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The Zanon Group 2010 Pdf
The Zanon Group 2010 Pdf
The Zanon Group 2010 Pdf
The Zanon Group 2010 Pdf
The Zanon Group 2010 Pdf
The Zanon Group 2010 Pdf
The Zanon Group 2010 Pdf
The Zanon Group 2010 Pdf
The Zanon Group 2010 Pdf
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The Zanon Group 2010 Pdf


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An overview of the work we do....

An overview of the work we do....

Published in: Business, Education
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  • 1. An Overview of The Zanon Group<br />And the Work We Love to Do<br />
  • 2. A team with over a century of experience and expertise, the Zanon Groupbrings to companies an effective Sales Execution Success System. This system enables a company to scale their business to all desired levels of growth, while consistently hitting revenue targets from the salesperson, market or region right on up thru the corporate level.<br /> <br /> Zanon Group can help eliminate the headaches of erratic sales results, choppy profitability and take the guesswork out of building a powerful and professional sales organization. Whether working with an existing team or starting from scratch, Zanon Group will define and orchestrate revenue generation success systems, models, strategies and tactics to rapidly increase our client’s revenue.<br /> <br />Who is The Zanon Group?<br /> <br />It is our mission to deliver to you this service in an effective and highly efficient manner through our assistance in the hiring, training, and rollout to final execution. We leave knowledge-transfer and documentation behind allowing our clients to independently continue execution in a short period of time.<br /> <br />Once we have defined and deployed our Sales Execution Success System, theZanon Group can extend the engagement to monitor ongoing results, enhance active management and refine the success system to deliver consistent long-term results. <br />
  • 3. Create success in all these areas<br />What we do<br />Client <br />Management <br />Sales<br />Execution<br />Sales <br />Process<br />Lead<br />Generation<br />Offering &<br />Messaging<br />The Sales Continuum<br />Target Market<br />We can begin work in one area and grow with you as your needs expand<br />
  • 4. <ul><li>Breaking into new markets
  • 5. Generating new go to market offerings
  • 6. Creating stability in dynamic circumstances
  • 7. Maximizing existing client base
  • 8. Sales people are not at quota
  • 9. Getting to the real decision maker
  • 10. Lack of qualified opportunities
  • 11. Long sales cycles
  • 12. Need accelerated sales growth
  • 13. Technical people and non-sales people lack of sales knowledge</li></li></ul><li>Our Clients<br />:)aptiumllc<br />
  • 14. Our Services<br /><ul><li>Sales productivity and scalability
  • 15. Process analysis and definition
  • 16. Sales Methodology
  • 17. Opportunity Analysis
  • 18. Go to market services
  • 19. Target market analysis
  • 20. Offering definition
  • 21. Messaging for sales execution
  • 22. Lead generation
  • 23. Sales best practices
  • 24. Execution Services
  • 25. Implementing revenue programs
  • 26. Inside and field sales optimization
  • 27. Leadership and coaching
  • 28. Sales execution training
  • 29. Best practices
  • 30. How do we compete?
  • 31. How do we win?
  • 32. Sales force automation & technologies
  • 33. How to choose the right system for you
  • 34. Maximizing Investment </li></li></ul><li>Our Methodology<br /><ul><li>Phase 1 – Goal Setting – We work with our clients to understand short and long term range revenue goals and challenges
  • 35. Phase 2 – Gather Data & Information – We research and identify the current state and confirm understanding of future desired results
  • 36. Phase 3 – Checkpoint – We prototype multiple scenarios to confirm our understanding before we proceed
  • 37. Phase 4 – Workshop – We design a group workshop to gather additional information, communicate ideas and transfer knowledge in a live environment.
  • 38. Phase 5 – Deliverable – We provide detailed documentation of all best practices, processes and programs uncovered during our work for your company, sales force and other stakeholders as required.
  • 39. Phase 6 – Implementation – We work closely with our clients to make sure they see results and execute properly </li></ul>Client<br />
  • 40. Create success in all these areas<br />What to Expect from The Zanon Group<br /><ul><li> Customized and innovative executable programs, training and solutions to revenue generation challenges
  • 41. Increase productivity
  • 42. Shortened sales cycles
  • 43. Higher win ratios
  • 44. Custom designed sales processes to win more business
  • 45. Commitment to tangible, measurable results
  • 46. Strong, lasting leadership and coaching</li></li></ul><li>Bio and Contact Information<br />Maria has over twenty years of experience formulating and implementing successful strategic business plans with SaaS, technology and professional services companies who are looking for dramatic increases in revenues, sales productivity and overall performance improvements. To learn more about Maria’s business accomplishments, both as a consultant and as a senior executive within companies, you can access her profile on Linkedin:<br />Making an impact in business-to-business organizations that want to grow rapidly and need a fresh set of eyes to create the plan is how Maria helps her clients succeed. Passionate about creating actionable programs that work quickly and known for building great sales teams, Maria can spot and develop talent appropriate for your business and teach you how to manage your sales superstars so they work at their peak. As a big believer in process, she gets everyone on the same page with a standard set of best practices--guaranteed to work for you! <br />Maria Burud sits on multiple advisory boards and is active in various academic and non-profit organizations, including Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce and Entrepreneurial Center (, the Women’s Business Development Center of Chicago (, The Illinois Technology Association ( and Donate Life Illinois ( <br />Otherwise, you can find Maria in the stands cheering for her son’s and daughters’ sports teams and other accomplishments!<br />Maria Burud<br />Founder and Managing Partner<br />773.294.0349<br /><br />