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240-242-9445. CellandSite.com explains why you should consider adding mobile to current marketing plan--includes case study and strategy examples.

240-242-9445. CellandSite.com explains why you should consider adding mobile to current marketing plan--includes case study and strategy examples.

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  • They understand sharing--the concept behind Cloud computing--creating one application that many different companies use. They understand the benefits--consolidated updates, no installations, better support and less costly implementation.
  • The portability alone makes mobile unlike any other form of media. Mobile marketing has near limitless potential to contribute to and build on other marketing programs.
  • The portability alone makes mobile unlike any other form of media. Mobile marketing has near limitless potential to contribute to and build on other marketing programs.
  • For example, often using their smartphones as part of their shopping experience, consumers examine your offering and your competitors' by visiting review sites and acquiring pricing information from the internet. QR codes appear on store displays, even on fruit and when a user takes a picture on their mobile device, information about the item will be presented via the internet connection.
  • 1. Mobile search advertising and good SEO. 2. Create accounts and attractive, well optimized pages containing lead capture mechanism. 3. Focus on the major players - Facebook Places, Foursquare, and Gowalla. But don't overlook other related services like Yelp and Google Maps. What can you do to add to the fun and entice your customers back to your establishment? Think about mobile coupons and text messages, as well. (CASE STUDY 2-rest chef vid) 4. Make it easy to buy right from your mobile web site or via smart phone. Set up paypal account for transactions.
  • 5. Use a comprehensive paid text messaging service that is easy to use and combines customer relationship management tools like an auto responder and broadcasting. 6. Develop downloadable apps. Consider free apps that include a viral component. 7. Mobile advertising is still new. You have first-mover’s advantage now. 8. Enhance the user experience with a single purpose , designed to be seen mobile devices and that drive customers to specific action : call, text, download, use coupon, watch video.
  • Here’s a quick case study using a restaurant as an example of how to implement the marketing mix: Outside- Visible storefront display Print media- QR code images included on business card, flyers, in-store displays, etc. Mobile- coupons available via text only, text alerts sent
  • How do you start to mobilize your business?
  • Proximity marketing involves using a device and/or software to reach bluetooth-enabled devices as they near your place of business. Your establishment can be geo-fenced as well. Text, images, and even videos can be broadcasted. Who doesn’t like to play games, or a tool that makes life easier or saving money using coupons?
  • As you can see from this chart, consideration needs to made regarding your offer and how much effort your customer must exert in order to acquire the perceived value of your offer.
  • Location-based marketing. Location-based services as an advertising platform is still evolving as evidenced by the fact that less than half of advertisers have included it in their plans. Good news for you is that you have a first-mover advantage.
  • Here are examples of advertisements. The Groupon as is very recent offer that came out the first week of February. Notice it SOLD OUT! Consider integrating this with promotions on traditional and online radio and tv spots.
  • Visit the validator link listed here to see how mobile users are viewing your current web site.


