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My story of what happened when I asked one guy to go to lunch.....

My story of what happened when I asked one guy to go to lunch.....

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  • 1. One Woman in Africa  Margie Roop, Past-President of the Rotary Club of Barberton, OH , USA
  • 2. It all started over lunch one day…..  I was recently elected President of my Rotary Club of Barberton, OH  Larry Lallo , a new member of our Club asks if I’d like to go to Africa some day….  I answered: are you kidding me?  Larry says: no, I’m not; it could happen…  So, I said, let’s go to lunch.  My journey began as I learned about an organization that would forever change my life!
  • 3. Mercy Economic Development International Corporation (MEDIC) Larry-Executive Director Me-President-Rotary Club  Under Larry’s expertise in economic development & micro-trust programs, we wrote a Grant.  Larry: a “possibilities” person, see connections, passionate about sustainability & has witnessed positive results.  High-energy person open to challenges; background in grant-writing, & longing to go to Africa.  Task-master who cannot allow things to go undone.  Possibilities that my brain envisions gets me into trouble at times….
  • 4. I got to go to Africa…!!! Rotary International (RI) Humanitarian Grant RI Volunteer Grant Partners: Rotary Club of Barberton Rotary Club of Lome’- Azur, Togo, West Africa Mercy Economic Development Corporation (MEDIC) MIC-Togo
  • 5. Under the guidance of our Cooperating Organization, Mercy Economic Development Corporation (MEDIC), the Barberton, OH Rotary & the Lome’- Azur Togo, West Africa Rotary Clubs created eight microfinance “Trust Banks” in highly impoverished areas within 30 miles of Lome’, Togo West Africa. $50,000 Project 8 Villages in Togo 360 micro businesses were created More than 1,000 persons will be affected
  • 6. To climb out of poverty toward self-reliance, one essential must be met………… Access to Capital for the poor is critical. "It is lack of capital ... and lack of access to traditional channels of credit that hamper the business growth of most of this informal sector," says Kristin Helmore, who has written about micro enterprise development for The Christian Science Monitor. I’ll add one more essential………Micro Business Training!
  • 7. Barberton Rotary Lome Azur Rotary Togo West Africa Micro Finance Project Helping People, Building Communities, Giving Hope for the Future A Micro Business Women of Benin…………… Micro Finance Empowers Women Providing Hope for their Families Future
  • 8. There is mounting evidence to show that the availability of financial services for poor households through microfinance – can help achieve the MDGs. In September 2000, the member states of the United Nations unanimously adopted the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), a set of eight, specific, measurable, time-bound targets that challenge countries to improve the welfare of the world’s poorest people. United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDG) Microfinance Trust Banks
  • 9. Project Organizational Structure Barberton Rotary as International Partner Lome’- Azur Togo Rotary as Host Partner Cooperating Implementing Organization
  • 10. $50,160 Project Funding Structure $14,290 Barberton Rotary $100 Lome’- Azur Togo, Rotary $14,290 District Rotary Match $21,320 International Rotary Foundation
  • 11. Microfinance, is more than a loan particularly in the establishment of the Community Trust Bank concept.
  • 12. Typical Micro Loan Structure $50 - $250 loans Short Term Loans of 6 to 12 months Monthly interest rates of 1.5% - 2% of the loan amount - Intended to cover expenses over time Weekly/Monthly Loan Repayments No Collateral Group Guarantees
  • 13. What are the benefits of Trust Banks? Cost effectiveness - Loan officers deal with a group as a whole. High repayment rates -95% to 100%!! Group lending is effective. Clients ‘ support system & networking structure helps to ensure business success. Principles of democratic Self Governance Group lending develops local self-reliance, building local leadership & collective ownership Group lending strengthens the community, & may be a context for spiritual growth & values transformation
  • 14. Trust Banks provide a forum for teaching community leaders anything from hygiene, to water drip irrigation, to AIDS prevention. Village north of Lome’, Togo representing two Trust Banks on the grounds of a typical private school’s yard.
  • 15. So What is a Trust Bank? 1. Approximately 40 Borrowers are organized into 8 group structures of 5 members defined by co- guaranteeing relationships and managed by democratically elected leaders. 2. Very small, short-term loans are extended in the form of a continuous, gradually increasing line of credit to Trust Bank members. 3. Savings are mobilized within the Trust Banks. 4. Trust Banks hold regular meetings to monitor repayments and to pursue other social, economic and spiritual goals.
  • 16. Blessings of a $10,000 Trust Bank  Loan Money is recycled; initial investment of $10,000 can grow to as much as $45,000 in financing over 5 years.  Up to 720 lives will be impacted through the flow on effect of a Trust Bank. THEIR CHILDREN CAN GO TO SCHOOL.  Loans have more than a 95% repayment rate, if the Fund is managed properly.  30-50 businesses will be established initially, and this will increase by 30% after five years.  Some clients will transition themselves into the conventional banking stream.
  • 17. Trust Banks in Action-Ghana John, MEDIC-Ghana assistant, is introducing us to a Trust Bank in Accra, Ghana. I learn how to make “kenki” with the owners of a kenki business.
