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You will be able to:
Give a command in a formal (vous) and informal form (tu) with the verbs in ER, RE, and IR

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  • Attention! This is a wrong presentation of imperative in French. Vendre: imperative: vends, vends vendons
    Finir :imperative : finis, finissez, finissons.
    only the verbs in - er at the infinitive take out the -s for the 'tu' form: parler: imperative: parle ( no s at the end) , parlez, parlons.
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  1. 1. L’impératif<br />The imperative<br />
  2. 2. OBJECTIVE(S)<br />You will be able to: <br />Give a command in a formal (vous) and informal form (tu) with the verbs in ER, RE, and IR<br />
  3. 3. The imperative l'impératif<br />The imperative, called l'impératif in French, is a verb mood which we<br />used to  give an order<br />express a desire<br />make a request<br />offer advice<br />recommend something<br /> French imperative conjugations are relatively simple. There are only three grammatical persons that can be used in the imperative: tu, nous, and vous, and most of the conjugations are the same as the present tense - the only difference is that the subject pronoun is not used in the imperative.Tu Nous Vous Ferme la porte Fermons la porte Fermez la porte.  Close the door. Le’t close the door close the door<br />
  4. 4. L’impératif (Informal (tu))<br />When you tell someone to do something you use the command form of a verb. The imperative (impératif).<br />To give a command to someone in an informal way you use the tu form of the verb minus the –s. without tu .<br />Examples: <br />Tu dances (you dance/ you are dancing)<br />Dance! (Dance!) (dancerER verbs)<br />Tu vends (you sell/ you are selling)<br />Vend! (sell!) (VendreRE verbs)<br />Tu finis (you finish/ you are finishing)<br />Fini! (Finish!) (finirIR verbs)<br />
  5. 5. L’impératif (formal way -vous)<br />To give a command to someone you address in a formal way, use the form vous of the verb without the pronoun.<br />Examples: <br />Vousdansez (you dance/you are dancing)<br />Dansez! (Dance!) ER verbs<br />Vousvendez (you sell/you are selling)<br />Vendez! (sell!) Re verbs<br />Vousfinissez (you finish? You are finishing)<br />Finissez! Finish! IR verbs<br />
  6. 6. L’impératif<br />The command for nous(let’s dance!, Let’s sing!) is the same as the conjugated form of the verb for nous. The subject pronoun (nous) is omitted.<br />Examples: <br />Dansons! = let’s dance! (dancer Er verbs)<br />vendons! Let’s sell (vendre RE verbs)!<br />finissons = Let’s finish (finirIR verbs)<br />
  7. 7. List of verbs<br />1.To Sing =Chanter 2. to lose = perdre<br />3.To answer = reondre 4. to wait = attendre<br />5. To speak =parler 6. to cure = guérir<br />7. To watch = regarder 8. to hear = entendre <br />9. To swim! = nager 10. to punish = punir!<br />11. To eat= manger 12. to obey = obeir<br />13. To listen=écouter 14. to jump = sauter<br />15. To study = étudier 16. to finish = finir<br />17. To land = attérir 18. to choose = choisir<br />19.To get fat = grossir 20. to think = penser<br />21. To succeed = réussir 22. To feed = nourrir<br />23. To work = travailler 24. to close - fermer<br />
  8. 8. Tell how to do the following things in an informal form in french.<br />parler<br />regarder<br />chanter<br />sauter<br />nager<br />étidier<br />finir<br />manger<br />perdre<br />choisir<br />
  9. 9. Tell how to do the following things in informal form in Fench.<br />1.Sing! 2. Answer!<br />3. Speak French! 4. Lost! <br />5. Watch TV! 6. Wait!<br />7. Swim! 8. Cure!<br />9. Eat! 10. Hear!<br />11. Listen! 12. Punish!<br />13. Study! 14. Bless!<br />15. Land! 16. obey! <br />
  10. 10. Tell someone older than you the following in French.<br />1. Sing! 2. Get fat!<br />3. Speak! 4. Cure!<br />5. Talk! 6. Feed!<br />7. Swim! 8. Think!<br />9. Study! 10. Answer!<br />11. Watch TV! 12. Succeed!<br />13. listen! 14. Get off!<br />15. Finish 16. lose!<br />
  11. 11. Écrivezl’impératif. Write the imperative form of the verb in French<br />1. Eat!(vous) 2. sell! (tu)<br />3. Jump! (Vous) 4. Answer! (vous)<br />5. Sing!(tu) 6. to get fat!(tu)<br />7. Let’dance! 8. Obei!(nous)<br />9. Let’s work! 10. Let’s wait!<br />11. Look!(tu) 12. Jump! (tu)<br />13. Listen (vous)<br />