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  1. 1. A Strategic Brand Revival of Mambo strategy & deliverable by marek wolski
  2. 2. releasing the potential in brand Mambo When faced with the scary revelation that three iconic differentiation. Bringing in designers who create, instead Communicating the new brand, category and USP is a brands were in trouble, my first instinct was not to hide of rehashing the old. It’s about surprising consumers challenge. Gen Y’ers are about as interested in Mambo under the covers, seeking advice from my apple ipod, but with new experiences and products, but yet creating an today as they are in yesterday’s discman. Therefore the to head straight to the source and investigate what was expectation to be surprised, to impatiently anticipate the comm strategy must be surprising and impacting and is going on. 100 Gen Yers were surveyed online and asked 23 next season’s stock & to interact with the brand. consequently divided into the ‘Tease’ and the ‘Reveal’. quantitative and qualitative questions. The reason for this is to ensure the right sub-segments The investigation revealed Gen Y isn’t just a demographic Likeable, Livable, Buyable - are the sub-values of Fashion in Gen Y find out about new Mambo in the right ways; categorization, it’s a mindset, a lifestyle comprising of Innovation. These direct everything from communication focused targeting. The Tease is about introducing the attitudes, preferences and habits. The following strategy strategies and product designs to distribution and group influencers to the clothing in unbranded/low- was therefore designed on the foundation of real market pricing. branded messages, to ensure their negative brand memory insights. is not evoked, (a major barrier Mambo faces in forming New positioning is vital. No longer surf or beach, Mambo new brand perceptions in Gen Y). Once they have tried The result is a Brand Overhaul giving birth to a new pioneers a new category of “Afterware”, clothing for the products and accepted the new brand, they can Mambo, with a new collection. This isn’t some dodgy line ‘after the serious stuff’. Being a category founder and become brand advocates, driving the Reveal campaigns. extension strategy as a last minute dash to save the therefore first to category gives an immense strategic Reveal introduces the brand and the products together, brand. It is a total repositioning of Mambo. advantage that is crucial to re-branding Mambo. It can as the social rejection risk is lowered from changed carve out new target perceptions and become the category market perceptions among influencers in the market. Mambo has failed to recognize why they previously enjoyed leader on the platform of “morally innocent clothing, until iconic brand status and brand equity. It wasn’t the crazy you wear them”. Each consumer then creates their own loud coloured patterns, but the fact that that type of brand experience and a personalised relationship is formed, The change in direction for Mambo is dramatic, design was different to all other brands at that time. depending on what their ‘serious stuff’ is and ‘how they provocative and achievable. It’s about daring to succeed The brand has stood still as the market and Gen Y have have fun and corrupt the clothing’. It also ensures that instead of fearing to try. It’s about being relevant to moved forward. Mambo moves ahead of market trends and target demands Gen Y who are always looking forward, never second- by forecasting what consumers will come to expect from guessing. The Gen Y mindset craves differentiation but with inclusion. brands and labels regarding social value (the collection is This contradiction has given birth to Fashion Innovation - made from fair trade and organic materials & hung on the core value of the new brand and collection. It doesn’t Greenhangerstm.) mambo, the new wave of fashion mean crazy, it doesn’t mean out-there; it means innovative
  3. 3. Gen who? (results from oHigh brand awareness oNot in consideration set research) oInternal focus on oSurf not appealing G e n Y : creativity with artists on oDesigns widely disliked M / F 1 7 - 2 9 Live for fun and excitement, staff oPoor distribution, passionate about music & fashion, are involved in causes such as Greenpeace & Fairtrade coffee, and stay in the know constantly oPrice/Quality dissenence online, facebook, street press and mobile. s t r e n g t h s w e a k n e s s e s shopping habits S.W.o.t Purchase clothing often, 1-10 items per month Style/design most important in purchase decision Price value seen as important in relation to quality Brand plays a lesser role in purchase decision (a key challenge to overcome in building brand equity) Style is “casual”, “simple”, “basic but stylish” Discovered their favourites by “just walking into the shop” o p p o r t u n i t i e s t h r e a t s Favourite brands are: Lee, Sportsgirl, Diesel, G Star, Stussy, Country Rd, CK Jeans, Ben Sherman. oWilling to re-try brands oNumber of competitors Favourite shopping locations in order are City, Chapel St, Brunswick St, Chadstone oCuriousity and ease of oRisks in changing attracting trial category membership thoughts on mambo confusion as to brand meaning oLow perceived social risk oRisks of losing other surf category irrelevant disliked product design oWillingness to spend market segments. poor distribution strategies rarely in consideration set oQuality over price
  4. 4. f c a rse h ni ov n r y i hn nn o avm a ot i ooe n) ( o i e e t i g m b d s Values Likeable Livable ( s u b - v a l u e ) ( s u b - v a l u e ) Buyable ( s u b - v a l u e ) Brand that there is an initial that there is a fit with that the most suitable attraction to the design Gen Y lifestyle, habits price and distribution overhaul and positioning and preferences. strategies are used to get to Gen Y Positioning USP Socially progressive clothing both in design and social value afterware “for after the serious stuff” Differientation comes from incorporating attributes that are important to Gen Y and Morally innocent clothing, Afterware embraces life and fun, after the serious stuff, whether that be work, uni or not offered by the market. until you wear them something else. As category founder Mambo can become the Credibility: primary association with the category and Fair trade and organic fabric marks on innova- thus the first choice in purchase decisions. tively designed fashion. Not first to do it, but will be first to communicate and own it.