  • 18. D.A. Nosse Barberton Rotary Trust Bank (we danced, sang, then ate dinner together!)
  • 19. Trust Bank Accountability….its essential. MEDIC: Ativi Kossivi, Togo Coordinator & Christophe Adandi, West Africa Director
  • 20. Trust Bank Accountability….is essential!
  • 21. Accurate Reporting
  • 22. How Does Micro Finance affect a decrease in Child Mortality? Empowering Women - Microfinance programs have generally targeted women as clients. Women often prove to be more financially responsible with better repayment performance than men. Women are more likely than men to invest increased income in the household and family well being.
  • 23. How Does Micro Finance affect a decrease in Child Mortality? The poor use financial services not only for business investment in their microenterprises but also to invest in health and education: •To manage household emergencies •To meet the wide variety of other cash needs that they encounter. •The range of services includes loans, savings facilities, insurance, transfer payments, and even micro-pensions
  • 24. How Does Micro Finance affect a decrease in Child Mortality? •Better Nutrition •Better living conditions •Preventative healthcare practices •Healthcare conditions are treated more promptly than waiting for conditions to deteriorate.
  • 25. How Does Micro Finance affect a decrease in Child Mortality? Eradicating Poverty Microfinance allows poor people to protect, diversify, and increase their sources of income, the essential path out of poverty and hunger. The ability to borrow a small amount of money to take advantage of a business opportunity, to pay for school fees, or to bridge a cash- flow gap, can be a first step in breaking the cycle of poverty In a Freedom from Hunger study of clients in Ghana, it was found that clients had increased their incomes by $36 compared to $18 for non-clients.
  • 26. ROTARY CLUB OF BARBERTON, OHIO, USA BY MARGIE ROOP Trip toTogo, West Africa-A Club President’s Experience January 2009
  • 27. Amazing people! •Gracious •Friendly •Hard-working •Proud •No obesity •No smoking •No (obvious) drinking of alcoholic beverages •Mostly women were loan recipients
  • 28. The eyes have it…with a combination of: •Fatigue •Depression •Yearning •Hope
  • 29. Implications The basics…… The enhancements…  No clean water systems; must walk for miles to transport water.  No sanitation systems  No power systems  No PUBLIC SCHOOLS  No paved roads  No public transportation  No medical care  To learn English  Exposure to resources, i.e., modes of communication: phones, internet (via electric)  To learn business acumen via business women as mentors  Link with other world organizations
  • 30. MEDIC: www.medicinternational.org •Amazing organization •Staff on the ground •Hard-working •English-speaking •Incredible hosts, guides & interpreters •Dedicated to seeing loan recipients succeed. •High accountability •Did EVERYTHING to ensure our grant, travel plans and stay in Africa was 100% fulfilling.
  • 31. Together, it CAN be done! Below: the “Dream Team”! •NEVER underestimate YOUR ability to make a difference! •NEVER assume that “other organizations” are addressing their needs. •A little DOES go a long way! •If you live in the U.S.A. you are blessed beyond comprehension. •You ARE a steward…your work & your joy lies ahead of you.
  • 32. They are waiting & they need us!  Call me, Margie Roop: 330-329-3767 or email me at: mroop@lifeserviceseap.com  I will come and speak to any group interested in learning more about how Rotary and MEDIC have partnered.  Personally, I cannot wait to return to see my friends for life!
  • 33. Good Luck to you all! Together with the local pastor’s son, we hope our paths meet in Africa….
  • 34. So what happened after I left?  Our project appears on the front page of the March, 2009 Akron Beacon Journal.  Gets attention on the “wires” of the Mercy Ships’ non-profit organization out of Dallas, TX.  Mercy Ships’ CEO contacts CEO of MEDIC.  Together, they solidify agreement to bring the Africa Mercy Ship to Lome’,Togo!
  • 35. More happens!  MEDIC agrees to provide 12-week microtrust training to women suffering from tumors and/or incontinence from childbirth or rape (ostracized due to their deformities).  Mercy Ships agrees, in turn, to provide life- changing surgeries to these women who will soon be able to start their own businesses utilizing MEDIC microloans!
  • 36. In 2010… miracles happen. The Africa Mercy Ship docks in the Port of Lome’,Togo for the first time! Pictured is: Adjo Garedjisso after receiving surgery to remove tumors from her wrist. She will now open her own business following MEDIC Microtrust training!
  • 37. Please watch...You Tube (attached)  April, 2013, CBS’ “60 Minutes” films the Africa Mercy Ship pulling into Lome’,Togo,West Africa for the very first time .  This was as a direct result of two incredible organizations “finding” one another. For thousands of people in Africa, life will never be the same but be BETTER…..!  Pictured is Elom Edjabo http://youtu.be/JPojrMobnyI
  • 38. Then WHAT happens…?  After watching CBS’ “60 Minutes” on the Africa Mercy Ship, a couple inTexas donates $20 million to the Mercy Ships’ organization.  Mercy Ships are now looking to create an Asia Mercy Ship.  Keep praying……lives can be changed, long overdue happiness can arrive for our brothers & sisters, & world peace has a chance!  And, I STILL get in trouble with my brain of possibilities.