  • 1. 2011 IS THE YEAR TO ADD MOBILE Guide to concocting a good mobile marketing mix! Mobile Webinar I – brought to you by
  • 2. Key Points
    • Why 2011 is the year to add mobile to your marketing mix
    • How business owners can use mobile to initiate and create customer relationships
  • 3. Mobile Marketplace Statistics
    • Let's look at what's happening in IT--
    "The Cloud"
  • 4. Cloud Computing on the Rise
    • Small businesses are generating the bulk of this growth, in large part because the next generation of businesses understands The Cloud. They are the Facebook™ generation.
    • They understand that business happens in real-time and cloud computing gives companies that speed.
    Excerpt from: http:// www.mobilemarketer.com/cms/opinion/columns/8870.html
  • 5. Scenario
    • Now, with an iPad/iPhone combination double entry is completely eliminated, as everything can be beamed directly to a company database in The Cloud in real-time.
  • 6.
    • Teams are able to handle contracts, send invoices, track time and update client information seconds after a meeting.
    What is prompting this?...
  • 7. On-the-go mobile devices are! The cost of acquiring mobile devices has decreased; increasing accessibility. Infrastructure to handle data transfer, etc. has matured.
  • 8. Top reasons to consider mobile marketing NOW Mobile is Intimate 100% Trackable Response is Immediate Reach is Unmatched
  • 9. Top reasons to consider mobile marketing NOW
    • Your customers most likely own and use mobile devices.
    • Mobile data usage keeps rising.
    • Mobile Internet usage is taking off.
    • Smartphone penetration is increasing.
    • Smartphone competition is expanding the audience that can access rich content.
    • Mobile is designed to be the most integrated marketing medium the world has ever known.
    • Mobile is great for branding.
    • Mobile marketing is versatile.
  • 10. Mobile device usage on the rise!
  • 11. More smartphones than PCs E=estimated
  • 12. Smart phone connections Some Statistics: The biggest categories of non-data usage for mobile phones are photographs and text messages according to Pew Research .
  • 13. What people are doing on their devices.
  • 14. Smartphone Usage User habits are forming and becoming mainstream. Here’s a fact--almost 7 out of 10 shoppers check the store’s website while they’re in the retail establishment! (ForeSee) Go ahead and take a picture of this QR code!
  • 15. The competition is just a click away even when a customer is physically in your store! Listen!
  • 16. Think of how YOU shop.
  • 17. Social media usage on mobile devices continues to grow with 49.4 million users projected in 2011; a 27% increase from 2010 according to eMarketer . And wherever you customers are, you NEED to be!
  • 18. This type of marketing is perfect for any organization that needs to communicate quickly to their member base. It can be organizations, it can be parties, events, concerts, sports events…. Or any business that has specials, meetings, emergency notifications, appointment setting, and much much more... Who is this perfect for?
  • 19. MM Strategies to implement NOW 1. Your customers must be able to find you. 2. Social media interaction. 3. Location-based marketing. 4. Mobile commerce .
  • 20. More MM Strategies to consider 5. Text Messaging – with customer relationship management tools included. 6. Applications – free so they can be shared. 7. Mobile advertising -- still new. 8. Mobile prepared site -- easy to view on mobile devices.
  • 21. Example Case Study
  • 22. Initiate Go where your customers are. Engage your prospective customer--> use various offline and social media marketing strategies to build trust, relationship and loyalty.
  • 23. Have customers come to you Reach passersby through proximity marketing. Create coupons, games, and applications for customers to use. Did you know that 46% of those surveyed expressed willingness to use mobile coupons according to Zoomerang’s October 2010 research for HipCricket — more than double the amount from last year.
  • 24. Reach passersby through proximity marketing.
  • 25. Reach out to customers
  • 26. Sample Coupons
  • 27. Mobile Apps
  • 28. Maintaining Good Relations!
    • When customers are at a point-of-sale get them on your loyalty program, then maintain ongoing relationship using autoresponder tools.
  • 29. Do YOU Have A Nice Place To Visit? A mobile-ready site prepared with a single purpose--DRIVE customers to perform a specific action : call, text, download, use coupon, watch video . Go see what your site looks like. Checker  http://validator.w3.org/mobile/
  • 30. Case Study 1-Preparation
    • Target your audience
    • Fans of “sport”, “brand”, etc.
    • Call-to-action
    • Win a ?trip to the ?Finals in ?City, including a pair of tickets to a ?Finals game, roundtrip airfare and hotel accommodations.
    • Use Common short code and keywords
    • Text “FINALS” to “#####”
    • Bounce-back message
    • Thanks for entering the YOUR COMPANY giveaway! We will contact winner of the contest. Good luck! Message & data rates may apply. Text “STOP” 2 end.
  • 31. Case Study 1-Process/Results
    • Tactics
    • Win a trip for two to REALLY VALUABLE OFFER.
    • Leading up to the giveaway, promote contest heavily through a number of promotional vehicles, including on-air promos, live talent reads, station newsletters, social media and Web site exposure.
    • Listeners tune into LOCAL radio/TV Shows, on SPECIFIC DAY, to get a special SMS keyword—“Finals”—give 10 minutes to text it in to short code.
    • After 10 minutes, tally total entries for this text-to-win contest.
    • Results
    • This strategy was completed for a national sports team and garnered 10,154 total entries and 4,220 unique entries.
  • 32. Recap 1. 2011 is the year to add mobile to your marketing mix because the market has matured and will peak this year; studies are providing a gage and demonstrating a tremendous growth pattern. 2. Business owners can use proven mobile marketing models to initiate and create customer relationships using the 8 strategies presented.
  • 33. Next Steps
    • Assess your current marketing
    • Add mobile marketing into the mix
    • Grow your fan base!
    • Stay in Touch
  • 34. What is the simplest way to get started? SMS Texting, QR codes, coupons TEXT “startup" to 72727 today for free report on creating your personalized mobile marketing mix