Glossary lucky escapes


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Glossary lucky escapes

  1. 1. Inside OutLucky escapes – Glossarybruise noun [countable] open fire verb phrasea mark that you get on your body if you are hit or to start shooting a gunif you knock against something Troops opened fire on the crowd.climbing noun [uncountable] paw noun [countable]the activity of climbing mountains and rocks for the foot of some animals such as cats, dogs, andenjoyment and exercise bearscome to a halt verb phrase permit verb [transitive]to stop moving, or to stop a person or vehicle from to allow someone to do something, or to allowmoving something to happenconstriction noun [countable/uncountable] rifle noun [countable]the act of constricting (to become smaller or a large gun with a long barrel that you hold againstnarrower, or to make something do this) your shoulder to firecushion noun [countable] rucksack noun [countable]a layer that separates two objects and prevents one a bag that you carry on your back, used when youfrom hitting or touching the other are walking long distances or travelling to several different placesdiameter noun [countable/uncountable]MATHS a straight line that crosses a circle through save someone’s life verb phrasethe centre, or the length of this line to stop someone from dyingThe dome is ten feet in diameter. A man who was passing saved her life by pulling her out of the water.drag verb [transitive]to pull someone strongly or violently when they do self-defence noun [uncountable]not want to go with you actions that you take or force that you use in order to protect yourselfexpedition noun [countable] Margaret claims she was acting in self-defencelong journey organized for a particular purpose, when she shot him.especially to a dangerous or distant place shot noun [countable]fracture noun [countable] a bullet that is fired from a guna break or crack in a bone The third shot hit the officer in the chest.She was admitted to hospital with fractures of bothlegs. slide verb [intransitive] to move smoothly and quickly across a surfacehammock noun [countable] The doors slid open.a bed consisting of a long piece of cloth or net tiedat each end to posts or trees slip verb [intransitive] if you slip, your feet slide accidentally and youinjured adjective lose your balance or fall overhurt in an accident or attackPeter brushed aside worries about his injured slope noun [countable]knee. the side of a hill or a mountainjaw noun [countable] venom noun [uncountable]the lower part of your face that includes your chin poison produced by some animals, especiallyand your bottom teeth snakes and insectskayaking noun [uncountable] wrap (a)round phrasal verb [transitive]an activity in which you move in a small covered to put something around something elsecanoe (narrow boat with a point at each end) with a He grabbed a towel to wrap round his waist.single paddle that has two flat endsThis page has been downloaded from It is photocopiable, but all copies must becomplete pages. Copyright © Macmillan Publishers Limited 2011. Definitions from the Macmillan English Dictionary 2nd Edition© Macmillan Publishers Limited 2007 and the Macmillan Essential Dictionary © Macmillan Publishers Limited