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Content team march 2014 update
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Content team march 2014 update


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OpenStack Content Team Working Meeting …

OpenStack Content Team Working Meeting
March 2014

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. OpenStack Content Team Working Meeting Margie Callard March 2014
  • 2. 2 Agenda ‣ Recap of goals/structure for team ‣ Current Foundation content goals through May ‣ How you can help now ‣ Feedback
  • 3. 3 OpenStack Content Team Goals 1. Leverage community resources to produce more content 2. Engage community subject matter expertise 3. Incorporate direct feedback from customers and users
  • 4. 4 ‣ Diverse representation across countries, regions, areas of expertise ‣ Working group willing to bring resources to the table and collaborate Content Team Makeup Goals
  • 5. 5 • Gap analysis: identifying content that’s missing and setting priorities around those gaps for completion • Protect positioning: developing content that’s consistent with positioning and branding • Keep current: update content as it changes in a timely manner Scope of work
  • 6. 6 • Output: Educational, non-commercial • Mediums: print collateral, videos, website, webinars, etc. Gap analysis: identifying content that’s missing and setting priorities around those gaps for completion • Distribution • Via marketing portal to ecosystem companies, directly to users at events and webinars • Creative commons licensing to allow others to use Type of content
  • 7. 7 1. Team prioritization of content approved for development 2. Team member volunteers resources for content and potentially forms a sub-group, sets deadline for completion. 3. Keep in touch with Foundation for questions and submit drafts back to Content Team for group review 4. Once draft received, group has a formal period of time to review through Google docs and submit comments before Foundation works with assigned resource to finalize Process to develop/submit content ollaboration tools
  • 8. 8 Current Foundation Content Goals 1. Updating existing data sheets – Mid-March 2. Icehouse discussions – End of March 3. Icehouse strategy deck for team – early April 4. Icehouse briefings press/analysts – early April 5. Icehouse release: demo, updated landing page, software pages updated, webinar: April 17 6. Marketing portal updates: videos, collateral: May 12 7. Potential collateral – how to get involved with OpenStack: May 12/by Summit
  • 9. 9 1) Icehouse discussions: Users, Operators • Conducting interviews of PTLs, users, operators next two weeks. Any ideas of people to chat with please send to me. 2) For Atlanta Summit: Baseball cards/users • By Summit: Goal - 20 done (out of 100+ list on user site) • Let me know if interested in helping • One-pager, working to finalize format, relatively short • Company name, industry, type of cloud, projects • Challenge section • Solution section How you can help ollaboration tools
  • 10. 10 1. What’s the best way to communicate with you? • Mailing List, Google Docs Collaboration Tools, Google Hangout? Sync in? Meeting Burner? WebEx? Opinions? 2. How often should we have meetings (we’ll have one more before the Summit) – monthly, twice a month? 3. Any interest in some sort of gamification program for contributors or curators of content? 4. Happy hour at the Summit? Opinion on best day? Feedback ollaboration tools