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Is it job burnout or a personal problem playing itself out in your workplace? There ARE ways of discerning this!

Is it job burnout or a personal problem playing itself out in your workplace? There ARE ways of discerning this!

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  • 1. LifeServices Employee Assistance Program (EAP) 1-800-822-2827 Margie Roop, LPCC-S; CEAP
  • 2.  More hours worked?  Less staff available?  No raises?  Paying more for benefits?  Antiquated equipment?  Stressed out co-workers?
  • 3.  More conflictual than ever  Less willingness to be flexible with one another  Less cooperation  Viewing one another more competitively than ever
  • 4. Workplace Behaviors Bullying Sexual Harassment Angry outbursts & threats Passive-aggressive behaviors Theft Substance Abuse Wasting time (on the internet, on personal phone calls, bringing in personal hobby items, leaving the worksite)  Settle down!
  • 5. IS IT FROM WORK? OR, IS IT FROM HOME?  Supervisor stressed?  Upper management unsupportive?  Budget cuts?  Safety issues?  Poor PR  Dwindling market?  Addictions under roof?  Facing major debt?  Domestic violence?  Mental illness?  Job losses?  Kids in trouble?  Separation/divorce?
  • 6.  Is this what I signed up for?  Is it satisfying work?  Disliking the hours?  Too taxing?  Less income than expected?  Dwindling need for services?  Is this where I want to be?
  • 7. Perspective • What was it you were looking for? • Did you know what you were getting into? • Are you really a people person? • Who are you trying to please? • What really gives you happiness? • Is your job “everything” to you? • What are your life’s priorities?  What’s really important in your life?
  • 8. Perspective • Do I really want to work from home? • Do I really want to work part-time? • Do I really want to be the breadwinner? • Do I want to try another line of work? • Do I want to move to another part of the country? • Am I unhappy regardless of work?  What is it you really want?
  • 9. EMOTIONAL LIFE BALANCE  Anger  Depression  Marital  Anxiety  Substance Abuse (only when mandated by the company)  Workplace stress  Financial worries  Eldercare  Adult children  Grandparents raising grandkids  Spouse losing job  Preparing for retirement
  • 10. How to handle? •Assume people ARE struggling with personal problems. •Aggressively promote the EAP! •Train supervisors on effective communication.
  • 11.  Institute and follow clear policies & procedures.  Catch people doing things right-do not take these efforts for granted (positive reinforcement will go a lot farther than negative attention!).
  • 12.  Personal problems do not punch out when people punch in.  Life does not happen in a vacuum!  Assume that 15-17% of any workforce is involved in some type of substance abuse while ON THE JOB!  Think about the last time you had to go to work while involved in a personal crisis…..
  • 13.  Stress is not good for anyone!  Get less stress by getting the facts and getting the assistance!  LifeServices EAP  1-800-822-4847
  • 14. You deserve it!