Beyond the Big Three: Social Recruiting Today #ILSHRM 2013


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This is a session I initially presented at Illinois SHRM. Drawing heavily on articles by Raj Sheth, John Sullivan and Jon Bishke and my own research and client base, it discusses how to source and recruit using social media tools besides Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Tools like Quora, Github, Instagram and more.

This presentation covers:

-potential uses
-social media statistics
-best practices

and includes quotes or work from:

- Jon Bishke of Entelo
- Raj Sheth of RecruiterBox

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Beyond the Big Three: Social Recruiting Today #ILSHRM 2013

  2. My name is Maren Hogan. You can find me on the internet @marenhogan If you want to chat after, we totally can.
  3. …social recruiting has been done to death…
  4. HR Pros have nailed the Big 3 of social media Facebook LinkedIn Twitter but…
  5. …going beyond the big three is the next step.
  6. Some of us were dragged into the social media world screaming and kicking.
  7. It has become apparent that social media in recruiting is effective, inexpensive, and … fun?
  8. EXPANDING your company’s reach via these newer social networks is the next step.
  9. THINK BIG or smaller, whichever way you look at it. You’re expanding your reach through smaller outlets.
  10. Wikipedia + Facebook (twist) + LinkedIn (q&a forums) QUORA
  11. Quora enables you to take a DEEPER look into potential candidates
  12. Quora will highlight competitive intelligence, dialogue, and a reflective experience.
  13. OVERWHELMING In the beginning, Quora can be a bit
  14. This is a POWERHOUSE of data that at first may take some time to navigate. BUT   …
  15. sign on, follow those on your Twitter, LinkedIn, & Facebook pages. refine your search and browse by specific topics.
  16. SHOW TELL AND DRIBBBLE = F O R D E S I G N E R S S All types of designers use this site to flaunt their work, process, and projects. It is meant to showcase work and generate leads for designers.
  17. This is a niche site meant specifically for the professional networking of designers and their counterpart sourcers.
  18. GITHUB ALL THINGS CODE Sites like these enable recruiters to save time and resources by giving them quick and easy to access samplings of candidates’ work, whether they’re passive or not.
  19. FourSquare Followers are able to see your location check-ins with comments, tips and pictures.
  20. This is a great way to interact with candidates on a more personal level.
  21. InstagramIt provides unique filters and easy sharing ability of pictures. Like other networks you follow and are followed back.
  22. of American companies use social media for recruiting: 89% of those companies report that they’ve hired through social media in the past year. 64%
  23. A lot of folks pointed out that there are tools that make searching these sites a lot easier. Aggregators
  25. Where the $$$ is
  26. MEET UPa tool for recruiters looking to snag top talent very quickly.
  27. How is this used in HR?
  28. But here’s the dirty little secret about all of these tools, aggregators, groups and technologies: They probably won’t ALL work for you.
  29. The technology and the demographics have changed the game. Any given communications channel may be exactly right or exactly wrong for your recruiting efforts.” “ HRExaminer JohnSumser
  30. There are always GROWING PAINS
  31. If you haven’t put any thought into how you are going to use it or who you are looking for… KEEP IN MIND it will very (embarrassingly) fail.
  32. Paying close attention to: •  the type of people you want +" •  sort of recruiting environment in which you find yourself +" •  the business for which you are being an ambassador ="
  33. Knowing about sites like this & establishing a presence is key.
  34. Become a part of what they are doing, interact, comment, and follow. There are endless possibilities. Engage Your Community
  35. AWAY SHY DON’T from the fun and exciting world of recruiting in social media simply because you’re stuck in your old-school ways.
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  37. Thanks J •! •  402.577.0760! •  @marenhogan! •!