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Google plus local business pages are an essential piece of your marketing arsenal.

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  • My job is to research these rankings and find the best strategies to get you to number 1 spot over time.
  • This is where brand name research helps.
  • Local search-presentation-revised

    1. 1. THE LAST FRONTIERLOCAL, MOBILE and SOCIAL MEDIA How to take advantage of search engines and social media for your local business...
    2. 2. Who we are and why you should care. We focus on developing individualized strategies. Ideas presented here have been successfully used by our clients although all may not be suitable at this time for your particular business.Helping business grow their online presence, build a solid reputationand capitalize on Mobile and Local Marketing Strategies
    3. 3. Is your business easy to find online?
    4. 4. Are you regularly monitoring and enhancing your reputation online?
    5. 5. Are you present in all the places where your IDEAL Clients hang out online?
    6. 6. 97% of consumers use online searcheswhen researching products or services (BIA/Kelsey’s)78% of consumers trust peer reviews &recommendations (the Nielsen company)Only 14% trust ads (the Nielsen company)
    7. 7. The new “word of mouth” isonline social media andreview sites like Yelp!,Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlaces (now merged withGoogle+)…
    8. 8. Yelp!, Facebook and Twitter have 750,000,000 members combined Those members seek and make recommendations for products, services and experiences
    9. 9. Times are rapidly changingTraditional advertising mediums are loosing their effectiveness • Phone Directory • Where is yours? • Newspapers • Declining Rapidly • TV • DVR/TiVo • Telemarketing • Do Not Call List • Direct Mail • 1%-2% Yield • Print Ads • Rising Costs • E-Mail • Spam Software
    10. 10. What Has “CHANGED” Search Results Business Listings
    11. 11. What Is A Business Listing? Business Listings Organic Results
    12. 12. Web Page On
    13. 13. What Is Local Search… Local Search is when someone is searching for a product or service in a specific geographic location. Google has referred to this as searching with a local intent.
    14. 14. How Is Local Search Determined? The location is included in the search term Your IP Address identifies your location The GPS is enabled on your mobile device The search engines algorithm interprets you are looking for something local
    15. 15. Why Local SEO Is Important Google confirms that over 40% of all online searches have a local intent--50% are mobile searches 82% of local searches result in an offline ACTION (Comscore)
    16. 16. Why Local SEO Is Important For every one dollar U.S. consumers spend online, another five or six are going to offline purchases that are influenced by online research (MIT Technology Review, "E-Commerce Gets Smarter“) 97% of Internet users in the U.S. gather shopping information online, and of those consumers 51% explicitly characterize their behavior as “Shop Online, Purchase Offline” (NPD Group)
    17. 17. How High Do I need to Rank?Optifys study of U.S. Google search engine results pages, conducted in December 2010, analyzed organic keyword visits for B2B and B2C websites. Optify analyzed data from 250 randomly chosen sites and an initial set of 10,000 keywords.
    18. 18. YOUR BUSINESS SNAPSHOT Where are you? Optifys study of U.S. Google search engine results pages, conducted in December 2010, analyzed organic keyword visits for B2B and B2C websites. Optify analyzed data from 250 randomly chosen sites and an initial set of 10,000 keywords.
    19. 19. Where & Who Are Your Customers? 1 Mile Radius – Neighborhoods? 5 Mile Radius – A City? 10 Mile Radius – Multiple Cities? 30 Mile Radius – Multiple Counties? State? Nationwide?
    20. 20. Where & Who Are Your Customers? Broad Search Radius = More time and money to get quality rankings Narrow Search Radius = Easier to compete and quality rankings happen faster Why? Less Competition, major internet brands don’t have a local office and your competitor down the street isn’t internet savvy......YET!!!
    21. 21. What is the “Long Tail” Copyright Elliance
    22. 22. Local Search:“The Death Of The Yellow Pages”According to Jupiter Media, over 64% ofpeople who are looking for information on-line, use search engines.65% Of AllSearches are on Google
    23. 23. Building Your Online FoundationBASE (NAP) Name - Address - Phone
    24. 24. INFLUENCE ENGINESPopularity Contest How Many Web Properties Know Your NAP?
    25. 25. Influence Engines At Work 28.9% Of Traffic Comes From Search Engines 42.8% Of Traffic Comes From Search Engines 29.4% Of Traffic Comes From Search Engines 45.9% Of Traffic Comes From Search Engines 30.6% Of Traffic Comes From Search Engines 43.2% Of Traffic Comes From Search Engines 43.2% Of Traffic Comes From Search Engines Source: Alexa
    26. 26. Should You Be Thinking “Mobile?”50% of all searches for local businesses are done on amobile phone98% of all mobile searches are done on GoogleBy the end of 2011 50% of all phones were“Smart Phones”- Iphone, Android, BlackberrySmartphone users are twice as likely to earn $100k+ peryear than “dumbphone” users. Source: ComScore, Nielson, Gartner
    27. 27. Mobile Searches Produce “Business Listings!”
    28. 28. Text MessagingEmail is dead, ask anyone less than 21 years old if they even have an emailaddress!97% of all text messages are openedDo you leave home without your cell phone?
    29. 29. Create Search Engine Business Listings (Maps): Google Places www.google.com/local/add Bing Local https://ssl.bing.com/listings/ListingCenter.aspx Yahoo Local http://listings.local.yahoo.com/ If you never do anything else, just build your Google Plus Local business pages!
    30. 30. So What Can We Do For You?Conduct research and determine:-Your fastest route to more traffic with free advertising-The most effective online presence to create based onthose findings-Offer offline advertising solutions that complement youronline activities.-And help manage and grow your businessupdating solutions to current effective trends.
    31. 31. Domination Globalize SocialMobile Website Localize - Foundation Presented by: CellandSite.com . 240-242-9445