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Tips and Tricks for Uppercase Living products

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Product tips & tricks 1

  1. 1. ©2008 Uppercase Living®, LLC. All rights reserved.Product Tips & Tricks_1108 1product tips & tricksinstallation tipsIf you are having problems with an expression adheringto a surface, try the following: • Make sure you wall is free from any residue, dirt,or film. • Position the expression, tack in place with tape,then remove the backing paper and burnish theexpression onto the surface. Before removing thetransfer tape, get a spray bottle or a wet cloth andmoisten the front of the tape. Apply more water ifit is not releasing. This will help the expressionrelease from the tape. Make sure your paint will notbe damaged by excess water before you dampenyour wall. • As you remove the transfer tape, press the expressionon the wall with your thumb or a dry rag. • Be sure not to touch the sticky side of the expressionwith your fingers, which may prevent the adhesivefrom adhering to the surface. • When removing the backing paper, don’t pull thetape towards you. Instead, roll it off at an anglealong the surface.two-part expressions • When applying a Two-Part Expression, use theHinge Method for each piece. (This method isexplained in the Installation Instructions.) Keepin mind that the arrows on each expression are notmeant to match up with each other, but to help yourealign the expression with the marks that youcreate on the wall. • After you apply the first expression using theInstallation Instructions, use a yardstick to makea second set of guide marks indicating where youwant the second expression positioned on the wall.You can position the expression as displayed in thecatalog or use your own personal preference. • Once you have determined where you want thesecond part of the expression positioned, repeatusing the Hinge Method to ensure that the secondpart is positioned correctly.canvasesUppercase Living decorative expressions do notadhere to all canvases, so we recommend using a freecustomer sample to test your canvas before applyingyour expression. (Ask your Demonstrator for a freesample.) Canvases with a fine texture and/or a primedgesso surface work best. • If the expression is not adhering to the canvas,prep the canvas by painting the canvas orapplying a layer of decoupage glue to the entirecanvas before applying the expression (seemanufacturer’s instructions). • Let the canvas dry completely. • When burnishing the expression onto the canvas,take special care to remove the transfer tape slowly.Don’t pull the tape towards you. Instead, roll it offat an angle along the surface and at an angle. • You may need to use your fingers and press theexpression onto the canvas to help it adhere to thesurface. To help seal the expression onto the canvasyou can apply a few coats of decoupage glue afterthe expression is applied (this is optional).Uppercase Living’s expressions and embellishments are as easy to put up as they are to take down, but thereare still some valuable tips you can follow for an even more effortless application. Whether you’re working witha large expression, or applying an embellishment to a textured wall, you will find just what you need for anincredible product experience.Margie LewisIndependent 639 1338
  2. 2. ©2008 Uppercase Living®, LLC. All rights reserved.Product Tips Tricks_1108 2uneven surfaces (e.g., beadboard) • When applying expressions to a bead board surface,make sure you burnish the expression starting atone end and slowly moving to the other. • You may need to lift up one end of the expression soit does not adhere to the surface before you burnishthe expression into the grooves. • Take special care to rub the expression into theridges of the door and/or paneling. When removingthe transfer tape, pull the tape off in the direction ofthe grooves or lines. Pulling against these groovesmay pull up the expression.smooth surfaces(e.g., glass, metal, mirror)When applying an expression to any glass or metalsurface, please note that expressions tend to adhereto these types of surfaces quickly, and they cannotbe repositioned. • Take special care not to let the expression touchthe surface until it is in the desired position. Insome cases, you may want to remove any excesspaper by cutting around the expression. • Choose the desired angle for the expression, anduse the hinge method found in the installationinstructions to hold the expression in place. • To reduce the amount of bubbles hold up one endof the expression and pull it tight and burnish theexpression slowly as you apply it to the surface,burnishing small portions at a time. • Remove the transfer tape.Mirrored Expression Note: Because the backside of the expression will be visible, air pocketsmay also be visible. To reduce the number of airpockets, hold up one end of the expression andpull it tight as you slowly burnish the expressionon to the surface.curved surfaces • When applying expressions to curved surfaces,remove any excess paper by cutting aroundthe expression. • With the backing paper still on, place theexpression on the curved surface and markthe areas where the expression doesn’t touchthe surface. • Make relief slits along the paper so the expressioneasily wraps around and lies against the surface (besure not to cut the expression). • Slowly apply the expression by starting at oneend and moving to the other making sure theexpression lies flat. If the surface is glass, metal,porcelain, or any other smooth surface, take specialcare not to let the adhesive side of the expressiontouch the surface too soon, as these surfaces do notallow repositioning. • Burnish the expression onto the surface and thenremove the transfer tape.textured wallsUL decorative expressions may not adhere well toheavily textured walls. We strongly recommend that youtest the surface using a free customer sample beforeapplying your expression to a heavily textured wall.(Ask your Demonstrator for a free sample.) • Use the Hinge Method found in the InstallationInstructions to position your expression. As youburnish your expression, you may want to use acloth or your thumb to press the expression into thegrooves of the textured wall. • If your expression is not transferring from the tapeto the wall, before removing the transfer tape, geta spray bottle or a wet cloth and wet the front ofthe tape. Apply more water if it is not releasing.This will help the expression release from the tape.Make sure your paint will not be damaged byexcess water before you dampen your wall.
  3. 3. ©2008 Uppercase Living®, LLC. All rights reserved.3growth chart • When applying an Uppercase living Growth Chart,measure up one foot from the floor and make amark on the wall. • When you apply the growth chart, make sure thismark lines up with the one foot mark on the growthchart to assure that the growth chart accuratelymeasures the height of an individual.large expressionsSometimes the traditional Hinge Method doesn’t workfor oversized expressions you are applying to a wallsurface. Instead, try the following steps: • Ask two people to help you. Position the expressionwhere you want it on the wall, and have them holdit in place. • Using a pencil, lightly mark both top corners.Then, draw a vertical line near the top center of theexpression. Draw the line half on the wall, andhalf on the transfer tape. (You will use these marksto reposition the expression after removing thebacking paper.) • Remove the expression from the wall, and peel offthe backing paper. • With each person holding one of the top cornersof the transfer tape, realign the expression withthe marks on the wall. Start with one corner, thenthe center line, and then the opposite corner.Carefully smooth the expression onto the wallwith your hands. • Use the UL Transfer Tool to firmly burnish theexpression onto the wall from the center outward.Remove the transfer tape from the expression, andthen erase the pencil marks from the wall.Product Tips Tricks_1108