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1 Pantnagar

1 Pantnagar



Presentation on KM at Pantnagar University, India

Presentation on KM at Pantnagar University, India



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    1 Pantnagar 1 Pantnagar Presentation Transcript

    • Knowledge Management in Agropedia Indica Pantnagar Workshop Margherita Sini (FAO) 31 July ‘08 – 2 August ‘08
    • Outline
      • Knowledge Management & Knowledge Modeling
      • Knowledge Maps
      • Representation languages
      • Metadata
      • AOS
      • Agropedia Indica
      • What’s next
      • Take home messages
    • Before we start... (1/3)
      • Data : numbers, words, images  symbols as measurements or observations of a set of variables.
      • Information : data that are processed to be useful. Contextualized data. Information includes human participation in the organization of raw data.
      • Knowledge : (Oxford Dictionary) “expertise, and skills acquired by a person through experience or education”. Involve expressing, sharing, processing. Intuitions! Confident understanding of a subject with the ability to use it for a specific purpose if appropriate.
    • Before we start... (2/3) INFORMATION DATA 105.7 white KNOWLEDGE If I want to cook an Idli , I need to use a white Short-Grain rice such as Rambhog Rice . 6mm length Brown Rice Jasmine Rice 2.5mm length White Botan Rice Size of grain Color Variety
    • Before we start... (3/3)
      • Knowledge
        • Explicit knowledge : Explicit knowledge is knowledge that has been or can be articulated, codified, and stored in certain media (@Wikipedia)
        • Tacit knowledge : resides in one’s mind!
      • The AAA paradigm
        • A nybody and say A nything about A ny topic.
    • Knowledge Management
      • Create, capture, analyse, apply, and reuse knowledge; 
      • The process responsible for gathering, analysing, storing and sharing knowledge and information;
      • It involves the design, review and implementation of both social and technological processes;
      • Making it available to others;
      K from Peoples! K for Computers!
    • Knowledge Modeling
      • Create knowledge models
      is white
    • Some definitions (1/3)
      • Concepts / Classes: idea; thought;
      • Individuals / Instances: objects of some type;
      • Relations / Relationships / Properties / Links: ways that classes and objects can be related to one another;
      • Attributes: properties, features, characteristics, or parameters that objects (classes or instances) can have;
    • Some definitions (2/3) Concept Instance Rambhog Rice Link / Relationship Rambhog Rice is a type of Rice Attributes
      • color
      • size
      • trade name
      • hasDaysOfApplicationAfterSowing
      • hasDaysOfApplicationBeforeSowing
    • Some definitions (3/3)
      • Relationships types:
        • linking concepts:
          • Hierarchical: subClassOf ( are )
          • Associative: objectProperty
        • linking concepts to instances:
          • Is a type of ( is a )
        • linking concept to values:
          • dataTypeProperty
      Rambhog Rice Rice is a (type of) white Rice hasColor (dataTypeProperty)
    • Thesaurus and other KOS
      • Knowledge Organization Systems
        • Classification schemes
        • Subject lists
        • Gazetteers
        • Glossaries
        • Thesauri
      • Thesaurus: is a structured controlled vocabulary
      • Term based
      • Maybe multilingual
    • Knowledge Maps / Concept Maps
      • Different types
      • Should address a specific problem
      • In one or multiple languages
    • Taxonomy Map ( are )
    • Partitivity Map ( hasPart or isPartOf )
    • Attribute Map ( hasAttribute or hasValue )
    • Process Map ( usesProcess )
    • Concept Map
    • Concept Map
    • Topic Map
      • topics - representing any concept (e.g. people, countries, organizations, software modules, individual files, events)
      • associations - which represent the relationships between topics
      • occurrences - which represent relationships between topics and information resources relevant to them
    • Ontologies
      • More rich KM
      • Rules, axioms, ...
      • Ontology editors: Protégé, NeOn Toolkit, Swoop
    • Representation languages
      • Technologies for Knowledge Management
        • machine interpretability (processed by applications)
        • standardized
        • bases of semantic web
      • Types
        • RDF and RDFS
        • OWL: add formal semantics
        • Topic Map: ISO standard ( XML )
    • Metadata
      • When you describe a given object (a book, a person, a product, etc.) with some information, you are actually using metadata: any type of description of an object or resource can be considered metadata.
      • A set of elements used to describe an object is called the metadata element set.
    • Knowledge Modeling in Agriculture
    • Knowledge Modeling in Agriculture
      • AOS
      • AGROVOC
      • AGROVOC Concept Server
      • Agropedia KMs
      • Agropedia Indica
    • AOS
    • AGROVOC Thesaurus
    • AGROVOC Concept Server WB
    • Agropedia KMs (1/2) CMap Editor. Generic model (one only) Specific models
    • Agropedia KMs (2/2)
    • Agropedia Indica this is a document about rice and its pests..... Once the rice ap- pear in the world ..... Mad Cow Disea- se is the commonly used name for Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) .... results.....
    • What’s next
      • Now it’s up to you...:
        • Build more KMs!
        • Add content! (indexing)
      • Agropedia Team:
        • Translate KMs in Hindi, Telegu, and others
        • Complete the infrastructure
        • Enrich services
    • The original problem... color rice recipe size usedToCook hasColor hasSize Jasmine white brown Idli 6mm 2.5mm hasInstance usedToCook hasSize Rambhog hasColor KNOWLEDGE If I want to cook an Idli , I need to use a white Short-Grain rice such as Rambhog Rice.
    • Take home messages
      • Knowledge Maps to express your knowledge
      • Concepts, Instances, Relationships, Attributes
      • Relationships: hierarchical, associative (objectProperties), for values (dataTypeProperty)
      • Ontology languages for computer consumption
      • Metadata to describe resources
      • AOS as pool of services
      • Agropedia Indica to publish and share your knowledge and resources
    • References
      • KM: http://www.epistemics.co.uk/Notes/90-0-0.htm
      • CMap: http://cmap.ihmc.us/Publications/ResearchPapers/TheoryCmaps/TheoryUnderlyingConceptMaps.htm
      • RDF / RDFS: http://www.w3.org/TR/rdf-schema/
      • OWL: http://www.w3.org/TR/owl-features/
      • Metadata: ftp :// ftp.fao.org/gi/gil/gilws/aims/references/flyers/metadata_en.pdf
      • AGROVOC and AOS: http://www.fao.org/agrovoc/
      • AGROPEDIA: http://www.agropedia.net
    • Thanks! [email_address]