Creating a Calm Environment at Work


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Yes, you CAN create a calm workspace! 10 simple ideas to calm, de-stress, AND increase work productivity!

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Creating a Calm Environment at Work

  1. 1. Creating a Calm Environment at Work By Margie Roop, LPCC-S; CEAP; SAP, LifeServices EAP It is important to think of your workspace as not only the place where you are expected to be productive, but also the place which you control while on the clock. You CAN create a calming environment utilizing simple resources available to you which are free or relatively inexpensive. As long as what you choose is not against your company’s policy or procedure and/or will not disrupt others or interfere with the flow of work, you can change your workspace to create calm and, in essence, increase your productivity! 10 Ideas to consider: 1. Less is more: clear your workspace so you have available only what you really need in order to conduct business (clutter creates chaos for your brain and can distract you). 2. Clean your workspace: making sure you have a hygienic area in which to work; rid the area of spots, stains, smells, etc…again, let’s don’t give your brain anything displeasing to focus on! 3. Post pictures of family, friends, and/or favorite places you’ve visited or WANT to visit. 4. Post pictures of where you’d like to retire; a hobby you see yourself as trying eventually. 5. Play calming music; there are many free such sound tracks available on “You Tube”; if you are not allowed internet access at work; you can download many or purchase them inexpensively on “” to play on your iPod, or listen to a radio station known for its relaxed tunes. 6. Post encouraging quotes from various authors, athletes, celebrities, and/or spiritual leaders. 7. Post pictures of calming scenes: beaches, ocean, sky, space, stars, desert, grassy fields, mountain ranges, etc…again, give the brain less to process and more to “calm itself” over. 8. If possible, burn (or electronically light) scent burners using wax or oil scents: lavender (creates a state of peace & calm), chamomile(quells anxiety & stress), neroli (quells anxiety; helps insomnia), ginger (ease stress &an upset stomach), jasmine (reduce tension & boost mood), marjoram (relieve pain & stress), sandalwood (curbs anxiety & depression). 9. Tell others that you are going to create your own “work sanctuary”; it may help others to respect the fact that you are trying to de-stress at work in order to be more productive (it just may rub off on them as well!). 10. If possible, and if you have an office, keep your door closed. Put a sign up as to when others can contact you in person. Be consistent; people will get the message! Contact Lifeservices EAP for more ideas on how you can de-stress at work, become more productive and return home in a better mood; ready for those who are truly MOST important to you!! 1-800-822-4847