketing, branding and strategies and campaigns one of their hit new products. university with a Bachelor of management, art direction you can name.communications. If you can adding millions of dollars to maria has a Bachelor of commerce / Bachelor of Arts, and creative communication mark Summerville spent 18read it, eat it, drink it, fly in it the bottom line of her client’s Business, an mBA and is where she achieved 15 first strategy. Skilled in Tv, print years as the head of Tv &or watch it, she has probably business. currently undertaking a class honours, Sophie is a and web production work print at leo Burnett hongworked on it! maria has won AmI awards Doctorate of Business in the rising star in the industry. processes and experienced kong, Tokyo and Sydney.her passion is for for best brand campaign for area of Innovation. in maximising production her obsession with detail and he also spent 4 years atunderstanding a client’s Arnott’s Shapes and best new skills for efficient project delivery is second to none George paterson Sydney as management and maintaining making her one to be relied head of Tv working across high standards. versatilemaria has worked with the following clients: upon to get things on time many famous Australian and resourceful in problem and on budget. Brands. mark now runs his solving.— optus vision – launching — General mills — national Foods own consultancy for Tvc, pay Tv in Australia – patak’s, old el paso, — happy Baby Betty crocker & latina pasta Jef has worked in the middle print and Digital production— Fosters Australia — herbert Adams — Don east, Asia and Australia and and has worked for many— Ansett Australia & Ansett — melway International – including the — city of melbourne is adept in solutions-neutral top agency throughout crisis management of the — Anglicare — melbourne racing club creative spaces including Australia. As a producer 747 Fleet grounding — Sony BmG — Austereo social media ideation, strategy the word “impossible” is not— myer Grace Bros — madame Flavour – mmm and Today network and planning. Jef would something he is familiar with,— Woman’s Day — Department of education — Tetley Tea like to take his talent and wrap this up with excellent— Arnott’s Snackfoods – State Government — meat and livestock experience and bring it to budget control and anything (kettle, rIX) & Arnott’s of victoria Australia Biscuits (Brand, Shapes, your table. Jef has worked is possible. — national Gallery — la Gina vitaWeat, Sweet portfolio) with microsoft, nike, cussons, — Allanah and madeline — Sirena Tuna— State library of nSW Foundation — vix Technology pfizer, madame Flavour— Starlight Foundation — Sportsco — Dora rings amongst others.
  6. 6. : core team biosroB morrisoN JaNe WoNG toNy aNaNiadis aNGela ceBeraNoSenIor WrITer AnD DIrecT mArkeTInG SpecIAlIST DIGITAl, SocIAl meDIA STrATeGY AnD communITY mAnAGemenT FInISheD ArTIST, DIrecTor reToucher AnD - FlourISh pr pAckAGInG SpecIAlISTIn his 20 years in the direct creative Jury in 2002 and in With over 20 years experience Government and nGo’s, Tony has worked in the design Flourish pr is our in-housemarketing industry rob 2005 traveled to cannes as in Advertising and marketing, pharmaceutical and health, and packaging industry for sister company who specialisehas written clutter-busting, Australia’s only creative judge my expertise covers Strategic Travel and hotels, real estate over 20 years. With a passion in public relations and events.response-driving work across on the Direct lions jury. plus planning, creative Direction, and oil companies. for the detail he is driven Angela has worked in publicthree continents. his work he is unusual among his peer Art Direction and Writing. She helps clients establish by delivering perfection in relations for the last decade,in canada, england and group in that he’s the proud multi-platform campaigns are inhouse social media artwork. This means that gaining invaluable experiencehere in Australia has earned owner of a marketing Degree. a logical extension of how she departments, social media anything he shows you can and contacts throughouthim the reputation of being he’s adamant there’s no point thinks. governance and protocols. seamlessly transfer in the the industry. Angela hasone of this countries best in brilliant creative if the work She dwells in the digital Jane offers long and short printed end product. having extensive experience increatives. And his history is not strategically sound. space, living and breathing term social strategies by spent over 7 years at cowan entertainment pr, workingof putting languishing Social media. her online identifying user benefit Design made him an expert for almost seven years ascreative departments back social networking & mobile oriented social platforms, in packaging finished artwork. national publicity managerinto the spotlight means marketing experience started that can be effective in This skillset he applies to our at Sony music entertainment.he’s also rated as one of more than 10 years ago. In building businesses, adding packaging and print projects. She has worked with andAustralia’s best creative planning she prefers not value as a networking represented the biggest andDirectors. rob has spent a merely to follow traditional connector, experienced the best, both locally andsubstantial part of his career media silos but to find facilitator and brainstorm internationally. Angela has anon telecommunications clients the best solution for each leader. She is a quick learner, incredible eye for style andhaving done nearly 6 years business proposition. consume information faster is passionate about brandingon optus, 3 years on Telstra, than average and disseminate and image consultation. Jane’s extensive account2 years on FoXTel plus time it quickly. This allows her Angela prides herself on her experience is broadlyon 3mobile, Bigpond and to take multiple disparate reputation. her core values covered by: FmcG, retail,amaysim. he’s the owner of elements and use them to are based on honesty and Financial, Insurance andover 40 local and international determine the future zeitgeist. integrity. Angela has a Telecommunications Services,direct marketing awards. rob Bachelor of communications Fashion, Food and Beverage,was chairman of the ADmA (public relations).
