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Lt svedijos santykiu-raida


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Lithuanian-Swedish relations …

Lithuanian-Swedish relations

Published in: Business
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  • 2. The First Contacts●In the Middle Ages relationship between theBaltic tribes and Swedish tribes was diverse.●In 853 AD Swedish Vikings attacked Apuolecastle but didn’t occupy it. Isolated Vikingsparticipated in the Crusade against the Balticpagans.●During that time bilateral trade was active.●It is thought, that for the first time the Vikingsarrived in Lithuania in 1323. They were officiallyinvited by Lithuanians.
  • 3. Viking expansion
  • 4. Most Vikings reached Curonian, Samogitian,Skalvian and Prussian tribes.Vikings used to have wars with them.
  • 5. Lithuanian - Swedish Union●In 1562, Kotryna Jogailaitė and Jonas the 3rdVasa married in Vilnius.●This marriage allowed Sweden to join theactivities of Polonian LithuanianCommonwealth (PLC) to protect their mutualinterests in the Eastern Europe and intrude intoPLC internal problems.●This marriage united several important kinshipsin the Western Europe: Jogailaičiai –Gediminaičiai and Vasas.
  • 6. Europe during the 15th century
  • 7. The Rule of Vasas in PLC inthe 16th-17th centuries●Vasas tried to get power in Sweden, so PLCwas involved to fight against Russia, Prussiaand other countries.●Wars were no success neither for PLC norSweden. At that time Russia became powerfulon the East Baltic coast.●Wars led to unrests in PLC, so the Grand Duchyof Lithuania made Kėdainiai Union with Swedenin 1655 to cancel union with Poland.
  • 8. Vasa’s blazon
  • 9. PLC in Vasa’s rule period
  • 10. Lithuanian – Swedish relationshipbefore World War II●During World War I, while Lithuania was trying todeclare its independence, the branch of fund to supportthe War Victims in Sweden was active. It coordinatedthe activities of Lithuanian immigrants.●In 1921 Sweden acknowledged Lithuania as country dejure. The most active Lithuanian diplomat in Šwedenwas Ignas Šeinius.●At Vytautas Magnus University in 1932 the Swedishlanguage course was started; in 1931 in Stockholm theBaltic Institute was opened, in 1936 the Lithuanianlanguage course at Stockholm university was tought.
  • 11. Europe after World War I
  • 12. Lithuanian – Swedish relations sinceWorld War II till the end of 20th century●Sweden did not acknowledge Lithuania’s occupation in1940.●In 1943 in Sweden the Baltic committee was created,with goal to require that the USSR re-established theindependence of the Baltic states.●In 1989 in Gotland Island the 36th European -Lithuanian study week was called. During it Lithuanianemigrants approved of the re-establishment ofLithuania’s independence.●In 1989 the Baltic countries were visited by the Ministerof Foreign Affairs of Sweden Sten Andersson .●Since 1990 Lithuanian and Swedish collaboration wasvery active.
  • 13. Lithuanian – Swedish relationship atthe meeting point of 20th-21st centuries●In 1991 Lithuanian Information Office in Stockholm wasopened to refresh relationship between the countries.●After Sweden was admitted to the EU, it sought theBaltic countries participation in the EU.●Year 2000 was declared the Baltic Countries Year bySweden.●Year 2011 was again declared the Baltic Countries Yearby Sweden.●Since 2004 Lithuanian – Swedish relationship is basedon mutual goal to find the solution to the problem ofenergetical security.
  • 14. On July 6, 2009 the King of Sweden Karl the 16thGustav and Queen Silvia participated in the eventsto commemorate Lithuania’s name.
  • 15. Swedish officials visits to Lithuania●On March 15, 2011 Sweden’s PrimeMinister Fredrik Reinfeldt met PresidentDalia Grybauskaite and Prime MinisterAndrius Kubilius.
  • 16. On July 16, 2009 President DaliaGrybauskaite visited Stockholm.
  • 17. On August 15, 2011 Prime Minister ofLithuania Andrius Kubilius visited Sweden.