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Saleseffectivity and business intelligence
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Saleseffectivity and business intelligence


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some information about business intelligence second generation (in-memory) Tibco Spotfire and InfomatiX view how to use BI and mobile solutions to increase sales and marketing effectivennes

some information about business intelligence second generation (in-memory) Tibco Spotfire and InfomatiX view how to use BI and mobile solutions to increase sales and marketing effectivennes

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  • 1. Marek Daniłowskibusiness development director sales force automation business intelligence second generation mobile solutions
  • 2. Founded 2002 – Budapest, HUNGARY Our strategicEmployees ~160 partnersCustomers 100+Users 50.000+Partners 15+Company Broad Experience in Business Intelligence & Mobilehighlights International Business Experience Young and Agile Professional Team Dedicated Connections to Universities Continuous R&D Projects in BI & Mobile space Multilingual CultureSomeReferences
  • 3. R&D, Innovation Awards:- Best innovation on EEVC Teams: conferences 2009, 2010 -Professional Services - Nestlé Innovation Price - Enterprise mobility - Most Innovative - Sales Effectiveness Company in R&D, ICT sector Agile Cooperations: - Budapest University of Technology and Economics -Babes Boyai University, Cluj Napoca - Sintef, Norway -- Kuźmiński, Polska
  • 4. Genesis Traditional Custom & Legacy Business Intelligence Applications Cost Savings Packaged Applications Sales Growth Risk Reduction ERP Systems ERP Systems
  • 5. Typical business questionsHow successful is my product at my customer? How do my promotions perform? Assortment optimization? Where do I have/risk Out-Of-Stocks / Dvoids ? How do my new items perform? How do different retailer outlets perform (Store Benchmarking)? What sales patterns do exist? Efficient Pricing & Promotion ? How is my inventory at the retail outlet developing ?
  • 6. SALES EFFECTIVITY This is our answer
  • 7. Sales Effectivity Concept
  • 8. PLAN Planning and visit managementGOALS:• Optimized tours• Intelligence visit frequency handling• Sales/visit targets for sales representativesMEASURES• Target visit number coverage• Visit distribution between targeted customers• Activities sequenceFEATURES• Expenses reduction• Increase effectivness of sales people• Better care of the most prospective customers• Limit too big preasure for some customers• Get full and clearly view of this activity
  • 9. PLAN Field budget planningGOALS:• Dedicated budgets for visitors/clients• Divide into activitiesMEASURES• Number of visits vs targeted• Number of visits vs targeted revenue• Really cost of visists vs targetedFEATURES• Better budget management• Give better represenatives additional possibilities• Aware good sales people• Increase sales effectivenes
  • 10. PLAN Campaign Planning & ExecutionIdentify and target unique customer segments• Provide visibility into unknown trends and relationships in the dataDevelop richer customer profiles and lists• Easily access and combine data from multiple marketing applications to develop 360o customer viewImprove campaign effectiveness• Identify campaign drivers and explore their impact through predictive analytics to improve market share and value
  • 11. DRIVE Drive actions with PLAN !!!SFA / CRM / VanSales / Doctor Visitor:• Sector based field force support• Full range of Mobile extensions in functionality and platformsContract management:• Extended approval management• Discount and pay back registering• Document managementDistributor management:• Integrate sales workflow with 3rd party wholesalers systems
  • 12. DRIVE Monitoring sales efficienty Sales force efficiency messures Reporting tool on multiple levels Surface of daily messaging from HQ Efficient control over the field- workers
  • 13. ANALYZE Sales effictivity with Spotfire AnalysisFrom Out of the box solution … o Interactive data analysis o standard and ad-hoc reportingwith Zero Foot print (thin) client in browser … To BI buildingKnow-how for Field work performancemeasurement with KPI’s • Visit performance analysis, • Sales target comparing • Financial effectivenessall data transformed into powerful, dynamicvisual content performance Dasboards management Scorecards predictive data analysis & drill down into any data
  • 14. ANALYZE BI since 1950’s
  • 15. ANALYZE BI since 1950’s
  • 16. ANALYZE Changing timesNew Database and BI technologies introduced Excel Relational databases Reports can be created through excelData warehousing realized To enable mass data handling Reliable reporting and fast data aggregation Everyone has BI nowadays
  • 17. ANALYZE Current BI architectures
  • 18. ANALYZE IT Centric BI IT Business Developer User Gather Source Load Specifications the data the data Design Data Models PublishERP To User E Data BI Warehouse PlatformCRM T Meta L Data Build Reports Construct OLAP BI MetadataSCM Cube If specifications change, repeat the process!
  • 19. ANALYZE Business user centric BI IT Business Developer User Gather Source Load Specifications the data the data … and/or Multiple Design Data Sources Data Models PublishERP To User Publish/Share w/ others Connect to Data Data Source BI E Warehouse PlatformCRM T Meta L Data Interact & Build Visualize Data Reports OLAP Construct BI Metadata CubeSCM If specifications change, repeat the process!
  • 20. ANALYZE In-memory analytics
  • 21. ANALYZE The new gameStill challenged business issues Data Warehouse projects do NOT deliver  Take Too long, Cost Too much and Requite Too much effort  Not flexible enough in any way IT Driven  Business users have little influence on the results  Cannot change quickly if new approach is necessary Data Explosion  Data amount is hugely increasing  Data sources are also increasing in volume.
  • 22. ANALYZE The new game
