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Big ben by_natalia_smirnova

  1. 1. The clock is very accurate. Thespeed of the clock is adjusted byplacing old penny coins on thependulum. Adding a coin speedsthe clock by 2 fifths of a secondevery 24 hours.The name "Big Ben" actuallyrefers only to the 13 tonne belllocated within the clock tower.The tower itself is actuallycalled simply "The Clock Tower".
  2. 2. Changes in ground conditionsin the 150 years since thetower was constructed haveled to it leaning to thenorth-west at an angle ofabout 1 in 250.
  3. 3. Each of the four clock faceshas a diameter of over 7meters. They are cleanedonce every 5 years byabseiling cleaners.There are cells in the towerwhere Members of Parliamentcan be imprisoned for abreach of parliamentaryprivilege.
  4. 4. Some more interesting facts about Big BenBig Ben is the biggest four-faced, chiming clock in theworld.The real name of the tower, housing the clock, is ClockTower. Big Ben is the nickname of the main bell, formallyknown as the Great Bell, housed within the tower. However,the nickname is more popular than the official one.A survey of 2,000 people was conducted in 2008 that cameup with conclusion that the tower was the most popularlandmark in the United Kingdom.Clock Tower is also been referred to as The Tower of BigBen and, incorrectly, St Stephens Tower. However, thelatter is actually the spired tower towards the middle of thePalace, which serves as the main point of entry forattendees of debates and committees. It is also called BigTom.
  5. 5. Big Ben was built to replace the Old Palace ofWestminster, after it was destroyed by fire inOctober 1834.Big Ben was designed by Charles Barry.The clock and its dials were designed by AugustusPugin.The first 61 meters of Clock Tower are made up ofbrickwork and stone cladding and the remainder oftower is made from cast iron.The bell of Big Ben weighs 14.5 tonnes. It is thehuge size of the bell that inspired Benjamin Hall togive it the name of Big Ben.The bell of Clock Tower did not stop working evenduring World War 2.
  6. 6. •••• The four faces of the clock are 55meters above ground.•••• At the base of each clock face is a Latininscription, in gilt letters. It reads -DOMINE SALVAM FAC REGINAMNOSTRAM VICTORIAM PRIMAM, whichmeans "O Lord, keep safe our QueenVictoria the First".•••• Clock Tower is the focus of New Yearcelebrations in the United Kingdom, withradio and TV stations tuning to its chimes towelcome the start of the year.•••• ITNs "News at Ten" opening sequencefeatures an image of the Clock Tower, withthe sound of clocks chimes punctuating theannouncement of the news headlines. It hasdone so, on and off, for the last 41 years.
  7. 7. The clock tower widely known as Big Ben is to be renamed theElizabeth Tower in honour of the Queen, the House of Commons hasconfirmed.It follows a campaign, backed by most MPs and the three main partyleaders, to rename the tower in recognition of the Queens 60 year reign.At present the famous central London landmark is described by the Palaceof Westminster as the Clock Tower.The House of Commons authorities have now agreed the change.
  8. 8. Notwithstanding that the official name of thistower was changed for millions of tourists it willremain the same , world known BIG BEN.