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Cil2013 engaging teen library users


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This presentation was given at the Computers in Libraries conference in Washington DC on April 7th, 2013.

This presentation was given at the Computers in Libraries conference in Washington DC on April 7th, 2013.

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  • 1. +Teen Library Users:Engaging the NextGenerationMargaret PortierDirector of Innovative Family ServicesFayetteville Free Library
  • 2. +Fayetteville FreeLibrary Suburban library Chartered to serve 10,000 School district highly ranked inscience and math Supportive community Active volunteer base 7 full-time librarians
  • 3. +Fayetteville Free LibraryCulture of Innovation Open discussions Monthly staff forum anddirectors’ meeting Flexibility LIS student clerks Universal staff buy-in Maker culture
  • 4. +Full STEAM Ahead!Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math aren’t just forschools.
  • 5. +Common Core and STEAM More age-interesting nonfiction More historically accuratefiction Displays that match currentschool projects Growing graphic novel andmanga collections Fiction and nonfiction More programming aroundthese core subjects Maker Culture Embrace the community’sinterests Trick teens into learning Start young Don’t leave out the parentsand educatorsCommon Core STEAM
  • 6. + Teen Programming atthe FFLLEGO RoboticsFirst Lego LeagueMission:LEGOSTEAMPunk Club!Creation ClubTeen Volunteer OpportunitiesFuture Teen Engagement
  • 7. +FIRST® LEGO® LeagueFIRST LEGO League is an international competitive LEGO Roboticsteam for 9-14 year-olds that involves programming LEGO robots,completing a public service research project, and learning teamworkand cooperation.
  • 8. +FFL’s The Inside Joke 10 members Ages 9-14 All levels of abilities 2012 Challenge: Senior Solutions Robot Game Project Core Values
  • 9. +Mission:LEGOAn opportunity for teens to learn about programming and LEGOrobotics in a hands-on mission based after-school program
  • 10. + Your Mission:LEGO, should you chooseto accept it… Materials: LEGO Mindstorms Kits Computers (one per kit) Kids Process Introduce the pieces Introduce the software Separate into teams Announce the Mission Or have them come upwith itMaterials Process
  • 11. +STEAMPunk Club!A steampunk genre reading club that includesScience, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math projects.
  • 12. +STEAMPunk Club!• Each month sponsored bya steampunk YA novel• Book discussion• Hands on projects
  • 13. +STEAMPunk! Projects• Hot air balloons• Salt water and air batteries• Wind turbines• Takeapart• Skeletons
  • 14. +Creation ClubAn afterschool club for middle school students interested in digitalmedia.
  • 15. +FFL CommunityCreation Lab(and FFL Fab Lab)Adobe Creative SuiteGreen screen wallVideo camerasPodcast stationiLife SuiteiPads3D Printers3D modelling software
  • 16. +Creation Club•1st week of the month – Workshop on how to use something in the CreationLab•Last week of the month – Share what you made this month
  • 17. +Creation Club February – Podcast Audacity March – Image editing Adobe Photoshop April – Movie editing iMovie 3D modelling Google Sketch-up Autodesk 123D Blender Advanced video editing Using the green screen Adding effects Music creation Garageband AudacitySo far in 2013… Coming soon…
  • 18. +Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you theCreation Club’s creations!
  • 19. +Teen Volunteer OpportunitiesGetting teens to volunteer to do what they do best.
  • 20. +Teen Corps of Volunteers Adopt a Shelf Event support Display arrangement Program prep support Processing project assistance Smart Play
  • 21. +Teen Tech Squad One-on-one technologyassistance Drop-in help desk Trained on troubleshootingmost common technologyissues Assist with FFL IT initiatives
  • 22. +Digital Media Expert League Trained on all technologies in the Creation Lab Provide support and training of patrons during drop-in hours in theCreation Lab Create digital content for the FFL
  • 23. +Bookworms Prepare and run FFL BookSales Use detective skills todetermine category/genre ofbooks Add books to FFL Book SaleLibraryThing account Shelve FFL Book Sale books
  • 24. +Future Teen EngagementTo infinity and beyond…
  • 25. +Onward and Upward! Minecraft free play drop-inprogram Comic and Manga Read/WriteForum Recruit teen volunteers More Making More STEAM programming More involvement with families More opportunities for teens toparticipate collaboratively More teen leaders More fun!Coming Soon Big Goals
  • 26. +Margaret PortierDirector of Innovative Family Servicesmportier@fflib.orgTwitter: