Research Paper for Graphic Design


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Research Paper for Graphic Design

  1. 1. Margaret WylieMrs. Maxwell - 1st period10 November 2011 Graphic Design Architecture can be defined as the process and production of planning, designing, andconstructing the final product ("Architecture"). Within the job of an architect, graphic designersplay a major role. One of the first steps to planning out how a piece of architecture will look andwhere it will be placed is drawing out the details and taking many factors into consideration.Graphic Designers are the first to decide the layout of the building, design what it will look likeone built, draw a sketch of even the minor details. For example, if an apartment complex is goingto be built, a graphic designer has to first design where pieces will be placed and the uniqueshapes that the building itself will show after the design is brought to life. Graphic designers notonly have a job that requires them to complete many duties for a task, but they also have to bewell skilled in different areas such as communication abilities and knowing how to produceinteresting layouts In order to complete the duties of a graphic designer, there are more qualities in additionto skills that a person needs to obtain to have a successful career. Those qualities include thingssuch as being able to listen to your client’s wants and needs, be able to manage your time wisely,be flexible with ideas and times to meet with your clients and be sure to pay attention to not onlymajor details, but also the minor ones. Listening to your clients can be important because youmust pay attention to their targeted audience and comprehend what kind of message the client islooking to deliver. Organizing many projects for different people can become time consumingand distracting so being organized can help you manage how long it will take to complete
  2. 2. individual tasks. Also, flexibility helps the graphic designer be able to work with different peoplein search for unique projects. Each person is going to require a certain level of needs and skills tocomplete a layout, logo, etc. Since each task includes distinctive touches, paying attention tointricate details is certainly a huge part of the job (Qualities of a Good Graphic Designer). Graphic designers are used for various projects and ideas; their job is rarely limited tojust one specific task. Many jobs can use anything from film media to print methods. Thesecontrasting types of design can be also be similar with the ways of evaluating popping colors,illustrations, type, photography used in the finished products, animation, and finally printmakingtechniques ("Graphic Designer: Job Duties, Career Outlook, and Education Requirements").Printmaking can be defined as the process it takes to make artwork by printing on paper or othermaterials and surfaces. One reason that printmaking if often preferred but rarely used is becauseeach piece is unique because a drawing or sketch is used for each printing; yet, more than onetechnique listed above may be used to complete the print ("Graphic Design"). Along with theprinting process, layouts and page setups are extremely important and may have to be completedbefore you continue on with producing the finishing product. When looking at the skills necessary to have when looking into earning a bigger career inbeing a graphic designer and they mostly revolve around the visual arts themselves. Typography,page layout, interface design, and printmaking are the main skills to focus on. Taking them allinto further explanation, first, typography is the art of creating type designs and arranging theway type is positioned. Arrangement of type can be the size of the type, how long the text linesare, how far spaced letters are, and the different fonts and typefaces the text can have.Typography was used before digital art was produced but after digitization, typography was thenopened up to new generations of visual designers and also layout users. Typography is a key
  3. 3. item in creating an advertising design portfolio; often separates a good from great designer("Graphic Design Skills"). Next, page layout deals with not only how the text will be arrangedbut the style of elements and content that you acquire on the print. Like typography, page layoutis very common because it creates pieces as simple as a newspaper or magazine. Also, interfacedesign is much of the previous two skills combined. While typography and page layout isfocused on text for print materials, interface design takes text and layouts and creates webdesigns ("Graphic Design", Wikipedia). In order to complete the design requested by a client, you must have communicationsskills because a graphic designer cannot finish a pleasing layout without knowing what his or herclients find to be appealing and what will be able to connect with their target audience. In orderto catch the attention of the intended audience, graphic designers must think about cultural,physical, and social factors when planning and, shortly there are, creating the designs for them.Meeting with clients and art directors and then doing their own research gives them the relevantinformation that is needed to form an idea. Throughout the years, one of the most crucial stepsfor designers is to identify what their clients/consumers need and what they are looking for(Occupational Outlook Handbook: Graphic Designers). Referring back to the duties and skills ofa graphic designer, you must be able to indicate what your consumer is looking for, but also givea reasonable cost and be able to manage all of their large and minute details in a reasonableamount of time ("Graphic Designer Job Duties"). This is because corporations are searching fornew ways to catch the eyes of new people on a daily basis by creating exciting designs andlayouts. All in all, graphic design is one of the major steps in architecture and is needed to createthings, such as buildings, before they can actually be built. Graphic designers play such a huge
  4. 4. role because without planning and drawing layouts, architects wouldnt be able to finish eachtask they are given. Like the previous example, before building an apartment complex, manyplans and thought have to be in ahead of time to make sure the people surrounding the designerscomplete it the right way. Important details like plumbing and what materials used to build areoften figured up by the designers, then verified by the architects later. Lastly, graphic design isnot just about drawing figures and handing off papers; they have to be able to communicate wellwith the people around them on a daily basis to keep their clients happy.