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Tips for Relaxing
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Tips for Relaxing


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Think things through as you decide how best YOU can increase relaxation in your life!

Think things through as you decide how best YOU can increase relaxation in your life!

Published in: Health & Medicine

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  • 1. Tips forRelaxingLifeServices EAP1-800-822-4847
  • 2. Guidelines for Relaxation activities Is it legal? Is it healthy? Is it fun? Is it relaxing? Is it a source of energy? Is it a source of renewal?
  • 3. Have the time? Make it a priority Make it a habit Put it in your planner “Just Do It!” Involve a partner Don’t get sidelined with distractions!
  • 4.  Research relaxation activities on the internet, library, LifeServices website, etc… Get a free consultation at a Educate yourself local fitness or “Ignorance is not an excuse…” yoga club What is most beneficial for you?
  • 5. What are your objectives? Stress reduction? Relaxation? Focus? Energy? Fulfillment? Better health? Distraction?
  • 6. Discuss it with loved ones Enjoin them! Inform them!  You don’t have to be alone & maybe they don’t want to be either!  Do it in spite of their reluctance to join you!
  • 7.  Use to sew, paint, medita te, walk, read, dra w, write? What got in the way? Still have the equipment; Long-lost supplies? hobbies? Go get them & Where did they go? get back to it! Make a goal of a finished product to use, gift, or donate!
  • 8. What the brain needs… Oxygen; transfer of neurons to release endorphins which give us the natural feeling of well- being. Many relaxation activities will make that happen!
  • 9. And, when endorphins are released: Magic? So, do it again! Problems dissipate Solutions appear Or, what was previously felt to be a problem is now felt to be benign!
  • 10. Imagine, visit, make your screen saver your retirement location! This is mine: near Sleeping Bear Dunes, Michigan, voted the most beautiful place in America, 2012!
  • 11. This is the “other” retirementlocation….hey, it could happen! Saving a table for Margie & hubby!
  • 12. Let’s look at some suggested activities in our handouts! Call LifeServices EAP for a consultation or resources ( Make an appointment with a counselor to discuss your needs in person.Always be open to newideas on how to relax! 1-800-822-4847