  • 23. ANALYZE New era Hardware AccelerationKey Features Hardware optimized to the database engine Not CheapKey Benefits Data Access Speed is tremendously increased Scalable and easy to build clusters on it Columnar databasesKey Features• Totally different approach to data storageKey Benefits• More efficient on aggregate needs• Scalable and easy to build clusters on it
  • 24. ANALYZE In-memory analyticsKey Features• Calculations are done in memory• Independent of any traditional BI formats• Improving hugely and will keep on increasing in significanceKey Benefits• Faster than any BI method for analytical approach• More complex calculations can be achieved in memory• Analytics and data exploration can get back into the focus again• CHEAP compared to the other next gen items
  • 25. Analytic Dashboards ANALYZE Quickly focus on vital informationKey Features• Interactive Summary Views with – Dynamic Values – Wide range of Conditional Icons – Sparklines• Drill-down navigation• Driven by filters, user control• Guided Analytics is the way to step-by-step approachKey Benefits• Key metrics at a glance• Quickly see everything needed on a single screen• Easily & intuitively spot patterns, exceptions, trends and outliers• Quickly drill into details when needed Analytic Dashboards increase productivity and improve data- driven decision making!
  • 26. ANALYZE User Centered DesignKey Features• Clean visual style for graphics, pages and tables – Larger titles on visualizations – Smaller table headers• Easily hide unneeded elements – Popover filters and legends, more control over contents – Individual control over axis labelsIntegratable Into our Current BusinessAPPSKey Benefits• Maximize your useful view – Put your data in focus for rapid insight• Easier to blend in with portals and other applications – Deliver analyses in business context• Intuitive, interactive experience – Discover and focus on the important insights• Shorten ramp up time & ensure adoption
  • 27. ANALYZE
  • 28. ANALYZE On-line Data ExplorationFrom Past to PresentHelping Data Consumers to focus on Information Search• Interactive Data Access• Straightforward visualization and design• Flexible interface for changing and digging deep
  • 29. ANALYZE PredictionsExploring the FUTURE• Exploring possibilities• Usable for analysts• What if? Always the next question• Driving the unknown
  • 30. ANALYZE Contextual & Social CollaborationKey Features• Embed Analytics pages directly into Sharepoint, corporate portals, blogs, etc.• Share out to any social media (with link back) – Visualization, page, or bookmark – Alerting, mobile access• Embed discussions in the analysis – Provide deeper context – Works with other portals as wellKey Benefits• Embed analyses directly in relevant business context – Improve decision quality• Easily socialize your analysis – Leverage collective expertise of distributed teams• Rapid find insights and drive consensus on action – Increase productivity and improve decision making• Improve visibility to key insights – Drive confidence in the data, process, & key decisions
  • 31. ANALYZE Mobility, easy to reach Data Exploration is important on the field as well Tablets widely available Presentation tool Important for Teamwork
  • 32. ANALYZE Plan detail per Division & Customer & EngagementFilter SettingsInvoiceANDPlans- Div / Clients: PS (Empty)- Inv_Date: 2012
  • 33. ANALYZE Overview by project leader - financialFilter SettingsTime & Invoice analysis- Date: 2012- ClientName: (Rafinanz Service Kft.)
  • 34. ANALYZE Sample
  • 35. ANALYZE SummaryUniversal Adaptability Visibility Into the UnknownLeverage a single analytics and data discovery Discover unexpected insights hidden in Big Dataplatform to empower anyone, anywhere to make and Real-Time Events to immediately identifyinsightful decisions strategic business opportunities or threats.Self-Service Discovery Fastest to Actionable InsightFreely explore data to any level of detail, radically Instantly turn insight into action by enablingaccelerating decision making, while dramatically anyone to rapidly discover hidden insights andreducing dependence on IT quickly collaborate in context
  • 36. ANALYZE The Shift to Spotfire Analytics Reporting Analytics / Statistics Interactive Data Q&R MOLAP ROLAP HOLAP Analysis Predictive Mining Stats Dashboards EPMCrystal Reports Cognos PowerPlay Cognos ReportNet Excel SAS IBI Focus Microsoft AS Business Objects SPSS Brio MicroStrategy R Impromptu Qliktech Metaphor Business Objects Spotfire Analytics Essbase MicroStrategy Seibel
  • 37. ANALYZE Enterprise Information Architecture Contextual Collaboration | Executive HR Sales Business IT Staff Treasurer Procurement Professional Manager Analyst Specialist Dimension-Free Data Exploration Data Mashup | Predictive & Event driven | | Enterprise apps Analytic & Business Events Operational Data warehouse Dashboards Predictive Algorithms Excel, Access, SAS, … Analytic Applications Other sources Data on Demand Statistics & EventsEnterprise-class | Mission Unmatched Massive 24x7 Customer Global Domain Security Reliable Performance Scalability Service Expertise
  • 38. ANALYZE Simpler integration to enterprise data
  • 39. ANALYZE TS Enterprise Analytics – Platform Overview Spotfire Spotfire Professional Player Dimension-free Analytic & Analytic Data Operational Applications Exploration Dashboards Administration, Enterprise Security: Integration & In-memory Social Central IT SDK Engines Collaboration LDAP Spotfire Spotfire Server Player tibbr Server Data Mashup Spotfire Spotfire Rules & Spotfire Advanced/ Event Automation Application Statistics Data Services Services Services Services Advanced Real-time Data Connectivity Statistics & Connectivity Predictive AnalyticsWeb Service dataSAP ERP, SAP BI Corporate data martsOther Applications Relational databases
  • 40. ANALYZE Traditional Business Intelligence
  • 41. ANALYZE Business Intelligence Second Generation
  • 42. Thank You for your attention First to Insight. First to Action.