Famous british cars


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Famous british cars

  1. 1. Grigoryeva Maria
  2. 2. Rolls-Royce Limited was created over a famous lunch inMay 1904. Henry Royce, a successful engineer, struck adeal with Charles Rolls, owner of one of the first cardealerships.Charles Rolls Sir HenryRoyce
  3. 3. In 1937 George Eyston broke the land speedrecord at 312.2 mph (502 kph) in Thunderbolt,powered by two Rolls-Royce R engines.
  4. 4. In the second half of the 20th century, Rolls-Roycebegan their long association with the Royal Family,replacing Daimler as the preferred supplier of motorcars to the monarchy.
  5. 5. The swinging sixties saw Rolls-Royce appeal to a newbreed of owner. With many actors, pop stars andcelebrities of the day choosing the marque. Not for thefirst time, a Rolls-Royce became a star of the silverscreen itself.
  6. 6. 1907 1920s 1930s1940s 1970s 1980s1990s
  7. 7. Today Rolls-Royce is a global company with offices,manufacturing and service facilities in over 50 countries.Besides a car Rolls-Royce also produces power solutions inaerospace, marine and energy markets.
  8. 8. History of Bentley dates back to 1919 when Walter OwenBentley and his brother Henry Wilbur Bentley foundedBentley Motors Limited. W.O. started dreaming aboutbuilding his own cars bearing his name
  9. 9. After the victory of Bentley 3 Litre Sport at the 24Hours of Le Mans (sport car race) of 1924, W. O.Bentley’s cars became a major hit among the wealthyBritish motorists
  10. 10. Today, Bentley is considered as one the fanciest carson the market. A hand-built car using the finestquality natural materials takes time it refers to luxuryclass.
  11. 11. The history of the MINI Cooper has been one that hasseen the model rise from a racing car variation on Miniorigins, through to being one of the most iconic vehicles ofthe 1960s.
  12. 12. The origins of theMini Cooper can betraced to thedevelopment of theoriginal Mini byBMC and designerSir Alex Issigonis inthe 1950s.
  13. 13. By the 1990s, the Rover Group, who owned the rightsto the Mini, was bought by the German manufacturerBMW. Although selling off Rover at the end of thedecade, BMW retained the Mini marque, and since2000 have relaunched the line.
  14. 14. The original 1948 Land Rover was ingeniouslydesigned and engineered for extreme capabilityand strength.
  15. 15. A year later the first Land Rover is launched atthe Amsterdam Motor Show, and is an instantsuccess.
  16. 16. In 1949 the first Land Rovers were exported to theUSA.
  17. 17. In 2008 Land Rover Sold to Tata MotorsLand Rover and sister luxury brand Jaguar are sold toTata Motors by the Ford Motor Company for areported $2.3-billion.