  7. 7. understanding consumers drove industry growth chAllenGe: mlA like most marketers were torn between using new and old media to connectwith their consumers. By finding the answer to this question mlA would be able to sharpen their marketing efforts and use these insights to drive industry growth. Solution: The most comprehensive study conducted in Australian to understand whichmedia had the most influence over what Australians cooked for dinner each night. The insights were then turned into a book that was launched to the food industry – both positioning mlA as a thought leader and creating opportunities for partnerships which are driving sales of red meat in Australia.
  8. 8. An Illuminating way to engage retailers Challenge: every year rJ Scanlan would send a newsletter to their 300 retailers,this year we wanted to create something that would have a bit more longevity. Solution: ‘Illuminate’ the magazine. This mini magazine was able to bring to life the campaigns and tips and tricks for the retailers to get them excited for the year ahead.
  9. 9. M OST T EAS COME IN A B A G. I PREFE R A SILK PUR SE . Paper? Never. I choose to accesso Not only rise with gorgeous, my unique they are des silken ‘inf aroma of igned to gen user pods’ my longer tly release . leaf blends, the flavour boutique all hand-p and estates. Try icked from new White my favourit it’s the per tea with Ros e fect match e, subtle and my range, of delicac romantic, visit mad y and pur ameflavour e luxury. For more Safeway and .com. Fin about selected Ind d me in Col ependent es, Woolw stores incl orths, uding Ritc hie’s. MF 033A madame, an infuser pod and 100% sales growth every year Challenge: The tea category is highly competitive and dominated by large multinational players, as a start up brand madame Flavour needed to stand out. With a unique product format and interesting blends we were half way there, the challenge become letter consumers know about her, especially as we were being outspent 100:1. D Solution: ARRIE I’ VE M E TEA personify madame Flavour in our communications and take inspiration WHIT from the packaging to create cut through communications. A combination O S E. AND R I C. of advertising and sampling done in a gorgeous and engaging way have MANT helped to drive sales growth of 100% each year and the brand is now H OW R O s to create sold in Australia and around the world. y with a sca W hite tea The scent is sub rose petal ttering of the flavour just tle, rily rich. a rare Peon nd. raordina I ’ve paired ly fragrant new ble ng antioxidants ext re luxury. exquisite alth-givi and pu licacy my er, the he tch of de hint sweet rfect ma Ah, the pe arkets. Superm in Coles new blend. m April nch of my nd and fro te the lau A, Foodla offer to celebra chies, IG cial olw orths, Rit al code for a spe site for details. le at Wo motion 0. See web blends availab enter ROSE pro ires March 30, 201 Selected and r exp Special offe dameflavou Visit ma MF 017
  10. 10. Doing to your office phonewhat Apple did to your mobile Challenge: The telecommunications category is dominated by the big three – Telstra, optus and vodafone, none of whom really deliver anything innovative for the small business operator. vixtel needed to created a new offer and make it easy to sell to small business. Solution: We developed new branding, packaging, website, sales tools and a video that made it easy to understand for non-technical people. The office phone that gets smarter by the day. one that Th e office ph the day. smartet by. gephon e tha r e ts y The offic er by the da mart gets s that hone ffice p e day. The o arter by th get s sm that one he day. e ph t offic rtat by . r The snea h e day mt
