A New Advertising Agency Model


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After what started out as a joke between colleagues, "your European trip can be like working the night shift", I started thinking about how an agency could work to deliver fast results for clients without compromising quality or employee work/life balance.

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A New Advertising Agency Model

  1. 1. a new agency model
  2. 2. the NIGHTSHIFTtm
  3. 3. 3 pressures underpin the current model
  4. 4. 1. Tight Deadlines Delivering work quickly results from unrealistic client deadlines, a necessity to move as fast as market conditions and to launch products & offers that are time limited.
  5. 5. 2. Long Hours Work until late means unpaid overtime, difficulties in finding work/life balance and missing the daylight/ business hours to get personal stuff done
  6. 6. 3. Burn Out Working long hours, night after night, week after week means the team becomes exhausted. This leads to reduced productivity, disabled creativity and general loss of passion for the job.
  7. 7. the NIGHTSHIFT addresses these
  8. 8. The day shift manages the client relationship, prepares briefs and works to allocate appropriate resources. The mid shift consists of both creatives & studio, working to produce the work. The late shift consists of creatives & studio brought in for the lightning turn-around work. Create 3 Shifts
  9. 9. 24hrs: 10:00 Client facing work, briefs, resourcing, approvals 17:30 Brief the Mid-shift 18:00 Mid-shift briefed in 02:00 Mid-shift/Late shift change over 09:30 WIPS/Internal Reviews/Client Presentations Handovers
  10. 10. The additional cost of delivering a better & faster client solution is factored into the revenue benefits they receive from getting to market faster. The additional cost of HR becomes a value-add to the culture, managing work expectations, pressures and personal life balance. A Solution
  11. 11. Thoughts by Marek Wolski @marekting See ‘The Forest Through The Trees’ http://throughthetrees.tumblr.com Thanks