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  1. 1. By: MariaAndrade
  2. 2.  1. My first sample I collected was a igneous rock I identified as large Granite. Which is located just inside the entrance to Sequoia National Park also known as Tunnel Rock. This amazing park has been around since the Ice Age making this rock approximately 20,000 years old.
  3. 3.  2. My second sample is a igneous rock I identified as large Granite. Which is located in Sequoia National Park. Granite rocks contain the mineral quarts and potassium feldspar. My favorite rock from all my samples.
  4. 4.  3. My third sample is a metamorphic rock that I picked up from Morro Bay. This rock contains Marble. This rock is very smooth and shows signs of metamorphism of limestone, composed mostly of calcite.
  5. 5.  4. My fourth sample is an igneous rock known as basalt. This is the most common type of igneous rock found on our planets upper crust. This sample came straight from my yard. What simplified my identification process was that the rocks texture was smooth textured, had straight fractures and dark color.
  6. 6.  5. My fifth and final example is a sedimentary rock that was created through cementation as percolating water coats the sediment with mineral matter, and gradually cements the particles together. This sample I found in the beach of Pismo.
  7. 7.  1. A fault that I observe was the San Andreas Fault. It runs on the California coast and into the to Mexican coast. This fault is a Strike fault exhibit mainly horizontal displacement parallel to the strike of the fault surface.
  8. 8.  2. An example of first example of weathering is mechanical weathering shown in the Sequoia Park. Mechanical weathering is accomplish by physical forces that break rock into smaller and smaller pieces without changing the rocks mineral composition. My second example is chemical weathering known in the second picture which shows the cave that is located in Pismo beach.
  9. 9.  3. The evidence that I got of mass wasting this stream which is located in Sequoia Park. Where slopes became overstepped and collapse. The evidence for erosion that I present is the beach of erosion. Erosion is caused by the incorporation of the transportation of material agent such as water.
  10. 10.  4. First for my continental sedimentary environment I have pictures of a stream in sequoia park. Second I have the transitional sedimentary environment of Pismo Beach. And thirdly the marine environment which can be found in the sea as turbidity currents.