  11. 11. Transforming the way you connect making technology Level 1, 121-127 High Street Prahran VIC 3181 Phone: 1300 VIX-TEL Fax: 1300 VIX-FAX easy to sell Transforming Vixtel Pty Ltd the way you Level 1, 121-127 High Street Prahran VIC 3181 Phone: 1300 VIX-TEL Fax: 1300 VIX-FAX connect ABN: 93 135 358 020 A new sales team has been put in place at vixtel and they needed to have easy to use and sell from sales collateral. Introducing a simple steps based process to explain product offers has delivered easy to use sales tools. Transforming Vixtel Pty Ltd Level 1, 121-127 High Street Prahran, VIC 3181 the way you Phone: 1300 VIX-TEL Fax: 1300 VIX-FAX connect ABN: 93 135 358 020 Four great plans to choose from Managing staff mobile phones, plans and billing can be a nightmare. Our business consultants can provide you with a range of solutions that will take this headache away. We provide you: ❱ Customised reporting options ❱ Handset upgrade options ❱ Business data packages ❱ Consolidated and cost centre ❱ A variety of capped and tariff ❱ Advice on data and voice roaming invoicing based plans cost minimisationTerry Crews Rohan Doyle Transforming David Sims Transforming Transforming Transforming Transforming a Operations Manager Chief Financial OfficerLevel 1, Level 1, the way you Level 1, the way you Business Mobile Phone Plans Level 1, the way you the way you the way you121-127 High Street PrahranVIC 3181 121-127 High Street Prahran VIC 3181 connect 121-127 High Street Prahran VIC 3181 connect VIC 3181 connect 121-127 High Street Prahran Choose your plan, then choose from 2 different phones connect Samsung Galaxy Nokia E5 Nokia C7-00 Blackberry Pearl connect Motorola MB300 What’s included HTC Aria Blackberry Bold Sony Vivaz Step 1: Step 2: Cap Amount Included Calls Included in the CapPhone: 1300 VIX-TEL Phone: 1300 VIX-TEL Phone: 1300 VIX-TEL Phone: 1300 VIX-TEL Choose your plan Choose your phoneFax: 1300 VIX-FAX Fax: 1300 VIX-FAX Fax: 1300 VIX-FAX Fax: 1300 VIX-FAX $29 Cap Samsung Galaxy $29 per month $150 per month SMS, WAP, or Nokia E5 GPRSDirect: + 61 3 9095 2003 Direct: + 61 3 9095 2072 Direct: + 61 3 9095 2021 Nokia C7-00 SMS, WAP,Mobile: 0429 007 001 Mobile: 0424 225 100 Mobile: 0414 555 645 $49 Cap or Blackberry Pearl $49 per month $330 per month Motorola MB300 SMS, WAP, $79 Cap or HTC Aria $79 per month $630 per month $129 Cap Blackberry Bold $129 per month $129 per month SMS, WAP, 2GB Data or Sony Vivaz Data Bolt-On Plan Usage Guide Price Per Month To increase your value 1,700 mobile Internet pages even further, select 25MB 6,120 emails 2,100 searches $4.99 a data bolt-on plan. ($29, $49, $79 only). 13,800 mobile Internet pages 200MB 40,000 emails 17,000 searches $9.99 34,000 mobile Internet pages 500MB 100,000 emails 42,000 searches $14.99 69,000 mobile Internet pages 1GB 200,000 emails 84,000 searches $19.99 Switch to Vixtel today. 1300 VIX-TEL (849-835) Transforming the way you connect CONDITIONS: Contract: 24 month. Excluded calls: International, International Roaming, Special Numbers (eg. 1900). Cancellation fee: Monthly cap amount x remaining months x 50%. Vixtel mobile services are carried on the Optus network.
  12. 12. Selling men’s wedding rings to men via women chAllenGe: Find a way to sell wedding bands to an audience that really is just not that interested in anything leading up to their wedding. Solution: It’s a well known fact that in the lead up to their wedding men are pretty clueless about the details, leaving it to their fiancé to handle. playing on this insight the campaign we developed brings to life that he knows nothing about his wedding but will know which ring he wants.The campaign has helped to grow sales at a time when the industry is flat.