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Product Work Log

  1. 1. Product Work LogName: Margaret Wyile_____________________________________ Date __11/25/11____Product: Learning how to advertise a business correctly and what is required of a graphicdesigner before someone can complete a building projectDate/Time: Activities: Comment/Suggestions:9/7/11 Decided on project and found a Graphic Designs –6:00-8:15 (2.25hrs) facilitator draw sketches9/9/11 Met with facilitator and finalized Sandi Sullivan (PF)6:00-6:45 (0.75hrs) project topic9/14/11 Called Sandi to write down her 4 degrees covered in 65:30-7:00 (1.5hrs) background info years of college9/15/11 Talked to Karen Wylie about additions More imaginative and4:00-5:30 (1.5hrs) she would want to the playground brain stimulating area9/26/11 Called Lowes and Home Depot to ask5:00-8:00 (3hrs) about prices for hypothetical materials Make two tally lists to find the cheaper way9/28/11 Shopping at Michael’s for extra pieces6:00-7:30 (1.5hrs) to build model of the playground Popsicle sticks, glue, colored pieces10/18/11 Met with a plumber for ideas about7:00-9:15 (2.25hrs) water fountains in the yard Hoses ran through clean bird baths11/1/11 Decided on final design needed for the8:00-9:00 (1hr) layout sketch Pirates, Puppets, Reading Nook12/5/11 Discussed plumbing violations – cant4:30-6:00 (1.5hrs) use hoses at the private school because Use PVC pipes instead of the led in the hose of hoses
  2. 2. Date/Time: Activities: Comment/Suggestions:01/2/12 Met with Karen, Sandi, and Ronald Found out I would1:00-3:30 (2.5hrs) and discussed the project and the have to change my amount of money it would take and project because there the time that would have to be put was too many into it to finish it by senior boards. conflicting problems with financial support, timing, and difficulty find all the parts we would need.01/7/12 Talked on the phone with Sandi and We decided to draw4:00-6:30 (2.5hrs) Karen about what a new project could sketches for the 4 foot consist of that would still incorporate fencing required by graphic design. state law and advertise to get my mom’s business well known.01/8/12 My mom and I went out to UPS and UPS had cheaper copies12:00-5:00 (5hrs) FedEx to compare prices for flyers. in bulk amounts and Then we went to Home Depot and Lowes had cheaper Lowes to compare prices for the prices on the hinges materials to buy wood, lattice, hinges, and screws but Home and screws. Depot would be cheaper as a whole to get all the supplies from there.01/14/12 Spent the day helping my mom build Pressure treated 2 by 4s10:00AM-2:00PM the fencing panels. so they wouldn’t rot in3:30PM-7:00PM the rain. Each panel(7.5hrs) used four 4X8s that were 3.27 each. We used wood screws that were 8.47 per box. The vinyl lattice was 19.97 each. Lastly, the hinges were about six dollars each
  3. 3. 01/15/12 Took 500 black and white flyers and Not a good turnout. We1:00PM-4:00PM distributed them to 100 businesses and only had seven phone(3hrs) 400 neighborhood homes. calls and two children enroll.01/19/12 Created the new advertisement and We decided to do7:00PM-9:00PM ordered the first 10 online to see what postcard-like(2hrs) they looked like. advertisement so it was short, simple, and to the point. 500 would be taken expensive so we saved those for a later date and made brochures.01/28/12 Took a new brochure to the UPS store The brochures had a1:00PM-4:00PM and made 500 hundred copies. Then better turn out then the(3hrs) took them and put 100 in businesses original flyers. We and 400 to neighborhood homes. received 12 phone calls and four children enrolled.03/18/12 – 03/20/12 Putting together my presentation and(5hrs) recollecting all the receipts and calculating the final costs and taking pictures of the final projects.TOTAL HOURS:45.75 hours