Hiring for Attitude and Aptitude: Get the Brains and The Smile


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What about the concept of medium skills. I feel like we may have missed the boat on this one. Medium skills is something I just made up, which is basically that little section of the job req that means minimum. The minimum skill level. I know that sounds like something that will make your hiring managers howl but hear me out. The basic threshhold at which someone can do the job should be enough, especially if you like the attitude of said person. Take me for example, I have held executive level marketing positions in multiple companies in four major industries, most recently and for the longest…this one, HR and Recruiting. In all those years, I have never gotten my MBA, become certified in any damn thing, or used a program in the same way from one company to another. Hold on, I know I am making myself sound really bad right now….

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  • Another approach is to map the position you're looking to fill with a set of key results you're looking for the candidate to deliver. For each result identify the minimum level of authority that the employee should be trusted with for a smooth operation.

    Wait, Ask, Suggest, Tell after acting, or fully Empowered. to act independently (WASTE) Ideally the candidate will progress to being fully empowered and able to act independently once they are in the job. However, for a given organization to run smoothly, the candidate has to be trusted to operate without gumming up the works

    Fill the position with an individual with the right aptitude and attitude and the existing experience, skills, and judgment to handle the minimum required authority. (Read my Conference Board blog entry for an expansion of this approach. http://hcexchange.conference-board.org/blog/post.cfm?post=2768)...John
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Hiring for Attitude and Aptitude: Get the Brains and The Smile

  1. Hiring for Both Attitude & Aptitude
  2. I’m Maren! ! I market! ! I write! ! I hire!
  3. Attitude Aptitude
  4. Can be cheaper initially! Companies can mold them! Training is tailored! ! ! ! ! Strong cultural fit boosts retention!
  5. In a 3 year study of 5,247 hiring managers & tracked 20,000 new hires; Of 20k new hires 46%! of them failed within 18 months.
  6. But even more surprising than the failure rate was that when new hires failed, 89% of the time it was for attitudinal reasons and only 11% of the time for a lack of skill.
  7. Bad attitudes or attitudes that aren’t in line with the company culture will lead to high turnover.
  8. low morale funky productivity high costs
  9. What’s your favorite movie? What’s your favorite website? What’s the last book you read for fun? What makes you uncomfortable?
  10. “This trend leads to job interviews that focus as much on whether a candidate prefers Star Wars or Star Trek as they do on… his or her actual qualifications.”
  11. Fluff?
  12. WAIT! There’s another side to the equation.
  13. but can they perform?
  14. “Attitudes will only get you so far, and when real change is needed — innovation, for example — then attitudes are not likely to be enough to get you to where you want to go. In such situations, you need skills, and lots of them.” Bill Fischer, a Forbes contributor
  15. Diversity = innovation Or at least the potential for it…
  16. “The tendency is to hold on to the past — to believe that what made a company successful up to this point will continue to make it successful in the future. Psychologists tell us this is human nature: People fear the unknown.”
  17. 30% of companies polled had to outsource the positions for which they didn’t have adequately skilled employees.
  18. 17% hiring managers said that job seekers have the skills and traits their organization are looking for in a candidate.
  19. Medium Skills?
  20. Attitude trumps skills
  21. Employers need to meet somewhere in the middle soft skills + hard skills
  22. ATTITUDE + APTITUDE . . OBVIOUS CHOICE Recently there has been such a strong push to hire for attitude that s k i l l s are steadily falling by the wayside
  23. Build a profile Your key people share: Values Interests Goals Work styles Comms type
  24. Let’s try Asking them
  25. What are the three things you need to discern if someone is a skills fit? 3 An attitude fit?
  26. Maybe it’s Carl’s fault
  27. The best of intentions can be soured by a poor experience. Especially if that experience takes forever.
  28. John Myrna, HR Pro “Hire based on aptitude, i.e. having enough grey matter to master the skills, and attitude, i.e. the passion and commitment to put in the time to master the skills.”
  29. Keeping a good balance in your workforce means keeping a balance in your hiring process. Hire for attitude — yes, but make sure they are trainable.
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