  5. 5. likeable livable product & service lifestyle exchange Gen Y Mambo Collection Design: fashion innovation aspire for uniqueness driven design Fashion designers, rather than pure artists, designing styles, patterns are socially aware fair trade & organic cuts and fits, not just prints to fabric clothing put on generic clothing cuts. seek fun, excitement & apparellel for going out everything new and active lifestyles For men and women. involvement in brand living crave inclusion activities through Quality: comm strategies Fair trade fabrics and organic fabrics. the brand buyable distribution channels One Wash (14 day) Anti- anything Return Policy Mambo Stores Relaunch New City Store Chadstone Store Corrupted Bag: Mambo Resellers Purchases are put into an organic Fashion Innovation Selected Myer boutiques cotton re-usable bag, with the cur- Workshop basement rent seasons signature design or ( p l a n n i n g , d e s i g n & m a n u f a c t u r i n g ) Campaign Spaces pattern and a discreet but mod- 1st Tease Space est branding. This aims at creating Reveal Space brand and design advocates. 2nd Tease Space
  6. 6. tease.1:Greenhanger City Attack connecting Media: Guerilla How: Unbranded but design baring coathangers are hung up around town, on trains, trees etc. Has directions to the lifestyle space at that time. It lets finder pick anything in store free. Why: Plays on curiosity & inclusion. Creates interest, gets the new products exposed into the market and media buzz. Begins building equity and advocates. Promoting: Afterware category, new designs t e a s e c a m p a i g n s tease.2:Unbranded L ifestyle S p aces t a r g e t : i n n o v a t o r s , e a r l y - a d o p t e r s & m a j o r i t y Media: Ambient / Outdoor / New environments How: New environments are created from unused retail locations are fitted out with innovative talking to the trendsetters and introducing new design, qualities & window+pavement displays to attract interest. Space is not just a temporary shop, but it is a clash of living room, cafe and retail, blending lifestyle elements to create great atmosphere. personality first, before negative brand memory is evoked. Why: Plays on Gen Y discovering their fav brands by simply ‘walking into the shop’. Promoting: Afterware category, new brand offer and USP. trial acceptance tease.3:L aunch F irst New Collectio n Media: Print / Online brand How: Creating buzz and attention in early adopter magazines & websites, progressive street press and online fashion bloggers (eg. Oyster, Vice, Lifelounge). Includes SEO for optimised web presence. Why: Drives interest and potential trial. Begins building new brand image. brand awareness equity Promoting: Afterware category, new brand offer and USP. tease.4:“Corrupted” Web Presen c e Media: Online How: New campaign website and Facebook/Myspace pages, including newsletter, customer feedback & brand advocates Apps. Campaign theme is ‘Corrupted’ - ‘how would you corrupt our morally innocent clothes?’ Why: Plays on inclusion, interactivity and provides comm (in/out) channel to target. Allows target to create their own brand story & personalised relationship. Promoting: USP r e v e a l c a m p a i g n s reveal.1:Walk-In Wardrobe Spac e Media: Outdoor t a r g e t : e a r l y m a j o r i t y , l a t e m a j o r i t y , l a g g a r d s How: Branded space in Flinders St Station Concourse, showcasing the products and the lifestyle they fit into. Mix of gallery, living room and retail space. new brand image cemented with trendsetters, brand can be revealed to Why: Builds on brand awareness from Tease, and provides a unique first experience for majority, lag- gards etc. the remaining groups, reducing new brand social risk. Promoting: Afterware category, new designs, USP, reveal.2:Relaunch Chadstone st o r e brand awareness trial reveal.3:L aunch new store and r es eller s New city store, resellers being Myer and selected boutiques with complementary brand values. reveal.4:P ress launch & 2nd collectio n Media: Print / Online / PR How: Creating buzz and attention in street press, fashion and lifesyle magazines. acceptance brand equity Why: Backing up the promise of innovation, the new collection needs to be communicated. Tease and early Reveal needs to be consolidated with PR. Promoting: Afterware category, new designs & USP